Saam Daam Dand Bhed 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Bulbul Is Trapped

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul gets trapped in inferno and shouts Bhabhii. Family rushes to stage. Magician stops them and says Bulbul is safe. Angad scolds him to move aside and whole family walks in. They see Bulbul sitting on floor worried and says she got afraid in dark. They get her out. Mandira scolds magician that her plan failed because of him and sends him away. Sadhna scolds Bulbul and says there won’t be any party at home here on till Bulbul’s delivery. Gayatri says they enjoyed a lot. Bulbul says once vijay returns home tomorrow, she will give him good news. Mandira hears that fumes.

Grocer heads towards Vijay’s home with grocery bags on cycle. Vishal’s goon throws marbles on road and make him fall, gives him money and sends him away. He then enters home with grocery and picks out bomb. Mandira preparing tea walks out. Gayatri scolds her for not preparing them tea. Bulbul says she will prepare tea and goes to kitchen. Goon silently sets fire and tries to leave. Gayatri stops him and pays him, asks him to show his face. When he turns nervously, she turns away. Vasu smells gas. Family rushes towards kitchen and sees fire. Bulbul panics. They rescue her.

Gayatri scolds Mandira for setting fire. Mandira says she did not set fire. Gayatri asks to prove then. Bulbul enters and says if Mandira is telling, then she must have not set fire. Vasu says Mandiras has conspired against Bulbul many times. Bulbul says she trusts Mandira this time. Gayatri asks if grocer set fire then. Bulbul says she does not know, their house is burtn and they have to refix it.

Agastya finds Vijay’s bike on road and searches him, calls him and finds his mobile nearby, gets worried for him. Baba tortures Vijay and verbally abuses him. Vijay pulls his chair and makes him fall and says he will make him fall from his CM seat again. Baba orders his goons to show Vijay his place. They stuff Vijay in a gunny bag and send take him in car.

Vijay’s family calls fire brigade. Vishal’s goon enters disguised as fireman and says he will repair house in 2 days. He goes out and orders his puppets to get items in soon. They carry Vijay’s gunny bag in. Agastya walks in and clashes with him, but ignores and walks in. He informs family that he found Vijay’s bike in a village and enquired about him at all clinics, everyone told that Vijay did not come there. Family gets worried. Bulbul asks what happened. Sadhna changes topic. Goons listen to their conversation.

Precap: Baba gets Vijay trapped behind a wall and fixes Pratap’s photo back. Bulbul looks at photo.

Update Credit to: MA

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