Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Raja devodas prays to brahmadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh trying to stop kartikeya, he says brother please stop. Kartikeya says no one can stop me today, I will kill raja devodas for what he did. Ganesh then runs ahead of kartikeya stands in between and says stop now brother! Otherwise it would be too late for you to regret taking this decision. Kartikeya says what are you saying? Ganesh says mata has sent me to stop you, it is her order and she told me to bring you back. kartikeya stops and says okay, we will go to mata first. Ganesh and kartikeya go back inside the temple.
In the temple, kartikeya says mata why didn’t you let me go and punish devodas? What he did was wrong. Parvati’s form says son kartikeya, what raja devodas did was not because he did not want mahadev to stay in kashi, it was for a different

reason which was also right! Mata tells the story and says, raja devodas is from the family of bhakt prahlad and is a very great disciple of brahma dev, before he became the king of kashi he prayed to brahmadev for years and years. In flashback, raja devodas prays to brahmadev for years in harsh conditions such that even trees cover around him and his body gets old as years go by but he continues to pray. One day brahmadev and devi saraswati hear the prayers of raja devodas and saraswati says swami, I can hear the pain in devodas’s voice but he himself doesn’t know that his body is in such pain, he is still praying to you for years. Brahma dev says I have to give darshan to my disciple now. brahmadev goes to devodas and he says open your eyes my disciple devodas. Devodas is happy to see brahma dev. Brahma dev blesses and makes devodas fine again and says I am impressed by your prayers, ask what you want. Devodas says prabhu,I don’t want anything, I prayed to you for years only so that I could get your darshan! Brahma dev smiles and says but you deserve something son, ask anything. Devodas says prabhu, I am from a royal family but I don’t know what my purpose would be, I want to serve this world a greater purpose, please guide me and give me a purpose in life. Brahmadev says okay devodas, I shall bless you and from today you shall be the king of kashi nagri and rule this world, that will be your purpose. Devodas says but prabhu the entire world thinks of mahadev as their king, mahadev lives in kashi and everyone has made him their king, I cannot be a king in kashi when mahadev already is the king of this world and kashi as well, so there cannot be 2 kings as that would be adharma, but you have blessed me so for me to be the righteous king, mahadev will have to leave kashi. Brahma dev is shocked and says what are you saying! Devodas says prabhu, I am not saying wrong because having 2 kings is adharma. brahma dev says I shall speak with mahadev.
Brahma dev goes to mahadev in kashi and says mahadev, I have a problem and you have the solution. Mahadev says what is it brahma dev? Tell me. Brahmadev says I have blessed my disciple devodas to be the king of kashi but there can be only one king, you have to leave kashi so that devodas can be the king. Mahadev is shocked and he gets up.
Brahmadev goes to devodas and devodas says it seems prabhu you already had this painful conversation with mahadev. Raja devodas says prabhu, but as your blessing I cannot be the king in kashi if mahadev stays there as the king. Mahadev comes and says tell me devodas. All gods appear and lord Vishnu appears. Devodas says forgive me mahadev, I don’t mean to insult, but according to dharma there can be only one king who rules and prabhu if you stay here then I cannot be the king of kashi. The gods say how dare you say this? You are a cheap king devodas, we thought you were a good soul but you are keen on removing mahadev from his own home which he has created, how dare you do that. lord Vishnu says devodas, you are not doing right. Raja devodas says forgive me all but I don’t have any other option. Raja devodas says mahadev if I have to be king here then you have to leave kashi. Mahadev thinks and he leaves kashi after meeting parvati’s form and says uma, I have to go but I promise one day we will be reunited again. mata then is sad and she takes the form of an idol in her temple with her eyes up waiting for mahadev to come.
Ganesh says so this is why raja devodas did this!

Precap: ganesh says I and brother will reunite you with father! Father will be happy once he meets you as he has been waiting for this moment.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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