ArDeep/ TanShi/ IshRa: Jiyein Kyun (35: Patience, Comeback, Test And Love)

Lakshya entered in Raichand Mansion with Tara and stopped after entering inside. “Tara listen, who do you want to surprise first?” he asked. “Aarohi,” she replied. “Not your mom?” he asked. “My both the sisters have done for me more than mom,” she said. “But because of your mother only you’re in this world na Tara, she loves you so much, she kept you far from the pain of loss of your sister, think once more about this,” he said and Aarohi and Deep came downstairs and walked past them but again turned to them. Aarohi came from behind and placed her hands on her shoulders.

“When did you come? And is there a good news that you’re smiling like a fool?” she asked. “Yes, I will tell you later, where are you going?” Tara asked. “To doctor, not feeling well, bye,” Aarohi said and went holding Deep’s bicep. “Bye Tara moti, bye dabangg Lakshay,” Deep said and went giggling silently, Aarohi hit him lightly on his stomach. “Are you mad?” Aarohi asked as they sat in car. “This is Deepu baby’s style of expressing happiness,” Deep said and she smiled. “Control Deepu baby control, there’s no baby,” she said.

He stopped the car in the middle of the road. “What? Then why..,” he was cut in between. “There’s food in my stomach,” she said and got out of the car running for her life laughingly. He too got out of the car and ran after her. She kept running till sometime and then she hid somewhere. Deep lost her and walked looking here and there worriedly. He saw her and went slowly from behind and wrapped his arms around her stomach. “Caught you, Aaru baby is playing hide and seek with Deepu baby,” he said laughingly. She startled and bent her knees in the air. He put her down and kissed her forehead. “Got scared?” he asked. “Yes a little,” she replied brushing away the hair from her face. He cupped her cheek. “Baby, nothing will happen to you in my presence, now come, we need to go to doctor,” he said and she nodded and they held hands and walked further and after walking for sometime, they sat in their car and drove off. They came to Dr.Riddhima’s clinic and took their number and waited in the corridor. On the other side, Lakshay brought Roma downstairs for surprise.

“Tara wants to surprise you by something,” Lakshay told her and signed Tara to be ready. Tara held the arms of the wheelchair and placed her feet on the floor. Lakshay gave her his hand and she held his hand and stood up. Roma got happy and hugged her. “Mom I love you,” she said hugging her back. “I love you too mera bacha, sit down,” she said and broke the hug making her sit back. “Aunty you see now she has just stood up but just some more days and she will walk as well,” Lakshay said promising her.

“I trust you, beta now doc..,” she was cut in between. “We’ll talk later, Tara needs rest,” he said and Tara stood up. “Why you stood up Tara? Doctor said you can’t stand for long, come,” he said and picked her in his arms and took her to her room and laid her on the bed. “Don’t tell me you’re making me sleep,” she said. “I m not, it’s just that you can’t sit so that’s why,” he said. “By the way Lakshay, you are an inspector, why are you with a serial killer like me?” she asked and he sat on the other side of bed.

“If you’re with me, I can fight with any police force, I won’t even let anyone touch you, not even look at you, I am no more an inspector, for you I left that job because if they get to know about you, they will come and take you away from me and torture you which I won’t ever want, I have loved you after all,” he said and held her hand between her palms. “You have no idea how much my ears craved to hear all this, thank you Lakshay,” she said and smiled at him, he smiled back.

Aarohi and Deep were called inside the doctor’s cabin and they took whatever they needed to do the tests and they went from there as results will come the next day. “Deep I am so excited for the baby, when it will be confirmed and I will tell everyone, they will be so happy,” she said. “Hmm and I will be the most happiest one,” he said and they smiled and went from there.
Ishq Mein Marjawan (3)

Main dekhu tujhe
din me sau martaba..

Yeh agar ishq hai
toh hai be intehaa..

Tu agar maang le
jaan dedun abhi..

Tu agar bol de
khud ko kar doon fanaa..

Aa tujh mein khatam kardun

yeh sansein meri..

Iss ishq mein marjawan
tu jo kahe wo kar jawan..

Hoo..(Ishq Mein Marjawan title song)
Tanuja was working in kitchen, Rishi too came there and she opened the flour tin and it got on their faces.

They looked at each other and screamed a little. “What did you do? What’s this?” Tanuja asked trying to get off the flour from her face. “That’s on my face too, don’t move,” he said and he tried to get the flour away from her face but she kept moving. “Ugh,” she said removing the solid flour from her face. “I told you not to move,” he said and she slipped and fell in his arms. They had an eyelock but soon she straightened herself and he took her away from there to the washroom holding her hand.

