Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update:

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vandana shouting for help seeing Ishika drowning in the river. Roop comes and asks what happened? Palak says Ishika fell down in the river. Roop immediately jumps in the river. Instructor says nobody shall go in the water. They ask him to jump. Instructor jumps in the water to save them. Roop swims and tries to reach Ishika. Palak gets shocked. Ranvir comes there and asks what happened? They tell him that Ishika fell down in the river and Roop jumped in to save her. Ranvir is shocked and calls someone and asks to send divers to rescue them. Chakor and Suraj ask Palak if she pushed Ishika and say they have seen her pushing Ishika to river. Suraj says we have seen Roop jumping in the water to rescue her. Chakor says we understand that you love Roop seeing your


Suraj asks Palak, whom she wants to choose? Her childhood love or one sided love? Palak realizes her mistake and tells that she wants her friend. Suraj and Chakor leave. Hardik hears her and asks what she has done. Palak accepts to the crime. Hardik asks her to accept soon that Roop loves Ishika for her own betterment. Ranvir asks the Instructor why he couldn’t find Ishika. Instructor says the water level is less at village boundary. Palak says we shall go there. Ranvir thinks it is good if they are dead, but shall not be together if alive. They search them. Roop and Ishika are seen unconsciously lying on the sea shore at the other end. All the students search them. Roop gains consciousness and sees the water. He looks for Ishika and finds her lying unconscious. He asks her to open her eyes and checks her pulse. He thanks God and calls for help. He asks her to open her eyes and says we have reached the sea shore, and water is increasing. He lifts her in his arms and walks off. Ranvir thinks Roop must have reached the sea shore and will try to find the way. He thinks to make everyone go away from the sea shore and asks divers to se3arch them in the jungle. Everyone leave with the divers.

Ranvir thinks to search Ishika and will become hero by searching Roop. Roop smiles looking at ishika. Ishika gains consciousness. She asks did you bring me here? Roop says you brought me here and says you must have slipped and fell down into the river. Ishika says someone pushed me and tells that you must have pushed me. Roop says I didn’t push you and have saved you. Ishika calls for help and says she wants to go to her friends by evening. Roop says if I had known the way then would have taken you home. Ishika says in unconscious state so that you can touch me. Roop says no and asks her to dry her clothes. Ishika asks tells that she don’t trust him. She starts walking and falls…Roop holds her. tujhse milne se pehle bhi…..her chain gets stuck in his shirt.

She tries to free it. Kinjal calls Ranvir and asks where is he? Ranvir says he came where Roop came. He tells that Roop fell down in the river. Kinjal gets worried and shouts. Shamsher takes the call. Ranvir tells that Roop fell down in the river because of a girl. Shamsher says what? Roop thinks to tell Ishika about his feelings and says he wants to tell her something. Ishika asks him to take off his jacket and ties it on the long stick. He asks what are you doing? Ishika keeps it as a flag and shouts for help. She thinks she is in this situation because of Roop. Roop takes his jacket and thinks it is wet still. He takes off his shirt. Ishika asks what is this misbehavior? Roop asks her to wear his shirt and says if her fever increases then how they will go. Ishika says I got fever, head ache and cold. She says you always create problems in my life and is unlucky to me. Roop says you are stubborn, so we will go separate ways. Ishika says I will find the way by myself. She shouts for help and gets scared hearing roaring sound. She shouts Roopendra and runs to him, hugs him. Roop says sorry to God for making Ishika scared to save her.

Ishika thinks she is caught with Roop in such a situation. He hears Hina Khan singing lag jaa gale and tells her about Ishika. She asks him to propose her with chocolates.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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