Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya and Samar Meet One Last Time

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya returns home with family and yells that Samar’s family teaches to adjust. Naani says some adjustment is necessary. Satya shouts her daughters will not adjust, Rama reminds her of her Saas who used to speak sugar-coated words and did not let her study, she burnt her books and made her house wife and burnt all her dreams and desires. She tolerated all that she loved her husband, but even for her husand, his mother’s words were final. She worked like servant, then Shikha and Richa were born, she used to forget her sorrows seeing their smiling faces, but her saas wanted a boy who can be her future her, then she got pregnant with Jaya and her husband found out it is baby girl beforehand and decided to abort baby on his mom’s order, so she left her husband’s

house and decided to become self-sufficient and her daughter will not become another Satya in the name of adjustment. All her 3 daughter hug her emotionally and cry. Naani says it is not necessary Jaya will face same problem, with her experience she can say Jaya will be happy in Samar’s house. Satya says her decision is final, she will not let her daughters cry forever than crying 1-2 days in their mother’s house. Shikha consoles Jaya. Richa says Jaya knows Samar since a few days and does not love him, Samar was behind her instead. Naani says thinks will normalize in 1-2 days.

Rama walks to Samar and asks if he does not want to react. He says no. She says he should complain. Samar says he did not need to complain as she got him whatever he needed since childhood, whatever happens is for good, she is most important to him and he loves her. She says I love you too beta and goes to serve food for him. He says he wants to speak to Jaya once as he wants to finish everything at once if she permits. She leaves.

Jaya and Samar sadly remember time spent with each other. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga…song…plays in the backgroud. Samar calls Jaya and requests her to meet him once where he proposed her. Satya walks in. Jaya gives her phone and stammering says she was denying. Satya speaks and says Jaya will meet him last time, he should delete her number and memories from his heart. She tells Jaya that to end relationship at once, she has to meet Samar and end for once.

Jaya meets Samar in a restaurant. Heart broken Samar says he is very nervous and could not speak last time and even now. He then says he called her to tell their relationship.. Jaya says ending where it started. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga…song..plays in the background.. again.. They both stand sadly. Samar makes her sit and asks what she wants to have. She says she finished meals already. He asks what did she have. She says rajma chawal He smiles and says he cannot come to her house to have rajma chawal, if she spoke to her mother and explain that she is misunderstanding. Jaya says mamma is elder and knos what is best for her. Samar says even he does not go against his mother and says the time spent with her was the best moment of his life, thanks her for whatever she did to his family and says they may meet in the future as wedding plannner and guest, thanks her again and says bye. She turns to leave. He stops her and says he fell in her love and even now loves her, did she fall in his love. She stands crying..

Precap: Rama asks Satya if she will not get Jaya married ever. Satya says she will if family agrees to her terms. Rama asks what are her terms. Satya says like 7 pheras, she has 7 terms.

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