Gathbandhan 24th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mai is innocent

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Gathbandhan 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghu asks Mai what is in lunchbox? Mai says its nothing. Raghu says its kheer right? He tries to open it but Mai stops him. Dhanak comes there and says you have to open it, we saw you hiding envelope in it, what is it? Mai says wow, spies live in my house? Raghu says dont distract us. Mai opens lunchbox but there is nothing inside. Dhanak opens chamber below and finds envelope, she asks whats this? read it and I promise I wont let anything happen to you. Raghu says tell us. Mai opens envelope and there is just some money inside. Raghu looks on. Mai says I went to Salim don. Dhanak says why veil then? Mai says I didnt want to tell you, my habits of threatening people wont go like this, I threatened him and took some money, I cant live without my extortion money. Dhanak thinks then who took Bablu’s envelope that day? Dhanak puts her hand on Raghu and asks her to promise on Raghu’s head. Mai is tensed and doesnt promise. Mai says I did one more act, I drank wine last night. Dhanak smiles and hugs her. Mai says leave me, I wont give you money. Raghu puts on music and starts dancing around Mai. Mai says what? She starts dancing with him. Dhanak smiles seeing them and thinks that Mai didnt let Raghu down.

Sejal says to Preeti that Dhanak change, she had put sword on our father, she is don’s wife after all. Aslam comes there and says Raghu changed, he is not a don anymore, he earns hard money, you know Dhanak, she might look bad but you will be stunned when truth comes out, I am sure something is behind all this.

Scene 2
Swati comes to police station with Dhanak and Raghu. Officer takes her inside to meet Bablu. Raghu says to Dhanak that I am happy Mai is not behind all this. Dhanak says but real culprit fooled us, we have to find out who is working for Bablu from outside.

At night, Dhanak is in her room and looks at sky. She recalls message related to stars and says what did that mean?

In morning, Raghu brings a painting for Swati that she made for Bablu, he says jailor asked me to take it back as its not allowed. Dhanak is stunned to see painting. She says to Swati that you didnt add stars? Swati says my teacher added stars, she said its 5-star meeting. Raghu says you made it very fine, he takes Swati for school. Dhanak looks at painting and says her teacher Sheetal made 5-stars and wrote 5 on star? Raghu comes there. Dhanak says I know who is helping Bablu.

Woman in veil comes in mandir. She takes off her veil and its Sheetal only.

Dhanak tells Raghu that Swati’s teacher Sheetal is helping Bablu. Dhanak says look at this painting, Sheetal added stars which is related to message ‘when stars will shine’, then Sheetal added 5 number on star so she is planning something on 5th. Raghu says 5th is today so they are planning to do something. Dhanak says they must have left for it, Dhanak calls officer and gives him tip about Sheetal. She ends call and joins stars on painting, it turns out be a roadmap.

Sheetal’s helper says we will do something big today.

Dhanak looks at Mumbai’s map. Raghu tells her that this road is near garden. Dhanak says they are planning to do something on this road but what their plan is?

PRECAP- Raghu saves school kids and thinks I was a don but I felt so good saving others life. Dhanak holds his hand bus and thinks he saved others today and fulfilled his promise. Suddenly bus starts falling from cliff.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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