They stood under the shower and he turned on the faucet. He removed all the flour from her face, she looked at his hand than at him.

Kabhi gardishon ka maara
Kabhi khwahishon se haara
Roothe chaand ka hai chakor
Zara se bhi samjhote se
Yeh parhez rakhta hai kyun
Maane na kabhi koi zor
Duniya jahaan ki bandishon ki
Yeh kahaan parwaah kare
Jab kheenche teri dor
Kheenche teri dor…

Manchala.. mann chala teri ore
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore

Khamoshiyon ki sooraton mein
Dhoondhe tera shor
Dhoondhe tera shor
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore (Manchala…Hasee Toh Phasee)

Tanuja sneezed and he closed the faucet and gave her a towel. They got out of the shower. He changed his clothes in the washroom and when he came out he saw that she was shivering from cold. He wrapped a blanket around her. “Rishi it was just a sneeze,” she said. “Tumko ek kharoch bhi nahi ani chahiye kiun ke main ek baar tumko kho chuka hoon, ab phir ek baar nahi kho sakta, you rest, today I will make the lunch,” he said. “You.. you will make lunch?” she asked and he nodded. “You won’t.”

“Trust me I can, today I will prove it,” he said and went. Lakshay went to Roma to know what she wanted to say. “Aunty what were you saying at that time?” he asked. “Now doctor chachu and Maya are gone but what if they come back to torture Tara?”Roma said. “Relax aunty, Tara didn’t do anything, that child was saved, it was entirely their fault,” Lakshay said. “But they won’t understand, they just want to get her troubled, you can shift to her room because you’re the only one who can handle her and take care of her, they can come back.”

“Ok ok, I will be there with her, after a week my siblings are coming back which are my only family, so I will marry Tara you know that right? Then you won’t be worried about her, I m always with her, don’t worry aunty,” he said and was about to go back to Tara. “Call me mom from now,” Roma said and he smiled. “Ok mom,” he said and went to Tara. He sat by her side and she looked worried. “What happen Tara?” he asked and saw her eyes were teary and blood red.

She gave him the chit in his hands, it said, “I love it when you scream whenever I f*** you, I know you’re my brother’s daughter but I really love you in every way but lust comes first.” Lakshay looked at Tara then at the chit and tore it into pieces. “Saala samajhta kya hai khud ko? Aray pagli jab itno ko maar dala to is darinday ko kiun chhora nikammi?” he said in a go with anger flashing on his face. “Shut up Lakshay, I am no more that person, and that is what is scaring me the most.”

“Kya karlega vo? Phaansi dedunga or phir usko samandar mein phekdunga samjhi, meri Tara ko haath lagaye ga to marega, definitely marega,” he said and kissed her forehead and hugged her. “You’re strong, you won’t cry,” he said and she nodded. “Bin saabun ke unki dhulai kardengay, andar se tabahi mach rahi hai,” Tara said and he laughed. “That’s like my baby,” he said and they had a laugh.

Aap Jo Paas Aaye Mere
Aap Se Jo Huee Dosti
Aap Jo Paas Aaye Mere
Aap Se Jo Huee Dosti
Khwaab Jagne Laga
Dil Ko Lagne Laga
Duniya Mein Na Koi Aap Sa
Aap Jo Paas Aaye Mere
Aap Se Jo Huee Dosti
Khwaab Jagne Laga
Dil Ko Lagne Laga
Duniya Mein Na Koi Aap Sa
Aap Jo Paas Aaye Mere (Koi Aap Sa title song)

Ishita entered her room and then she opened her cupboard, she saw a beautiful saree inside with a chit.

It said, “All good things come to those who wait, and when I waited, I got you, kehtay hain na ke sabar ka phal meetha hota hai, main chahta hoon ke mere sabar ka phal aaj pooja ke liye yahi saree pehne, or aaj sirf mere hi sabar ke phal ke liye pooja nahi hogi balkay sabke sabar ke phal ke liye pooja hogi…Raman.” Ishita smiled reading the chit. “That’s right, today Tara too got what she wanted, I also got it, pooja is necessary, great,” she said and smiled.

Dil kahin rukta nahi
Dil kahin rukta nahi,
Chalta hi jaaye teri ore
Dil meri sunta nahi

Ho..saari fizaaon mein hai,
Mehki hawaon mein hai
Tera aur mera fasana
Ho..jaanu main bhi ye,
Jaane hai tu bhi ye
Jaane ye saara zamana
Ho..kabhi kam na hongi ye chahate
Pal pal badhe, ye hai mohabbatein. (Yeh hai mohabbatein title song)

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