RAB SE SONA ISHQ: twinj episode: 72


After having lots of fun in Mussoorie all had amazing time there fully they all enjoyed every bit of it.Very next day they drove off for Amritsar.Again everyone busy in their life.

Twinkle working in kitchen she making breakfast for everyone.Today she making something special for Kunj.She finished all breakfast and place everything on dinning table all elders were sitting in living room while all boys went for jogging.Just than they come back Rudra breathing so much.While they trio making fun of him.Kunj fully become reddish.

Lata: finally you people come haa?

Rudra: dadi today bhaiya make me run so much.

Kunj:see dadi he is bodybuilder still lazy head. All giggles.

Avantika: go and get ready fast we are hungry breakfast waiting for us.

Kunj:haan. They went upstairs Kunj giving voice to twinkle.

Lata:twinkle beta you go first see your husband without you now toh Kunj can’t do anything they all giggles she blushed and nodded and went to their room. She went towards him and see Kunj who sweating like anything he giving her voice again.

Twinkle: bas karo Baba how wanted to show whole Amritsar.

Kunj:Acha you come sun please get ready my things fast I already get late.

Twinkle: still your Mussoorie tiredness didn’t vanished haa Kunj ??.

Kunj:yup great time we had there.

Twinkle:yes now go and get freshen up fast. She send him In washroom.Taking out his things she started arranging bed just than Kunj come out of the washroom in towel looking killer twinkle see him Kunj went towards wardrobe taking out his things. Your clothes is ready. She went to him.

Kunj:haan. Kunj ruffles his wet hairs water sprinkled on twinkle face. She shivered.

Twinkle: oo meri zulfi Queen. Wear your clothes servant was passing from twinkle room. How many times I told you take your clothes in washroom with you but you toh wanted to come like exposing queen huhu. Kunj look at her and get confused than his eyes went on servant who was just going near their room and he understood everything.

Kunj: acha ji aisa hai.

Twinkle: haan ji before toh you were so shy now what happened ??.

Kunj:woh aisa hai Mrs Sarna incircle his arms around her neck. Before toh you can’t control after see me ???that’s why I m just petty for you now there is nothing like this everything is opened between us winked at her ??. She blushed and pinch on his nose.

Twinkle:haa bas shameless looking hot. Acha get ready na fast.

Kunj:Haan.Twinkle eyes went on cockroach and get shocked.


Twinkle: coc…Kroach….

Kunj: what ???. Kunj see cockroach and hide behind twinkle back shivering like baby.yeh lizard(twinkle) was less in my life that you brought this cockroach in dowry too? Twinkle to remove it?.

Twinkle: why me, you go and shoo him away.

Kunj:if i go then i will have to take bath again, you go?.

Twinkle:if i touch him then i will get dirty too, cockroach seems like making strategy against us?.

Kunj:you should be ashamed of being afraid of such small cockroach ?.

Twinkle:you too.??

Kunj:you are wife and should fulfill wife’s duties Savitri fought with Yamraj for her husband and you cant do this? ??.

Twinkle: as if situations are similar.?

Kunj: i am afraid of only two things ek pa se and dusra cockroach se ??.go and shoo him please,

Twinkle:you are so big still Kunj he is not papaji.

Kunj:please Na.

Twinkle thinks anything for you Kunj she goes near cockroach and shoos it away, she does high five with Kunj.?

Kunj:very nice my lioness, ?.

Twinkle:you are so bad you scared of cockroach and papa ji.

Kunj:yes Both is very dangerous.Chal thanks give peck on her lips he get ready fully. They both went downstairs everyone was sitting for breakfast twinkle and Kunj joint them they all having breakfast and praising twinkle lot. Aayat was sitting and coughing so badly she having cold and flu.

Kunj: Aayat again you ill yourself haan? I told you not drink that things. You didn’t understand why you have that road side food.

Twinkle: hoo Kunj nothing happened with road side food Kunj look at her.

Kunj: acha really last time you remember what happened they recalled and laughs out Avantika understands

Rahul: tell us too.

Twinkle:nothing ??. Avantika told them all giggles.

Rahul: I wish this will be true winked at Kunj ??.

