Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 24th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ishika breaks relation with Roop

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Officers come to site and is about to arrest Roop but Ishika says he didnt kidnap me, I came here. Officer says you are his wife? Ishika says relation is not there anymore, she leaves. Shamsher is happy.

Roop and Shamsher comes home. Shamsher says everything will be fine. Roop says I dont want to talk about Ishika. A village girl opens door. She says I am Seva. Kamla says his father used to work with Shamsher, they are in some trouble so he brought her here.
Shamsher sits with Roop and says she is your wife, talk to her and bring her back. Roop thinks Shamsher wants us together but Ishika thinks bad of Roop. Shamsher thinks I will separate them. Seva brings food for Roop but he leaves.

Ishika says to her mom that Roop doesnt see how wrong is his father, I dont know what to do. Mom asks if she wants to save her marriage? do you still love him? Ishika says yes.

Bua says to Seva that Roop’s wife doesnt love him. Shamsher says he wants to become an officer, you have to his shadow to woo him, she nods and leaves. Shamsher says this girl is nice.

At night, mom brings food for Ishika but she doesnt eat.

Seva brings food for Roop and asks him to eat. He takes it. She leaves.

Ishika comes to her room and looks at her mangalsutra. She recalls their marriage and miss him. Roop looks at her things in room and miss her too. Sawariya plays. Seva comes back to Roop and tries to touch his feet, he says leave, I want to rest, she leaves. Seva comes back and tries to give massage to Roop but he sends her away.

Scene 2
In morning, Kamla stops Roop and asks him to eat, he says I am not hungry. Shamsher comes there and says you have to eat to bring your wife back. Kamla says its good you want to bring her back, we will do pooja for Ishika and Roop.

Door bell rings, Ishika says it must not be Roop. Roop comes inside. She smiles. Roop says mom have kept pooja so we can start our lives together, please do come, she nods. He leaves. Ishika smiles. Mom says who came? She says Roop.

Shamsher comes in mandir. Ishika’s mom is there. She says you wanted to meet me? Shamsher says I have come to say sorry, your daughter left because of me. She is stunned.

Bua asks Roop if Ishika will come to Pooja tomorrow?

Shamsher says to Ishika’s mom that dont tell anything to Ishika as she doesnt like me but I want them to be together so bring her to pooja tomorrow. She says I will bring her.

Bua says to Roop that you should close past chapter with Ishika to start life with her, ask her to say sorry to Shamsher so there is no bad blood and you can live happily with her.

Pooja starts. Ishika and her mom Kanchan comes there. Roop is happy to see her. Kamla says Roop and Ishika are starting new life from today, they will do pooja. Roop says one minute, I want to close old chapters, she should say sorry to Shamsher before starting new chapter. Ishika says you said we will not talk about old chapters. Roop says you just have to say sorry, it doesnt make you small. Ishika says its about right and wrong, you want to start new life? We will do that separately. Kanchan shouts at Ishika that if Shamsher can say sorry to me then why cant you? Shamsher says I want our kids happy.

PRECAP- Ishika says to family that this start is not for our togetherness but to separate us, I dont accept this condition, I am doing right thing, she leaves from there. Roop is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It’s a good thing this show is ending. They couldn’t make a worse storyline at this point. In this show, you can kill and harm family member and continue on your merry way. Bau tried to get her own brother jailed/disgraced even almost killed and now she is scheming with him.

    As for Shamsher, I think he wanted to have more of an important role in the show but they have turned him in a scheming woman. Kampla part that she used to act had substance, but instead of showing how strong she had become, they ended up focusing on Shamsher, scheming like a woman to ruin his son’s life. In any event, he mad his own daughter in a laughing stock from one man to another. Are you telling me that she lived with her 2nd husband for one month and didn’t get intimate, now they send her back to her 1st husband…it’s like musical bed….such a degrading show for womenfolks….good riddance.

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