Udaan 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor punishes Gumaan

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The Episode starts with Anjor stopping Imli. Imli shoots a woman and says I wasn’t killing Tuntun, you are also foolish like Chakor, let your parents then and then you will die. Tejaswini stops Imli. Imli scolds her too. Suraj and Chakor get shocked seeing people dead in village. He says we can’t even call police, we can’t go haveli. Chakor says we will go one by one. He says yes, we will fight with Imli and Gumaan, it will be either us or them, I m glad to be with you in this fight. She says we have to live our life happily with Anjor, we won’t let anything to our family and Aazaadgunj. Udaan hai….plays….

Suraj fights with the goons. Chakor takes a gun and hits goon. Suraj says you picked a gun. She says yes, I have many chances to bad people to change, but they didn’t change,

their sin pot is full, now I have to end evil and evil doers too, now I won’t pity them, I will kill them. Suraj also picks a gun. Mahendar says you will get punished now. He hurts Vatsala. Gumaan comes and says I know how to handle her, just go. Vatsala says don’t come close. Anjor says you can’t do anything to me till my parents come, stop threatening me, I m not scared of you.

Imli laughs and says your courage won’t break, I also have the same blood, my courage also doesn’t break, I couldn’t kill your mum, but I have done bad with her, she cries even today, I tried to kill her, she never dies, I think she has taken birth by drinking Amrit. She says I have made Chakor kill Bhaiya ji, and sent her to jail, I made Aazaadgunj a hell by taking Ranvijay’s help, I got Suraj kidnapped and troubled Chakor, then I proved her mad by making her scared. She counts her crimes. Chakor comes to haveli and hides from goons. She hears Vatsala shouting for help. Chakor reaches there. Gumaan tries to molest Vatsala. Chakor shouts Gumaan Singh and aims gun at him. He gets shocked and asks how did you come here. She says you didn’t do good, I will not leave you today. Chakor hits Gumaan. Vatsala hugs Chakor.

Chakor gives dupatta to Vatsala. Chakor beats up Gumaan. Jai devi….plays…. Chakor says you have killed Garima, Vatsala aren’t you angry on this man. Vatsala says I want to kill him. They both beat Gumaan. Chakor says change will start with your destruction. Imli says I gave biggest pain to Chakor when I made her feel that Saanvi died, I didn’t kill you, Saanvi died for people, but I have put blame on Chakor, she lost her daughter and husband as well, Chakor stayed in sorrow, and I got happiness. Anjor says you are not human, but a devil. She pushes Imli. Sugna picks gun and asks everyone to move back. Imli asks her to give the gun. Sugna says no, I will shoot you. Imli asks her to just give the gun, else… Chakor asks else what, you will do same thing with Sugna what I did with Gumaan. Everyone gets shocked seeing Chakor. Udaan hai….plays….

Mahendar catches Anjor. Chakor shouts Anjor. Imli asks Chakor to kill her. Chakor says nothing should happen to her. Imli asks Sugna to give the gun. Anjor says they are just scaring, don’t give the gun. Mohendar hurts Anjor. Gumaan takes gun from Chakor. Imli smiles and takes gun from Sugna. She scolds Sugna. Sugna says you are a bad woman, you should die. Imli says everyone wants to behave like Chakor here. Gumaan asks Imli to kill Sugna. Imli shoots Sugna. Anjor shouts. Everyone gets shocked. Sugna falls down. Anjor cries.

Imli tortures Chakor. Suraj switches off the light and catches Gumaan. Chakor and everyone smile. Suraj catches Gumaan. Chakor beats Imli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Did i read the precap right? Chakor beats imli? Finally!

  2. The episodes are filled with raw anger, I love it. it’s as if the makers were channeling their anger at the cancellation of the show into their writing.
    My favorite part was how Vatsala beat Ghumaan and how Sugna pointed the gun at Imli, that’s the true triumph for Chakor. Wish Madhuri has beaten Ghumaan too, she suffered at his hands the most, maybe she can beat her husband.
    Loved Suraj’s dialogue to Chakor, it made me teary eyed, wish it was included in this WU.
    Chakor’s entry was very dramatic.

  3. “Chakor beat Imli” haahahhahahhahahahahha
    She probably beats her with hugs and kisses. That is what she ALWAYS do, that is how stupid she is and crazy in her little sister’s love. There is no way she is gonna change now.

  4. Safiya Hosein

    I hope it is revealed that Gumaan killed Vivaan. It’s time to end Imli’s character. The villagers need their revenge.

  5. Bridgette Spies

    Yeah….. that story is way past wrapping up… time for closure…….The drag has now en turned into the dregs…….for me that is….. no longer an avid fan………taking leaps is OK when there is bounds shown covered…….. Do not tell me after all that has been said and done the super SurajChakor with sweet daughter Saanvi/Anjor will only be given the last five minutes of screen time along with rolling credits instead of all the useless times wasted on secondary players………. I thought the story should now focus on Suraj And his family establishing justice in their city… Chakor doing her work with the ladies bring awareness to their communities on broader topics…. Anjor growing into the daughter who had been cheated of her parents and now returned with great joy , showing such courage….A FAMILY THOUGH SHAKEN ……NOT STIRRED……

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