Tej:Aayat you take your medicine don’t go outside okay he kissed on her forehead she having slightly fever as well.Kunj and Rahul bid bye to everyone and they left for office while Rudra and Priyanka or Soumya went to college.
Omkara get busy in his new work he get approach from magazine.Twinkle and Anjali get busy in house work they went to clear basement house. after sometimes later Rudra and Priyanka or Soumya come back early from college.

Soumya and Priyanka was studying and making notes for their exams.Rudra came into their room..

Rudra:kya kar rahi hai somu and prinku..
They didn’t answer him.He pulled both hair Both were like kya hai haan….

Rudra:i asked you na something.

Soumya:as if you don’t have eyes.cant you see we are studying.

Rudra:hoo prepare notes for me also.?

Priyanka:why .we are not servants do it yourself..??

Rudra:i”ll see you huh..

Soumya:if you will do something. then i will compain kunj bhaiya about you..

Rudra:bhaiya ki chamchi..

Priyanka:i will tell paa as well…

Rudra:uff you both are always ready to complain..Acha sun .let’s order pizza what’s say…

Priyank: no exams are near .we should eat healthy..

Rudra:please na Priyanka.

Soumya: Rudra we will not..

Twinkle came and look at trio …what happen to you all she asked?

Soumya:this Rudra wants to eat pizza..padhne likhne ka kam ni hai bas always ready to eat and sleep..

Twinkle: rudra ..

Rudra:no bhabhi ..he hugged her from.stomach …

Twinkle:chalo now you study…you know your bhaiya is so much worried about your study common he is a good boy..

Rudra:hmm with puppy face..

Twinkle:acha you all study …i will make pizza for you all…now happy rudra .

Rudra:very much bhabhi.my bhabhi is the best love you.Twinkle went.Trio start study while Rudra was disturbing them to tell this and that..??.

Twinkle make pizza for them and send by servant.Usha and Avantika take Aayat to doctor.Twinkle check all work than she send dadu and dadi lunch in their room.

At Taneja [email protected] scene3
Leela and rt was sitting rt was not feeling well so he didn’t went to office today both talking about Mahi.

Leela:ji I don’t know about that boy it just she is my closed friend nephew.We know personally Geeta how her family is good.

Rt:hmm even now my studies will be finished. We think about her alliance as well and you know Leela papa he wanted in his presence he see his all grand kids settle down in their life beautifully.

Leela: truly papa ji. And Bebe find so beautiful boy for our twinkle today she is so happy even didn’t miss us get busy in her martial life I’m so happy for her whenever I saw her. Her in laws love her so much what else we want more I want this type of boy and family for Mahi too.

Rt:same.After got damaad like Kunj I feel so blessed my all friends and office clients tell me I’m very lucky to get son in law like Kunj.Their no issues and fight arguments between our kids even sarnas and Luthras they all standing so happily see today kids ready to get fight and they wanted to stay alone from family and our kids enjoyed more with families she too agree both discussing about mahi alliance.

Leela:Geeta will send me photo of boy than we will think ahead okay.

Rt:hmm. Bebe and hansh come back from mandir.

Hansh: what’s going on.

Leela: nothing papa and Bebe I’ll get water for you both.

Bebe:nahi leela we are fine. Malika come and sit beside Leela.

Malika: Maa I’m tired now.

Leela: what happened beta you are fine haan?

Malika: haan Maa I’m fine. See your grand child giving me kick so much all giggles Leela caress Malika face.Maa you are best mother in law my mom get jealous she said I didn’t miss her I told her back because I have Maa didn’t get chance to miss you ??.

Leela:aww.They talking about Malika.
Bebe why not we celebrate Malika baby shower she is 8 months pregnant.

Malika:haan going to end. ?what is baby shower Maa.

Leela: this kept for baby welcomes all give baby their blessing and love.

Malika: interesting Maa I’m going to sleep Maa.

Bebe: haa go and sleep before Kabir come and get behind you have this and that all laughs out Malika slowly she went in her room. Bebe and Leela discussing about Malika baby shower.

Leela:I’ll call twinkle she is perfect in this all things even many days went she didn’t come last time I call her when Kunj went.

Hansh:haan right you call her.

Afterwards leela called twinkle. Twinkle pick up her call.

Leela: hello

Twinkle: haa Maa.

