Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Balram is attacked by evil eagles.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with balram entering the panchjani shell. Balram says shankasura come out, where are you? where are you hiding in this shell? Come in front of me you demon. Balram then sees the beautiful world inside the panchjani shell and says this place is so beautiful, it seems like all the beauty of this nature was put inside this shell. Balram touches the water and says it is so clear that I haven’t seen such water ever, but how can such a huge place fit inside this shell? Balram says this shell maybe beautiful and the place inside the shell is also more beautiful than vrindavan but shankasura, I have come here to find you and I will find you whatever it takes. Balram calls shankasura and says come in front of me demon, where are you hiding? Outside kanha says brother is taking

so long.
There hidimba is with hidimb and she gathers some watermelons in a basket. Hidimb says what did you do sister, why did you beg before those humans? You have put all my self-respect down, I would never beg before them for my life. Hidimba says brother, I saved your life and you should thank me, I don’t have anyone else other than you! and those people are very good. Hidimb says you will not help them at all, don’t give them these watermelons. Hidimba says brother, for the first time I made those friends and I have promised them that until they cross this forest I will protect them, they must be hungry and I will give them these melons. Hidimb says bring me back to my size first. Hidimba says oh I forgot, she tells hidimb to hold the tree branches and then hidimba pulls hidimb and brings him back to his normal size. Hidimb then says my innocent sister, now I will go and feed on those 5 kids, you cant do anything to me. Hidimba then uses her powers and creates a cage inside which she traps hidimb. Hidimb says what did you do? Release me! How did you do this? Hidimba says every demon has their own art! And I know you well, you wont change so stay inside. Hidimba goes with watermelons to help pandavas.
There balram is calling shankasura and says come and fight me shankasura, where are you hiding? Narad muni asks lord Vishnu, prabhu how can there be such a huge world inside the panchjani shell? Lord Vishnu says only your mata can tell you that. laxmi says devrishi, I and the panchjani shell were born out of the samudra manthan and as born, the panchjani shell was unique such that its size could be any thus it also had a very beautiful world inside the shell. There balram gets attacked by demon eagles, the eagles put scars all over balram’s body and face. Balram screams and says kanha!
There bheem and the pandavas are walking with kunti and as hidimba walks they hear some tremors. Arjun says it seems there is another demon here, bheem says I will check you all stay here. bheem goes ahead and checks everywhere and sees nothing, hidimba hides and then says will they take watermelons from me? Bheem goes back and says mother there was no one. Kunti says sons we have to go fast and before sunset reach Mathura. Arjun says Mathura? But we were going to vrindavan! Kunti says we have a lot of time to learn to play flute, mama vasudev is in Mathura and kansa has come! We have to see if mama vasudev needs help. Bheem says yes we shall go to Mathura first. Bheem then asks Arjun what all is famous in vrindavan? Arjun says the butter in vrindavan is the best in brij mandal. Bheem sits down and says why did you take the name of butter? Now I am hungry, I want to eat something. Hidimba says now is the right time, they are all hungry. Bheem says you all know it! Nakul and sahadev say yes brother that once bheem gets hungry, he doesn’t move an inch until he has eaten. Yudhishthir says I will find some fruits, he goes and comes back after some time and says there are no fruits in this part of the forest and not even berries. Hidimba uses her powers and throws watermelons from the tree above near the pandavas. Arjun says don’t touch those, bheem says now food has come walking to us and you save done eat them? Yudhishthir says they can be put here by a demon as well. Bheem says you are right, I will check here, he goes and then sees hidimba and stops her and says what are you doing here? you were spying on us to take revenge right? I will tell my brothers. Hidimba says no wait, you think wrong I came to help you all because I had promised I would protect you all. Bheem says oh yes right, he and hidimba look at each other and smile.
There balram gets angry and punches the eagles and says now I even defeated you evil birds shankasura! Come out. Shankasura then flies in the form of an evil bird and he lands down and takes his demon form and laughs at balram. Balram gets angry and says shankasura! You will be punished for what you did.
Kanha waits and says its been a longtime brother hasn’t come, I have to go and help him but if I go inside the shell I wont be able to defeat shankasura, so I have to lure him out of the shell.

Precap: narad muni comes to kanha and says do something prabhu otherwise shankasura will kill balram. Kanha goes inside the shell with narad muni. Narad muni disguises as a beautiful apsara and kanha plays his veena.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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