Piya Albela 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Show Bids Adieu With a Happy Ending

Piya Albela 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Police arrests Hardik. Hardik curses Arjun that he did a mistake by bearing him and is ashamed of him. Dadaji consoles Arjun. Arjun says he did not identify his father well, apologizes everyone and says he will leave from here. Naren stops him and says this house lost a son and will get another son, calls Rahul who says their house is very big and they will give a room to Arjun at least. Harish hugs them all 3 and says let us finish Pooja and Naren’s engagement. Pooja and Naren exchange rings. Everyone clap for them. Dadaji feels gastric trouble. Supriya gives him Gas-O-Fast antacid sachet and promotes it. They both promote Gas-O-Fast.

After 1 year, Dadaji sipping tea describes each family member’s current situation and hopes god continues to keep them all happy.

Naren chants snippets on Piya Albela followed by Pooja and each family member. Whole cast then sings Hum Hain Ek Pal Yahan…song…each by one.

Serial’s cast then dances and sings Shaandaar..song. Serial’s nonacting staff including technical staff, director, productor, postproduction team, editors, etc.. area shown. Whole serial’s team dance together bidding adieu happily.

Show Bids Adieu With a Happy Ending.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Finally

  2. ????????i miss piya albela and the cast
    Such a beautiful story started with passed through a common serial plot and reached a sudden fast incomplete and dissatisfied ending
    They could have written a nice plot to continue the story but ended it in a abnormal way just rishton ka chakravyuh which have same sudden incomplete ending which could have been even better

  3. it was really a unique ending

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Show started very nice, but totally changed slot.. Anyway bye bye… Hope to see all again in new show soon… And yes i am upset with writer of this site, who missed 2 days update..

  5. All of them acted so well. Gave their 100% in their role. Really hope to see Nareen in the big screen soon.

  6. The ending was superb you don’t really find that in series whereby the cast directors technical support team etc are included in the conclusion of a series kudos to you on that part I will not say I am going to miss this series because there was nothing to miss except the lead pair it started off quite well but the directors/producers end up butchering the damn series. Bye Bye everyone and to those who looked at every episodes you were loyal give yourselves a pat on the back.

  7. What a pathetic ending … pathetic in the sense incomplete n hurriedly finished the drama ; not completed within.

  8. Linthoi Thongam

    Miss u piya albela team. Hope to see u again especially naren n pooja. Come back again.

  9. I miss rahul’s character too much

  10. Show started with promising story line, but as it progressed it got twisted and weird. Did not expect such Tv Serial from Rajshri Productions.

  11. Soon comments will close here but I have one thing to say I want to see the lead pair again but Pooja must be sassy and Naren an Awara. What say????

  12. Very disappointing the way u damaged the image of naren by making him to dance like a lofer.I just want to know the brains behind this episode.Pathetic

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