Udaan 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli kidnaps Chakor

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The Episode starts with Chakor asking Suraj to trust her, she has no other option. Suraj says fine, I m trusting you for the last time. He signs the documents. They come home. Suraj says I have risked everything, will I get my daughter. Chakor says our daughter. He says yes, our daughter. Her dupatta gets stuck to his watch. Mahiya….plays…. Everyone looks on. Imli says she isn’t any dancer, she is Chakor. She says Suraj, you know she is Chakor, how can you support her and cheat family. Gumaan says I feel I m not your brother, why did you do this drama with Chakor, Imli told me that Chakor is cheating us, I thought you are with us, you proved us wrong. Chakor says you both are cheats, Imli wanted to get all property on her name. Imli cries and says don’t blame me, I m living in haveli for Vivaan’s soul peace. She gets papers and we would have got ruined today, I didn’t want the property, Chakor wanted the property, Chakor’s name is written on papers. Chakor and Suraj get shocked. They check papers.

Imli smiles. She says you are clever Chakor, you made family against me. She asks Suraj to see, how Chakor wanted to break family, did she tell you that she will make you meet Saanvi. Chakor shouts yes, Saanvi is alive, you have snatched her. Imli says you mean I have snatched her, you are blaming me, you are bad, I know what you told Suraj to take his signs. Suraj recalls Chakor’s words. Suraj asks how do you know all this. Imli says I m her sister, I know she can do anything to take revenge. She asks Chakor where is Saanvi. She says Anjor told me truth, Chakor has kidnapped her parents and blackmailed her. She calls Anjor there and asks her to lie.

Anjor recalls Imli’s threatening words. She says Imli is saying truth, Chakor scared me and defamed Gumaan, my parents are with her. She cries. Suraj says don’t worry, I m with you. Anjor folds hands. Chakor thinks I know you are scared of Imli, as Imli kidnapped your parents, truth will come out one day. Police comes and arrests Chakor for kidnapping Anjor and her parents. Suraj cries and turns away. Tejaswini apologizes to Suraj. Suraj leaves. Goons attack on police van and faint Chakor. Chakor gets kidnapped. She wakes up in godown. Kasturi and Bhuvan ask her to get up, she can’t lose. Chakor sees them with Sugna and Keshu. Sugna asks where is Anjor. Chakor says she is fine, she is with Suraj.

Imli comes there and says I have proved you wrong in front of Suraj and police, no one will know that I killed you. Chakor says you kill me if you want. That will be a favor on me, I don’t want to live, but tell me about Saanvi once. She jokes on motherly emotions. She says fine, I promise to tell you about your daughter, you have to do something, you have to beg me.

Chakor asks Imli to shoot. Suraj comes and takes the gun away. He slaps Imli and catches her neck. Chakor asks him to leave Imli. She says Anjor is Saanvi. Suraj marries Chakor again. Mahiya….plays…. They hug.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Great so both Sukor were too naive and didn’t bother to read the papers. Suraj didn’t insult Chakor or throw her out, small mercies.
    Unnecessary, unimaginably stupid drama. Imagine if instead of the whole property drama, we got a Sukor scene where it shows that Suraj still loves Chakor but is fighting his feelings, Suraj-Anjor cute scene or Sukor-Anjor scene, Sunehri making Imli or Ghumaan’s life miserable or Anjor vs Rohan. And then show Imli luring Chakor to her din and capturing her.
    My story is far more enjoyable and interesting but CVs are hell bent on making Chakor a victim. It is this fascination of turning Chakor into a martyr that turned viewers off. Earlier, Suraj was treated as fairly as Chakor but since the 5 years leap, all sympathy was going to Chakor.
    Is it too much to show Suraj going to the police station to talk to Chakor or to show him doubting Imli’s words. Will Suraj apologize and confess that he never stopped loving Chakor? Is it too much to expect some emotional depth
    Please give us Sukor only scenes, don’t switch right away to Sukor worried about Anjor.

    1. I’m laughing at your comments because you are absolutly right. The writers are getting paid to write something that lacks imagination. Suraj behaves like he is the only one entitled to be sad and devastate for the loss of their daughter and chakor is always the victim but everybody hates her. I don’t understand why everybody still loves Suraj, he’s been behaving like a jerk for a long time with his wife. Nothing to be admire in his qualities. He always doubts
      Her and forgets all what Chakor has done for him and sometimes he gets physical aggressive with her. NOT A LOVING HUSBAND at all

  2. I’ll miss Meejay and Sukor but not this stupid biased writing.

  3. And how many times do we have to endure Imli’s high pitched boring drama?
    Too many Imli scenes, nobody cares, there are other characters too.

  4. Precap: “Chakor asks Suraj to leave Imli”
    I HATE Chakor at this point. She literally killed Suraj’s father in front of him, and now she can’t handle that he does something bad to her little sister.
    When will she learn that Imli deserves no mercy?
    I am so angry I want Imli to break Sanvi’s limbs one by one in front of Chakor, and then let’s see how Chackor forgives Imli and stops Suraj from killing her.
    That is NOT sister love, that is madness and stupidity.

  5. Now It’s time to end this drama. When Sukor and their daughter are living happily ever after!

  6. I wonder If they writting al this king of stupidity on purpose so the viewer instead of being sad because the show comes to an end , we are going to be relieved and happy that is over.

  7. pls the final episode the witter has to show us how suraj will ask for forgiveness even thought chakor loves him but he doeant treats him well unless he is doing that for purpose ww want to see it,imli has bewn a bad sister its simple to take her to jail imli deserve bhaiya ji’s punishment.the imli evil has got so many episode than the love of chakor and suraj.ww want to see the happy ending with their love and how they wwlcome their daughter that can make us not want to ask for more episodes.we want 30 mins not 20 as u used to.

  8. also tejaswin forgot how chakor fought for her,she hasn’t been a good motger in law,she had to be the one who make the in laws to be together

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