Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi- Family episode 6

Hi guys. Tellyupdates took a break for holidays also I started school so my updates might be late. Also I didn’t write that many descriptive scenes because I know that you have different imagination then me so however you feel the scene is like then just try to match it with my writing. Also I forgot to mention that this is my first fanfiction ever. Hope you like it.

Scene 1:
Ajay walks into the room

Ajay- Honey
Sanjana- What did you call me
Ajay- I have the right to call you honey
Sanjana- Ok. You were going to tell me something
Ajay- I got a pass for a whole day at the spa
Sanjana happy
Sanjana- Thank you
Ajay- Now get going
Sanjana- Ok

Sanjana leaves. Ajay starts decorating to impress her

Scene 2:
Sanjana walks into the room
The room is decorated with flowers and candle
Sanjana walks to the bed and sees a gift for her
The note says- Wear this and follow the arrows
Sanjana walks out of the bathroom wearing a red and white strapless floor length dress her hair down wearing crystal earrings and heels
Sanjana follows the arrows and ends up in the garden
There is a sign that says stand here
She goes to stand there
Flowers and heart shape balloons fall
Ajay comes outs wearing a white and black suit
Gets on his knees
Ajay- You are the love of my life. You stood with me even when I didn’t. You did so much for my family. I love you with all my heart so I want to ask you will you marry me again
Sanjana (crying)- Yes
Ajay puts a diamond ring on her finger and stands up
Wipes her tear and pulled her close by the waist
Background music plays. Both are dancing
Ajay- Are you impressed
Sanjana- More than impressed
Ajay- I want you to say those three words to me
Sanjana (blushing)- I love you
Ajay happy kisses her
1 min passes by and Sanjana feels something is the back of her
Ajay is pulling the zipper down of her dress
Sanjana- Ajay no
Ajay- You will let me romance with you if you are impressed
Ajay continues with the zipper
Sanjana dress is falling and she is trying to keep it up
Ajay understands what she is trying to do and picks her up
Ajay walks to the bed and puts Sanjana down and takes off his suit
Ajay- Go wear this
Sanjana- Ok
Sanjana walks out wearing a white short nightie
Sanjana- I don’t like it
Ajay coming close to her
Ajay- I like it
Sanjana tries to get a cover
Ajay snatches it away from her
Ajay coming close to her and she walking backwards
She hits a wall and he puts his hand up against the wall so she doesn’t escape
Sanjana- Leave me

Ajay- No I think you forgot your promise
Sanjana- I didn’t but…..
Ajay- But what
Sanjana- Nothing
Ajay goes close to her. They are so close that Ajay feels Sanjana’s heart beating
He picks her up and places her on the bed
Ajay- You look to hot not to romance with
Sanjana blushing
He kisses her forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips and then neck
He looks into her eyes and he can’t control it anymore
He gets intimate with her

Next- Going home and future plans


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