Leela: twinkle beta it had been so many months you didn’t came and live with us.We are thinking to do mallika baby shower.day after tomorrow. so you come today na .i want you to do all preparation.as we all know my twinkle is best in these things…

Twinkle:but maa i have to ask kunj..

Leela:you don’t worry .i will talk to Avantika.

Twinkle:ok maa….
Later leela called avantika.she gave her permission to go there.Avantika told twinkle to go Taneja mansion. She nodded in yes and went in her room. Twinkle was doing her packing.

Twinkle: thinking..mummy ji toh give me permission but what about kunj..
He toh went for some important meeting i can’t inform him now..i will message him.Haan this will be great.?.She messaged him. Twinkle get ready and went downstairs she meet with everyone Omkara come Prithviraj tell him to drop twinkle he get ready think about Mahi.Om drop her Taneja Mansion.while he also got a chance to meet mahi Taneja’s got happy as twinkle is going to stay with them for 2-3 days. Omkara went back.

Leela: now twinkle you think what to do?

Twinkle: Maa leave everything on me I’ll handle okay.

Kabir: haan I want everything best if not than see what I’ll do at your time.

Bebe: haan we also waiting for you. Twinkle ignore.

@At office Kunj was doing his work just than Darsh entered in his cabin and throw file at his desk Kunj raise his eyes and see him immediately get up in anger.

Kunj:what is this haan??

Darsh: this file isn’t checked fully first see and than work.

Kunj:really I don’t need your suggestions
Get it and behave yourself don’t dare to talk to me like this.

Darsh:really Kunj Sarna.

Kunj:yes mr Darsh Kapoor.

Darsh: huhu. Don’t forget I’m Darsh Kapoor.

Kunj: even you too standing in my office I’ll not take much time to throw you from here.

Darsh: you buster haan don’t know how twinkle like girl get ready to marry you kunj closed his fist.

Kunj: don’t dare to take my wife name from you mouth get it a*sh*le he went and grab his collar Kunj saw Manohar was going he saw him through window Kunj jerk him and went from there Darsh laughs out like evil.

Darsh: you have to pay for this Kunj Sarna since childhood you win with me in everything now this time I wouldn’t let you I’ll bow down you in front of me wait and watch what I’ll do. He smirked and went from there.

Twinkle and mahi or Kabir get busy in baby shower preparation list. They wanted everything classy.

At night kunj came from office he didn’t saw twinkle message.He went to her room. And calling twinkle.he gives her 2 , 3 voice but she didn’t listen Avantika came and give him water.. Kunj look at her.

Kunj:mummy aap…? Where is twinkle.

Avantika:woh she went to Taneja Mansion.

Kunj:what ? But why..??.

Avantika:what do you mean by why ???her parents were missing her so they said sent twinkle for some days.so i send her..

Kunj:with sad face ok…☹️.

Avantika:see kunj don’t become sad .if prinku will get married.then we will also miss her na.so if her husband doesn’t sent her then would like this

Kunj:nope she is my sister.

Avantika:similarly. She is too someone.
twinkle parents also missed her na…

Kunj:understand mummy ?.He hugged her.chalo now i will get your
attention.after marriage you don’t give me time.??

Avantika:acha ji. who always get busy with his wife haan..?Kunj shyly hider his face in her pallu..

Avantika:chalo ab don’t become shy king.i m giving your clothes change and freshen up.I will bring your dinner..

Kunj:hmm.Kunj get freshen up and missing twinkle without her room is so empty.She went na without me huhu I’ll see her later he went downstairs. Rudra finished his notes he went to Kunj

Rudra: bhaiya I finished my notes.

Kunj: aww my good boy.

Usha: hoo.

Rudra:bhaiya chalo let’s celebrate Om success na.Omkara too come chalo get us party.

Kunj:nice idea but now what about others.

Om: where you both wanted to go..

Kunj. Chalo I’ll give you all treat as my brother got so big thing.

Om: acha.. where at this?

Kunj: you both go and get freshen up even twinkle not here we can go.

Rudra:acha ji that’s why bhaiya get otherwise toh he wouldn’t ever. ?.
Kunj give him tapli. Kunj went towards tej.He looking down tej see him.

Tej: haa Kunj bolo.

Kunj: pa.. I wanted your permission.

