Saadi Love Story (Our Love Story) Devga (Intro)

Hey everyone! I am a silence reader. I read all of your articles. And I decided to write a fan fiction about one of my favorite couple Dev and Durga. My fan fiction will be totally different from Ek hasina thi.

Introduction: Geonkas
Dev- Main hero. A handsome young man. He loves his family a lot and he can do anything for his family and friends. He loves to spend time with his friends. He is a prankster. He doesn’t have any aim in life he just love to chill.
Dayal Gaonka- Dev’s father. He loves his family alot. A very caring and humble person.
Suchitra- Dev’s mother and dayal’s wife. She is very caring and takes care of everyone.
Rajnath- Dev’s uncle (chacha) and dayal’s younger brother. He handles family business. In my fan fiction he is also a positive character. He respects and brother and sister in law alot.
Sakshi- Rajnath’s wife. A business woman. She is modern and always show off about her dresses and jewellery. She is short temper but good from heart. She loves Dev alot more than her own kids.
Shaurya- Rajnath and Sakshi’s son. He helps his das in business. He is caring son and brother.
Payal- Shaurya’s wife. She is also a business woman life his mother in law. Modern from outside but traditional from heart. Payal and Sakshi always taunt each other about their dressing style.
Kangana- Shaurya’s sister. She is very close to Dev and Suchitra and share everything with them. She lives in London

Durga- A sweet simple young girl. She is very caring, responsible and hardworking. She always helps others. She loves her family a lot. Her brother and bhabhi is everything for her. She can’t stay without them. She is doing her internship in City hospital.
Abhi (from tum aise hi rehna)good looking guy. He is elder brother of durga. He is durga ‘s brother, friend, father, mother, teacher and chef. He is one who took care of Durga after their parents death. He is very caring, supportive, mature and hardworking. He is very possesive about durga. He can’t she her in pain.
Ria (from tum aise hi rehna) simple and beautiful girl. Abhi’s wife and durga’s Bhabhi and friend. She is a doctor by profession. She loves Durga a lot and treat her like a sister. She is very understanding and caring.

If u guys have any suggestions then you can tell me. I will add more characters as I will write. If u want me to add any specific character or couple then u can write in comment box.

  1. nice ff intro but plzzz update regularly if u wish to continue

  2. Wowww fresh start keep it up yaar

    1. Thanks Hayathi

  3. Wow!!! I love eht. And some one returning with it amazing. I m a fan of original series’revenge’. But also liked its indian version

  4. Would love Mr. Thakur to b in the story

    1. Dev’s father dayal is dayal thakur. I think i didn’t mention that clearly. Sorry for inconvenience

  5. Dev’s father dayal is dayal thakur. I think i didn’t mention that clearly. Sorry for inconvenience

  6. Nice ff keep updating….

  7. Really i love dev and durga the most ….. Tht is the main reason for wich I came forward to read… Its really a nice start……
    Wat imagination u have payal and Shaurya …. Lovved it ….
    Make kangana and rishi …. Lol just a suggestion……

    Continue regularly plz

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