Udaan 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor comes to haveli

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The Episode starts with police coming to Anjor’s house. Constable tells everything to Imli. She thinks to see Gumaan. Inspector and Chakor ask Anjor who is behind this. Anjor says I m not scared of anyone, his name is Gumaan Singh. Chakor recalls Gumaan. Inspector says maybe she is mistake. Chakor says maybe Gumaan is behind this. Anjor says don’t tell anything to Imli, she promised she will send me to school. Chakor gets glad to know that Imli changed. She says you shouldn’t change your statement. Anjor says everyone is scared of Gumaan, but I m not scared of anyone, I won’t change my word. Keshu and Sugna come.

Chakor recalls Saanvi. She speaks to them. She asks Sugna about her wound. Anjor asks what happened. Keshu says since you went missing, we tried to find you, your mum fell inside a pit, now we got you. Inspector asks Keshu to file complaint. Anjor asks how is Keshu going against Gumaan. Sugna says eve I don’t understand this. Keshu puts the thumb impression on papers.

At haveli, Gumaan talks to minister Nath. Nath asks him to go to his wife and please her. Gumaan says true. He goes to taunt his wife. He says I want to see Imli’s pale face. Garima saays she is here. He sees Imli dancing. He thinks why is Imli so happy. Chakor and Anjor are on the way. Imli dances on …. O re piya….. She signs Gumaan to see the police. He gets shocked. Anjor and her parents come. Inspector says we have come to arrest you, you are accused to kidnap this girl. Anjor smiles. Everyone gets shocked. Minister says you can’t arrest anyone on minor’s statement. Inspector says I know. Gumaan asks where are you taking me, go from here. Inspector says we have a witness, who isn’t any minor or immature. Gumaan asks really, where is it and who. Inspector says witness doesn’t want to come here.

Gumaan says who won’t like to come here. Gumaan’s sister argues with inspector. She says I m a lawyer, I will remind you, you can’t arrest anyone without getting a witness. Nath says he is framing Gumaan in fake case, he can go now, I can’t tolerate more insult of Gumaan. Gumaan starts his drama. Nath says once we hear the witness, we will decide. Imli smiles and thinks let the witness come in, you won’t be able to say anything. Chakor is outside. Inspector comes to her and says we need you, everyone is making fun of us, law will become a joke if you don’t come, Gumaan Singh is with lawyer and minister, there are powerful people. She recalls Suraj’s words and says fine, don’t arrest him.

Inspector says fine, go, if Gumaan gets saved, more girls will get kidnapped, then you will realize your mistake, we didn’t have courage to enter the haveli, but the girl’s courage ashamed us and that’s why we went to arrest Gumaan. Chakor thinks of Anjor and gets down the car. Winds blow. Glass breaks. Tejaswini says its a good sign if glass breaks. Anjor comes to Chakor and asks Chakor to support her, else nobody will trust her. She brings Chakor to haveli. Chakor thinks of Suraj. Udaan hai….plays….. Everyone gets shocked seeing Chakor. She enters the haveli with hurt bleeding feet and leaves red footprints. Imli smiles. Gumaan stares at Chakor.

Chakor says I have seen Anjor’s kidnapping, the goon accepted that he is Gumaan’s man. Gumaan gets arrested. Anjor smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I now saw yesterday as well as today’s episode, why wasn’t Suraj’s face shown? I hope that they don’t change Vijay! When are we going to see suraj again, why is that chudail imli always winning! Chakor is still adorning her sindoor which made me happy, and despite it being dark, Suraj seemed to be alone, so hopefully he didn’t remarry Naina!!

    I was secretly hoping that Gumaan had kidnapped Suraj to rule over azaadgunj…and maybe suraj realized that he needed Chakor and decided to bring her back and then Gumaan held him hostage somewhere and made it look as though he (suraj) left to America. So i’m somewhat disappointed but still hopeful.. Can’t wait for Chakor to find out that Anjor is her Saanvi!

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