Tej: hmm what why?

Kunj: aise hi me and Omkara or Rudra. Outside for dinner.

Tej:hoo go. Don’t tell Aayat get to know she will cry.

Kunj:thanks Kunj run from there tej smiles.

Kunj and Rahul or Omkara and Rudra went out even call rohan as well.They went in restaurant. They all boys sit and Oder food.

Rudra: amazing place.

Rahul: haan feel so good come without wifes??.

Kunj: haan don’t say this in front of di.

Om: kills you. Soon their food comes they all having food Rudra feel spicy Om and Kunj feed him with his hands Rohan and Rahul making their fun.

Rohan: you both make him small baby Kunj.

Kunj: so what he is my little brother.

Om: Haan it’s so beautiful to have small siblings.

Rahul:never wanted babies ???. They all talking about here and there making fun of girls.

Rohan:our Kunj toh always busy in romance.

Kunj:shut up.

Rahul:it’s true yaar Kunj was a time you hate marriage and this all romance wasn’t in your dictionary now this toh was only the one who exploring romance dictionaries ???.

Kunj:Kamino don’t put your evil eyes on me ???. Rahul and Rohan started talking cheap. Have some shame my brothers is here.

Rohan:so what acha Omkara did you find any girl for yourself or like Kunj go with arrange marriage. ???.

Om:I didn’t think about this all things.

Kunj: you just leave everything on god he will knows what good for you.

Rudra: O you don’t forget me after marriage with whom I’ll sleep.

Rahul: Rudra you and sleep badi Maa and papa????. Don’t know when you will grown up.

Rudra:no without I can’t after bhaiya Shadi he didn’t sleep with me. Huhu.

Kunj: acha..

Om: haa now toh he didn’t get sleep without twinkle ???. They all laughs out after they went for long drive they were in Rudra open sunroof car Kunj driving and they all enjoying Lot.Had sweets and others thing playing cricket with little boys and having fun.At Sarna Mansion all had their dinner get to know about boys girls making faces. After sometimes later they come back they were late it’s 12:00 clock.Elders sitting in hall only. Just than they all boys come back rohan too stay with them only. As soon as they entered in hall Kunj see the time and get shocked tej looking at them only.

Tej:hoo finally you all come what’s the time. They four of them come and stand in side Rudra and Omkara behind Kunj back while Rahul and Kunj looking at tej.

Avantika:you bring something for us.

Kunj: haan your favourite pizza.

Avantika: thanks.

Tej:let me ask something to them. Why you all get this much late haan?

Kunj:woh sorry we didn’t see the time.

Priyanka:see pa they all went without us huhu.Kunj all Priyanka and gestured her he will not leave her today for sure.

Prithviraj: tej leave them na. Let me have pizza Kunj give box to Prithviraj he started having all get shocked feed his wife with his hands Usha and Avantika or Anjali gesturing to their husbands ??.

Rahul:murmured this raj and Simran will be flops my love story ???.Other boys giggles.

Lata:tej stop being Hitler.

Tej:Kya Maa.Aap bhi na kuch bhi inn bacho ki taraha..

Lata:I’m right tej you are Hitler.By the who give you this name Rahul and Kunj looking here and there all see them all giggles Kunj ruffles his hairs he pulled Priyanka hairs.

Priyanka: ahah pa. Tej look at him.he went from there.

Other hand in Tm twinkle was thinking about till now he didn’t call and message her.She done with dinner Natasha too come.They all family members sitting twinkle checking her phone back to back. Does Kunj message her or not.Kunj entered in room and get freshen up. He went towards bed and lay down Kunj take out his phone.
Checked his phone.saw so many messages of twinkle.Her last message was like kunj are you miffed with me.
Kunj you are alright na please reply baby i m scared.. Kunj see and smiledZ
Kunj immediately called her. Twinkle phone ring she saw Kunj call get happy she looking here and there she get up.

Natasha: kaha behan.

Twinkle: Aai she smiled all understand.

Malika: haa go your pati Dev is waiting for you.Twinkle went in her room and sit
She picked up Kunj call .

Twinkle:kunj you are fine na ? You are not miffed with ne ? Did you had your dinner?did you had your medicine? Sorry na…kuch toh bolo kunj…

Kunj:shhhh.kitna bolegi syappa queen..
Aaj hi gayi hai or itne sare questions..

