Mere Sai 24th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Srikanth’s Happy Family

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Mere Sai 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mhalsapati prepares Ramji’s idol with Sai’s help. In the morning, Srikanth and Ranoji meet him and are amazed to see god’s idol. Parvathi says Mhalsapati prepared it in sleep and she believed when she saw it. Mhalsapati says he just remembers Sai coming his dream, so Sai helped him prepare idol. Srikanth says let us go to dwarkamayi now as even Dilawar bhai has prepared 1000 lamps and his heading to dwarkamayi. They all head towards dwarkamayi, Dilawar with his team joins them. Moolchand with golden crown also rushes with his team and runs before them. Mhalsapati slips and says it is better to lose than drop Ramji’s idol. Dilawar also says it is better to go late than breaking lamps. In dwarkamayi, Jhipri asks Sai when will Mhalsapati and Dilawar come. Sai says her wait is over. Moolchand comes running with crown and asks Sai to accept crown and pronounce him winner Mhalsapati and Dilawar come with their teams next and stand sadly. Moolchand fixes crown on Sai’s head and finds it loose. He scolds jeweler. Sai says mistake can happen by anyone. He asks Mhalsapati to present is prepared idol. Mhalsapati does and everyone are amazed to see such a beautiful idol. Sai then asks Dilawar to present his prepared lamps. Dilawar presents 1001 lamps he made and says 1001 is an auspicious number. Sai says since Mhalsapati and Dilawar brought their gifts at once, they both are winners and should celebrate Urs and Ram Navami festival together. They both agree. Jewler congratulates them. Moolchand alleges that Mhalsapati and Dilawar bribed jeweler and made him lose. Dilawar warns he does not do anything wrong. Jeweler says he did not take any bribe. Sai tells Mhalsapati that he himself told one can go to any extent to win. Moolchand says though Mhalsapati and Dilawar won, he will present his most precious golden crown to Sai and takes measurement again. Dilawar says he will set up tent at one side and decorate whole Shirdi with flowers. Mhalsapati says he will ask women to prepare prasad and children to wear new clothes, they will celebrate Urs and Ram navami festival together. Champa’s parents enter with her and mother says she has bigger news than theirs, they fixed Champa’s alliance with Bhairav. Everyone congratulate them.

Srikanth with others notes down items like flowers, sweets, sandalwood paste, etc., needed for Urs and festival and walks away saying he will go home and return to accompany them to market. Moolchand hears that and orders his assistant to buy whole market, he will see h ow Mhalsapati and Dilawar celebrate ram navami and urs. Srikanth reaches home where Chihu tai asks him to have food first. He says he does not have time as he needs to go to market after freshening up and will have something in market. Chihu says outside food is unhealthy. Govinda laughs and says aayi is critizing outside food today. Sai comes begging. Chihu greets him and says she got back her family because of Sai, so he should have food with them today and even explain teacher/Srikanth to have food and go as he will stay out for a long. Sai says Chihu tai is right and reminds Srikanth their first meeting where Sai says one cannot forgo hunger and thirst. Srikanth say he remembers and agrees to have food.

Srikanth, Dilawar, Mhalsapati and others go to market to buy flowers, sweets, etc, but find all shops empty. When questioned, shopkeeper says someone bought whole market. Dilawar asks who was it. Shopkeeper says they were taking Moolchand’s name. Dilawar fumes that he knew Moolchand is behind all the incidents. They all explain their ordeal to Sai. Sai says they can use stones and leaves instead of flowers and sandalwood as god stays in whole universe. They all reach dwarkamayi and arrange their items. Moolchand enters with his team and tells Sai he brought crown and all items needed for celebration and shows flowers, sweets, etc. Sai asks him to look at them once again. Moolchand is shocked to see golden crown turning into thorn crown and flowers, sweets turning into stones and ash. Everyone say it is golden crown and flowers, etc. Moolchand says he can see only thorns. Sai asks Mhalsapati and Dilawar to bring their stone and leaf bags. They bring bags and are amazed to see flowers , sweets, etc., in bags. They thank Sai for his blessings.

Precap: Hindu and muslims together celebrate Ram Navami festival and Urs. Dilawar tells Sai that he will leave now. Sai wishes him to stay for some more days as one more celebration will start soon.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I love the brotherly and sisterly love between religions.
    We share one moon and one sky and am sure we share one God.
    Long ago my great grandparents lived this way with respect and togetherness.

    1. it’s sad as no one is willing to move on from the partition so how will it be same – no future if past is never forgotten.

  2. Honest opinion

    When did Chihu & Srikanth get married????

    1. I did not see a scene with them getting married officially.
      Srikanth asked Chihu to marry him (the entire village agreed) for the sake of her child’s future.

      1. excellent Sai teachings…we are missing the updates on many sony tv shows again…why I someone not updating the page.

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