Dil Hi Toh Hai 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak and Setu plan Sting Operation on Vikrant

Dil Hi Toh Hai 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vikrant asking Palak to come to his house for party without her husband and says it will be fun. Palak says ofcourse I will come without my husband and it will be fun. He asks her to take coffee specially made for her. She says she will meet him in the night. VP hears them and is shocked. Assistant asks VP if he met Vikrant and takes him. Palak calls Setu and tells that Vikrant is a cheap man and called her alone for the party at his house. She asks her to meet her. Vikrant tells VP that they have insulted his employee and that’s why they have cancelled their deal. He tells that his big daddy have taken a decision. VP says I want to meet her. Vikrant says she don’t meet anyone.

Palak tells Setu that she will go there, but will spray pepper spray on his eyes

if she thought his intentions wrong. Setu sprays it on her eyes and feels burning sensation. Palak calls Servant and asks him to bring water. Setu washes her eyes. Palak says she will expose Vikrant. Setu says she will give her secret camera attached to her shirt button. She says I will not tell this to Rithvik else he will get tensed. Setu says she will bring her cameraman there and caught him red handed. VP tells Rishabh that Vikrant refused to do deal with them and have promoted Palak. He tells that he heard Palak agreeing to go to Vikrant’s party without Rithvik. Rishabh says that’s why she got promotion so soon. Rithvik tells Palak that since he learnt acupressure to her, he wants to relax her with acupressure technique. Palak asks him to give acupressure to Chandini. Rithvik says you want me to touch your friend. Palak laughs and asks if he will touch her. She tells that Chandani is her friend’s dog and needs help. Rithvik jokes and her shirt button gets torn by mistake. Palak gets upset and goes to change her clothes. Setu asks her to hurry up. Palak wears a dress and comes out. Rithvik asks where is she going in such dress and says anyone will slip seeing her like that. Rishabh tells his wife that he is going to Vikrant’s house. Vikrant says Palak doesn’t know what will happen.

VP comes to Rithvik and tells him that Palak went to a party and tells about Vikrant and her conversation. He says he called her and she agreed to come without you. He says she got promotion as she is having an affair with him. Rishabh asks did you see her and says she can’t be Palak. VP says if she ruins you then I will ruin her. He says he is worried thinking Palak will break his heart, like his first wife had broken his heart, and tells that he don’t want her to spoil his life. He says luckily, I got Mamta. Rithvik doesn’t believe him. VP asks him to come to Vikrant’s house and if Palak is proved innocent then he will take Palak to his house and accept her as his bahu.

Rishabh comes to Vikrant’s house. Watchman asks him who is he? Vikrant says you will lose your job if your boss comes to know what you asked? Rishabh calls VP and tells that there is nobody here, and tells that he is sure that they are having an affair. Setu have a problem with her car horn. Rishabh asks his employee to ask them to stop the horn. Setu takes the car out and signal goes. She tells Palak that she will come there. Vikrant comes to Palak and tells that there is no party here. Palak says I know. She messages Setu and asks her to come there. Setu asks cameraman to come and says sting operation is on. Vikrant tells Palak that she got promotion as someone is liking her much. Palak asks whom? Vikrant says your boss? Palak gets angry.

Rithvik accuses Palak for getting ready for her boss and going to meet him. Palak says why will I do this, it is not still a week for our marriage. Rithvik pushes her and says that’s what I am saying. He feels hurt.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Plz ye ab alg mt hona sb or ye Palak ne Sahi nhi Kiya ritvik ko Sara sach batana Chahiye wo Kitna trust krta h Palak pr .or Palak v to itna pretty dress pahan k gyi usse ritvik se batana Chahiye but plz ekta ma’am iss story me inhe separate na krio plzzzzzz Jo v twist Lana ho they handle together

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