Twinkle:little bit crying.

Kunj:twinkle why are you crying haan?

Twinkle:i know you are miffed with me na..

Kunj:first stop crying meri jaan..i m not miffed with you..Maa paa ka bhi utna hi right hai tumpe jitna mera hai so kya hua jo tum.unke sath rahne ke liye gayi go..

Twinkle:pakka you are not sad.

Kunj:no i m not sad just my heart is missing you.

Twinkle:smiled. Acha where are you I message you so much.

Kunj: Arey we all boys went for dinner.

Twinkle:hoo after coming me you went for dinner huhu.

Kunj: twinkle this is bromance date ??. Both talking to each other’s all Girls come to twinkle room while Kunj
Brothers too. Acha aur suna .

Twinkle: in low voice Kya suno haan everyone is here.

Kunj:same okay bye in low love you.

Twinkle:same love you too.Mahi and Natasha blushed.They both end up the calls Rudra and Omkara lay down they cuddles each other’s they all slept.!

Next day again.twinkle get busy in preparation.and kunj got busy in his office work whole day went like this only.

Leela and rt or Kabir talking about Mahi alliance boy name is Arnav. Twinkle come there.

Twinkle: Kya Hua Maa?

Leela: twinkle see this boy photo and tell me how he is. She give her photo of boy and twinkle see.

Twinkle:who he is?

Leela:he is Arnav his alliance come for our Mahi.

Twinkle:hmm Maa looking hot.

Kabir: hmm Maa let’s see na.

Rt: Haan twinkle what you think.

Twinkle: first check everything.

Leela: even tell too Kunj about him after all he is elder son in law of this house.

Twinkle: okay Maa acha everything is done for baby shower I send invitation card to everyone.

Rt: great my twinkle is the best. Mahi come

Kabir:Arey mahi acha hua you come see this guy photo. Mahi get confused. She take photo in her hand look at photo.

Mahi: who he is with smile..

Kabir: he is Arnav.

Mahi: Arnav??

Twinkle: looking hot na mahi.

Mahi: hmm. All smiled and look at mahi.

Kabir: he is our would be second jija after Kunj ??. As soon as mahi listen this she get confused.

Mahi: what??

Twinkle:haan mahi his alliance come for you. She get shocked fully and take step in backwards photo falls down from his hand.

Mahi: what???

Kabir: Haan mahi he is so hot we toh like him.Mahi didn’t understand anything.

Mahi: mere… liye why?

Twinkle: meri pyaari behana Shadi nahi karni hai Kya I’m so excited for you. Mahi get tears in her eyes don’t know why she didn’t feel good her heart starter arching after listening she smiled with heavy heart and went from there all thing she get shy.Twinkle take water and went in her room she see the time and understands now her husband get free fully.
At night they again talk with each other.

Kunj:baby i m missing you like hell.want to see you.

Twinkle:mee too..Tomorrow you are coming na…in mallika baby shower….

Kunj:haan how will i miss the chance of spending time with my wife..

Twinkle:acha ji …

Kunj:haanji.. I love you.

Twinkle: bas karo I’m going to stay here for year get it. Don’t behave like this my lovey husband ji. Acha suno I wanted tell you something?

Kunj:what Bol meri Queen Aayat come and sit on Kunj lap. Hmmm.

Twinkle: woh na Kunj Maa and papa find a alliance for Mahi.

Kunj: what.

Twinkle: why you giving look like Mahi haa?kunj giggles.

Kunj: nothing suddenly why?

Twinkle: arey my dadu wasn’t less than yours even her studies going to finished. That’s why.

Kunj: who he is..

Twinkle:that I’ll tell in formation face to face Maa told me to in formed you about this I’m so happy for Mahi.

Kunj:haan me too??. First ask her too don’t take any decisions itself only .

Twinkle: why not you ask to your one and only saali sahiba ???.

Kunj: hmm i try as you know I opened with my wife.

Twinkle: fully shameless. ???.

Kunj:hoo.So what only for you I’m shameless ??.For others toh no one is like me everyone had dream son like me my dadu said??.

Twinkle:bas selfish..

Kunj:huhu.Tomorrow I’ll bring you with me back get ready.

