Lajwanti 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Public gallows
As the countdown begins for sunder to be hung, it stops just when, the same social worker comes and stops yakub from all this, saying that this isnt the law of the country. Yakub says that he is an indian spy meaning them harm. she asks what proof does he have. Yakub says that he himself is evidence. she says that the law is above him and his law, and then reminds him again, that without proper investigation and trial, he cant prosecute this person, and she wont let this happen. he agrees tto let sunder go. Sunder is brought down from the gallows. Yakub tells her that today he had to bow to his sister’s wishes, but he shall see that sunder isnt spared at all. He says that he wont let sunder be released, as he shall be convicted and then hung too, and till then, he shall rot in the prison of their country. Sunder then comes to him, and says that those people who have compassion and love in their heart, cant be killed. he then turns to the woman, saying that his lord sent him an angel today, and thanks her proufsely, that she didnt just save him, but two people, his wife too, in whose search, he has come here, but for people like Yakub, they always feel, people arte here for spying, and that there is just some change in perspective. he says that crimes are interpretational, and if searching for one’s love is a crime then so be it. he again thanks the lady, for his profuse help. As he begins to go, she says that she seems to have seen him somewhere. Sunder says that their identities might have been separate and that they used to be one, before partitiion, and maybe she would have recognised him. yakub threatens him that he wont spare him, and then the sibling relation also wont save him. She stands tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Pakistani Jail
As sunder sits in the jail, he finds that same woman crossing by, and he immediately stops her, asking her for her help, the way she helped him earlier. he says that he expects that she can help him find lajo. She says that he lied and that yakub was right, as he showed all proofs that he is an indian spy who has come here to harm their country. He continues to vehemently insist and deny that he isnt an Indian Spy. she asks if he has any proof, as she isnt ablle to identify the truth from the false. He says that his proofs have been killed, and talks about the massacre of his family, and that he only has his lajo with him, and she is the reason he is here. He asks her to find out about lajo atleast. She says that she cant do anything. he begs her to make him meet lajo once after which he is ready to die. he even folds his hands and begs her to help him. She is distraught, as he collapses on the floor, while her eyes fall on Baraatiji scribbled on his hands, and she remembers Lal’s words. She is shocked, and tells him that his wife is the evidence of his innocence, and eyes the tattoo, while he is boggled, and they both reminiesce, as to how lajo calls him this, and says that she believes him now, and tells him that lajo can be their evidence and she can give evidence, that he is a normal Hindu, who has come to search for his wife, and to find lajo, she shall help him. he is overwhelmed with emotions. She tells him of her promise to lal. he talks about his promise to protect lajo at all times.

Later, the worker comes and sits beside sunder in his cell, and then asks him of his love tale, and lajo’s description. He goes into reminisceing her and every moment that he fell in love with her, while he goes on a rant of poetic description of her. She is overwhelmed at the devotion that he has for her. He gets emotional, and says that lajo is the world’s most pious possession of his.

Scene 3:
Location: Peshavar tenthouse
Jamaal is being given a bath by one of his servants. He starts to imagine, lajo meanwhile facing her own ordeal, as jamaal himself places the turmeric acrooss her bare hands, sensitising her with his physical touch, while she revelling in his touch. He smirks evilly at it. The maid starts commenting as to how he is only lost in lajo’s thoughts and wont even give them as much as a glance. He says that her eyes are like Javeda, and that he is mesmerised by her beauty, and how his manhood beckons him.

Meanwhile, lajo too is being prepped by the ladies, while she thinks that there shall be a celebration, but there shall not be any consummation, as she shall kill jamaal today with her dagger, and then run away with sunder. she is dressed and ornamented, as she eyes herself in the mirror, when she puts on the dress. Later, the girls come and ask her to rush along, as she is dressed, asking her to submit to jamaal, or else they all shall be tortured for the same, due to his ire. Lajo meanwhile has full hopes of the lord, that she shall be svaed from being tortured by jamaal, and shall return back, safe, pious and unscathed back to sunder and if that doesnt happen, then she should be emboldeneed so much so, that she can kill him. she is wrenched and taken from there, by the other ladies, and out of the tent, where Jamaal awaits her. he meanwhile adorns himself with the ittar that sunder is disgusted by.

As lajo awaits dressed in the tent, she finds jamaal about to enter the tent, and eyes the dagger, thinking thats her saviour today. She thinks that she has to go back to sunder at any cost, even if that means, killing him, as she hides a dagger behind her, while jamaal approaches her leering and seductively. The screen freezes on lajo’s determined face.

Precap: Sunder tells the social worker, as to how lajo was sold off. He talks about the bidding that she had to go through. She asks if he recognises the fellow who bought her. he says that he didnt, as that fellow’s face was veiled but its true that once he knows who it is, he would break the hands and tear him apart, the person who got lajo sold like cattle. she is shocked to see his ferocity and rage.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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