Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Beni becomes Devdas knowing Vimlesh’s alliance

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The Episode starts with Amma asking Rajjo to clean the rice grains properly and says some stones came in it. Rajjo says you cleaned it. Amma says stone was found in the dal and taunts Rajjo. Rajjo says I am hearing all. Amma says I am saying to make you hear. Raju comes there and introduces himself as their native village guy. Amma tells that they used to tell that he will control his wife. Raju says I am in my wife’s control. Amma says don’t know from which bengali baba they have tuitions and comes to sasural. Raju says his wife troubled him a lot, and fought with him daily, one day she got him beaten up by her father and relatives. Amma thinks Raju’s wife is steps ahead of Rajjo. Raju asks her to talk to Happu and asks him to teach a lesson to his wife. Amma says she will talk to Happu and asks him not to worry. She calls Happu and tells about Raju’s problem. Happu asks what shall I do? He says he will make his wife understand or show her danda.

Kamlesh comes inside the room through window and calls Kat. Kat says what are you doing in day light. Kamlesh says I am a risk player/khatron ke khiladi…She says you are talking as macho man. kamlesh says I can fight with anyone to meet you. Kat says you are a superman. Kamlesh says no doubt, I am a superman. Kat calls him inside.

Malaika comes out from cupboard and beats Kamlesh. Kamlesh asks her to leave him. Kat says he is a human and not watermelon. Malaika says if you don’t study then see what I will do.

Beni calls Hritik and asks him to come. Hritik says we are playing. Beni says I am begging infront of you, play later. Hritik calls everyone and says Beni chacha is begging. Beni asks them to think of family. They tell that they do their parents and Dadi’s work. Beni says you have some other people in your family like Vimlesh mausi and asks them to enquire if the alliance is fixed. Hritik says we will not call her as she scolds us for calling her. beni says what is the new thing, and asks them to call her. Chamchi says let us play. Beni says I will not let you play. Hritik calls Vimlesh and keeps phone on speaker. Vimlesh picks the call and tells that she is making muli ka paratha for the guy who came to see her. Rajjo brings paratha and gives to them. She asks Beni what happened? Beni asks if Vimlesh’s alliance is fixed. Rajjo asks him to pray that her alliance shall get fixed and asks him to have muli ka paratha. Beni says I hate it.

An old man comes to Police station and asks if he is Happu? Happu asks him to see his name plate. He asks him to say. An old man tells that he is Praveen Singh. Happu says so you are the one who had beaten your innocent damad. Praveen Singh asks him to hear him first and says my damad troubles my daughter a lot. Happu says I can know that your daughter is spoilt seeing your face and asks him to go after giving warning.

Amma is drinking tea. Dada ji asks her not to drink much tea else she will get gastric problems. Amma asks if you don’t like me to play with our grand children. Happu comes home and greets Amma. Amma says your pita ji is here. Happu greets him. Amma says your father’s legs are here. Happu touches his feet. Amma asks if he did Raju’s work. Happu tells that he called Raju’s father in law and gave him a dose. He says he will be scared of Raju now. Amma gets happy and appreciates him. Dada ji asks her to ask him if he wants to complain about his alive wife then can he complain? Amma says I will ask. She asks Happu if he knows some bengali baba who can get us rid of soul. She taunts him. He asks her to come with him. She says no need.

Happu comes to Rajjo and keeps hand on her eyes asking her to identify him. Rajjo asks him to leave her and says my husband will come. Happu is shocked and asks who is he? Rajjo says your 9 kids are after me and says you asked me to identity you. Happu laughs.

Rajjo tells that Sarita is his village woman who is troubled by her husband. Happu asks him to tell about her husband. He says I will go and have tea with Beni. Rajjo says I know what you drink with him. She tells that Beni has become devdas since he came to know about Vimlesh’s alliance, and asks him to take care. Happu says he will tell about her. he asks her to sing and goes. He comes to Beni’s house and asks him to come near the bedsheet. Beni asks him to come there else he is better alone. Happu says you are drinking alone. Beni requests him to leave him alone. Happu looks at him.

Precap: Sarita complains to Rajjo about her husband. Raju comes there. Amma tells Happu that he is from her village. Happu kisses on his cheeks. Sarita says you said he will beat him, but he is kissing my husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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