Twinkle:nope I wouldn’t come..??.

Kunj:I’ll see baby if you wouldn’t come itself than I will bring you forcefully..??. Dying for kiss.

Twinkle: I knew it about this you just missing me for your romance ??. How mean you are.

Kunj: you should be thanks to god you get so loving husband who love you so much.

Twinkle:haan as well that bites too?.

Kunj:what about your nails dayaan. Kunj did realised Aayat too there.

Twinkle: hehe very lame I’ll kill you.Now stop on your romance. What about COMPENSATION ..

Kunj:so what I’m ever ready ???.

Twinkle: sadu..

Aayat: bhaiya Susu.

Kunj: acha susu here I already have compensation ???.

Twinkle:chii you see your sister take her to washroom.

Kunj: haan bye love you.

Twinkle: okay bye give kiss from my side to Aayat.

Kunj: what about bhaiya .

Twinkle: slap is good for him???. They end the calls. Kunj take Aayat in washroom she get freshen up Kunj changed her clothes and give her flu medicines she slept in his arms Kunj place her on bed and he went in kitchen make coffee there Omkara come.

Om:hi still wake up?

Kunj:hmm busy with your bhabhi ?? .

Om:hoo ??becomes like Rahul.

Kunj:indeed ???. He make coffee he filled in two mug and went in balcony.
Aur Om how’s your work?

Om: great.. Rahul come there and joint them. They talking about here and there. Just than Kunj.

Kunj:you even twinkle saying me leela Maa and papa get alliance for Mahi Omkara listen and chocked so badly ???. Rahul and Kunj see his expression Rahul patting on his back.

Rahul:ram ji help please ???.

Kunj:what happened??.

Om:nahi just.

Rahul:you give us shocked haina om??.Omkara nodded in yes..

Kunj: haan lets see what will happen.
They finished coffee Omkara get sad and went from there while Rahul laughing like anything why you showing your teeth’s this much.

Rahul: Kunj you really give him shocked wouldn’t get sleep ??.

Kunj:you and Malika ever ready to make fun of my brother huhu.

Rahul: you will see bro didn’t you see his face heart broken ???.

Kunj: Chal na both laughs out. Arey Meri behan.

Rahul: Arey papaji.

Kunj: yes she is my baby I’m going she is alone in room. They both went in their respective rooms Kunj see Aayat who blabbering in sleep he smiled and went towards her and kissed on her forehead and cuddles her and sleep and thinking about Mahi and Omkara.

In room Usha and Manohar talking to each other than Manohar.

Manohar:Usha now we should think about Omkara marriage.

Usha: hmm even I’m too thinking I told to Misha.

Manohar: hmm see our Kunj settle even I too wanted him too. Anyhow I wanted he get marry as soon as.

Usha:don’t be please.

Manohar:what he done last time Han.

Usha:don’t worry I’ll see na even Avantika too finding girl in her relations.
Both slept.

Whole night Omkara didn’t get sleep even Mahi too she crying inside in her heart don’t why she is not happy.

Om: why so suddenly this alliance if mahi get ready for marriage than what???. Mahi face coming in his mind while Mahi get up and went in washroom.

Mahi: why you crying mahi haan one day toh will happen even twinkle too marry. I should be happy. But this tears why ???. She talking to herself in mirror and wiped her tears she closed her eyes and Omkara face and his smile his talks running her mind she get shocked a long tear drop falls down from her eyes. Whole night they spend in their memories??.

At morning next day.
All wake up and get ready had their breakfast. Kunj and his sibling playing games in garden while at Taneja house everywhere is just hustle and bustle. They really busy in work.

Avantika: Anjali go and tell them get ready fast we have to go for Malika baby shower my babu was waiting for us??.

Anjali: hehe bahu ki deewani. Anjali went in garden. Chalo chiller party come we have to go Malika baby shower.

Rahul: Haan.

Kunj: chalo.

Rahul: see him so desperate man to meet with his wifey.

Kunj:any doubt Chal.While Omkara face is so dull. They all went inside and went in their room Kunj finding his clothes he remembered twinkle told him he look hot in white he smiled and take out kurta and get ready fast others as well too. They all come down and take all gift and left for Tm.

