Saam Daam Dand Bhed 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira’s Mother Seeks Revenge Against Bulbul

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay sees Bulbul alone and gets intimate with her, saying he got janmastami function invitation. She shyingly asks him to leave her before someone sees him. He says she wants him to come near her, but when he comes, pushes him away. They party ways when Vasu enters followed by Agastrya and Angad asking her to attend college. She says she will not as everyone will tease and insult her. Bulbul encourages her to to and says she is accompanying her till college as she is going for Janmastami shopping. Vijay asks there is no worry at all now.

Baba and Malkayin meet Mandira in mental hospital. Mandira asks if they did not bring Vijay, what did he say. Malkayin says he told he forgave her. She asks Baba if Vijay said that. Baba says yes. Mandira insists to meet Vijay and seek revenge from Bulbul. Doctor asks her to sleep as she has not since 2 days and gives her injection saying if she does not, her condition will worsen. Malkayin takes oath to take revenge from Bulbul.

Bulbul with family takes Vasu out and they all are shocked to see people scribing Vasu and Yug’s intimate drawings on wall and writing Vasu is characeterless. Bulbul consoles Vasu, and Vijay angrily smears mud on walls. People laugh on him that he cannot clean dirt from Vasu whaatever he tries. He runs behind them, and all run away laughing. Vijay asks when will this ordeal end. Bulbul says on jasnmastami and says he told he got janmastami invitation.

Vijay’s family gets ready to attend janmastami celebrations. Vijay gets courier and sees Jaan written on envolope. He thinks Mandira must have sent it and sees CD inside it. He watches video in room hiding in which Mandira warns Vijay to get back to her and leave Bulbul, else he will face dire consequences on janmastami day. Bulbul walks in. Viojay acts normally and says he is ready.

Vijay and family reach temple. Pandit asks Vijay to come and light Bal Gopal’s lamp. Vijay calls Vasu in front. People discuss she is famous MMS girl and did a big sin, so she cannot light lamp. Vijay says Vasu did mistake unknowingly. Old man says mistake is a mistake. Vijay says then anyone can come and light lamp, but they should not have done a single mistake even by mistake. Old man comes in front. Agastya says he hit his wife last Janmastami, so he is also a sinner. Old man stammers. Vijay says even he does not have right to light lamp as he did a mistake of not saving his neice. Malkayin walks in hiding her face and signalls her goon. Her goon walks towards Bulbul.

Precap: Malkain’s goon walks towards Bulbul. Vijay and family get tensed seeing something.

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