Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Samar Gets Inebriated During Sarika’s Wedding

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya ties Samar’s pagdi and takes him to wedding hall. Everyone smile seeing him. Samar meets groom. His friends discuss everyone is wearing pagdi, but his is unique. Samar smiles at Jaya. Jaya’s rival who lost wedding contract to Jaya plans to take revenge from her and mixes liquor in juice. Jaya sees him and asks to hurry up and serve juice to guests. Samar hears him and catches, but he runs away. Samar identifies him. Jaya finds liquor bottle under table and asks who brought liquor here. Waiter says another waiter and they served all guests. Groom’s father’s friends taste juice and complain it is a liquor. Samar handles situation and says it is mixed fruit juice and drinks all glasses. Jaya stands shocked. Samar’s brother informs panditji is calling for ritual. Groom’s father leaves with his friends.

Jaya tells Samar that he handle situation well. He asks to handle him now and wobbles. He holds him and takes him to his room and gives lemon juice, asks not to come out of room and then runs out. Rama stops her and asks where is Samar. Jaya searches Samar. Inebriated Samar standing near gate greets guests in and asks to have food and go. Lallan passes by and hearing Samar telling have food and go and asks if he should really before guests and starts munching food. Jaya asks him if he saw Samar, scolds for having food before guests. He sees Samar greeting guests. Chachi passes by and her jokergiri starts. Once she leaves, Jaya scolds Samar why did he come out of room. His sister informs to get Sarika to mantap. Samar walks with her and with other brothers brings Sarika holding veil on her. He walks with wobbling gait and is about to slip when Jaya holds him and handles situation. He looks at her romantically. Pehli baar hai ji…song plays in the background.

Sarika’s phera start. Samar throws flowers on his elder brother and asks to have food and go. Brother thinks he is joking and says even he should have food and go. Rama asks Samar to keep gift boxes in room. He carries and with wobbling gait walks on stairs. Jaya nervously watches him. He is about to fall and keeps boxes on railing. Jaya happily shouts yes… Chachi hears that and gets afraid. Jaya handles situation and escapes.

Samar sits next to his uncle next and sleeps on his shoulder. Ucle asks what happened to him. Jaya reaches with lemon juice. Uncle asks her to give him tea. Samar says it will get down only with lemon juice. Jaya says he means sleep has taken over his head and will go away with lemon juice. Uncle asks to feed him and wake him up before bidayi/farewell. Pandit explains 7 oaths to Sarika and her groom. Jaya repeats it for Samar. Samar looks at her face smiling..

Precap: Rama tells Samar that Jaya is very nice girl and suggests him to propose her. Samar promises Jaya and aks will she marry him.

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