Saam Daam Dand Bhed 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Bulbul Succeeds in Fooling Baba?

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul runs to her room and cries after giving abortion medicine to Mandira. Sarla says she did right and need not feel guilty. Bulbul runs to Mandira’s room and sees her unconscious. Doctor checks her and asks what had happened to her. Sadhhna says when they came here, they found her unconscious. Doctor says Mandira incurred miscarriage. Bulbul and family stand shocked. Sarla smirks that her task is finished. Bulbul runs away from there. Sarla follows her and finds her in lawn. Bulbul cries that she killed her child. Sarla says her duty is over here, says clue is under soil in front and leaves. Bulbul reminisces running into Mandira room between smoke and informing her that her father wants to abort her baby and Sarla daima is Baba’s aide, she should act when she scolds her and take fake medicine. She runs back and sits on sofa. Out of flashback, she crushes tablt under her foot, runs to soil and gets box under it.

Bulbul then returns home with box and tells family that Mandira did not incur abortion, Baba has kidnapped Vijay and ordered to abort Mandira. Baba walks in acting with Vishal and lady doctor and asks how is Mandira. Bulbul says Mandira’s condition is very bad and she does not want to meet him. Gayatri yells to not stop Mandira’s father meet her. Bulbul says she will accompany him, but Sadhna stops her. Baba walks in with doctor and asks doctor to check Mandira. Mandira scolds Baba. Baba walks out ordering doc again. Mandira gives huge amount cheque to doctor and asks her to lie in front of Baba that she has been aborted. Doctor takes cheque, walks out and tells baba that his daughter and child are fine. Mandira fumes in anger.

Bulbul and family plead Baba to return Vijay. Baba warns they have 2 hours to save Vijay, if they cannot, they should get ready 4 people to carry Vijay’s dead body. Vijay from behind walll try to speak and sees other side of wall getting closer to him. Bullbul runs behind Baba and pleads him. Baba leaves. Mandira walks to her and says Baba gave 2 hours and she lost 10 min in crying, they should search Vijay. Bulbul says she has clue and should fiind Vijay via it..

Precap: Bulbul informs family that Vijay is in this house itself, they should search each corner and walls of this house. Family checks each wall. Baba says he is sure Bulbul will not find Vijay on time. Bulbul looks at Prabhath’s photo.

Update Credit to: MA

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