Twinkle get ready Malika she looking so beautiful more her baby bump making her.

Twinkle: today bhai wouldn’t take off his eyes from you.

Malika:?? hehe he daily.. ??.They all smiled.

Twinkle:I will too get ready she went in her room. Twinkle quickly get ready in Kunj style she look at herself and smiled.

Whole house decorated beautifully all guests started coming.Mans wouldn’t allowed in this function but Kabir request so much Bebe give him permission.Soon both family Luthra and sarnas reaches and see the arrangement and smiled they went inside Bebe and hansh greet them. They meet with each other’s and went ahead and see the decorations all’s get happy.

Rahul:amazing yaar.

Leela:everything done by my twinkle.

Tej:my bahu is the best.Rahul and Kunj shocked he never praise them ??.

@After getting know about alliance news mahi and Omkara condition become like fish without water.Mahi come with juices she gives everyone unknown pain was in their eyes while Kunj eyes finding his lady love everywhere just. Everything is set than ladies Said we should call now would be mummy. Leela nodded she went upstairs.soon mallika came with her mother in law twinkle….
Kunj eyes were just stuck on his wife who was looking stunning.Twinkle made mallika sit on jhula and went to meet her in laws.Kabir see his wife who looking like a doll all praise her so much. Kunj gestured twinkle she pass smile Omkara and mahi looking at each other’s. Rahul and Rohan pulled Malika cheeksLeela lets start the function …All ladies fill her jholi with fruits & coconut and said something in her ear.Malika giggles when they whisper something in her ears mans enjoying this and get confused.
Kunj and twinkle standing or Lata too.

Lata: aww she looking so beautiful.

Kunj: dadi does this function is necessary to do.

Lata: haan even I’m waiting for this when will I get chance to celebrate ??twinkle understands.

Kunj: what?

Lata: haan now you too think about us see Malika twinkle puttar she blushed went from there.

Kunj: Kya dadi aap bhi na. He went behind her hold her hand.

Twinkle: Kya hai?

Kunj: she looking amazing Malika.

Twinkle: haa she is so happy for her baby even I too.

Kunj:acha ji what about us ?I think now we should too think about this what’s say twinkle chocked ??.

Twinkle: are you mad.

Kunj: why did I said anything wrong in this haan see my family.

Twinkle: Kunj how many times I told you. You don’t start like others. Huhu.

Kunj: you behaving like no insect she went from where moody girl. Arey I was just kidding ??

After this ritual.leela said lunch is ready.
Kunj , rohan & rahul went to mallika first congratulate her..then start their teasing session..

Rahul::hoo elephant.now how much time will take your baby elephant to come out from your stomach..Mallika hit him.

Malika:let your wife get pregnant then will tell you who is elephant …..

Rohan:but still yaar you looking like a panda.kam khaya kar..

Mallika:ab kya na rohan ji .my husband loves me soo much first u get married then you will understand. how you husbands behave with your wives when you got the news of becoming father always behind us eat this and that uff….


Mallika:hanji ….

Rahul:true its an amazing feeling.

Mallika:hoo .seems some one is thinking about baby .ahem ahem…

Rahul:kuch bhi ..it just you said.Thats why.
why this kunj is not saying anything….

Rohan:how will he bechara jab se aaya abhi tak apni biwi se mila ni .just looking at her from far only..


Kunj:its nothing like that yaar

Rahul:haan haan woh we can see on your face. you are standing here and looking at twinkle..

Twinkle, anjali came with yuvi and avni .
Avni & yuvi gave her gifts..Twinkle was standing beside anjali…Kunj hold her hands and pulled her near him…

Twinkle:whispers what was that haan.everyone is here only.besharami b-dti jaa rahi hai tumhari..

Kunj:hispers…i m seeing you from long time..huh tumhe apne husband ki padi bhi hai…just busy with others…

Twinkle:aww…mera baby.

Rahul:ohh mr kunj and twinkle sarna.we are here only.do your romance later..
All laugh .so mrs kunj sarna..what you are thinking after seeing mallika..?are you also going to plan baby soon…

Twinkle:arey rahul Jiju…why don’t you ask your wife first….as you both got married first na….then plan baby as well first na ..
Kunj and i will took lesson from you only….whats say ..???.

Rahul:shut her mouth..

Rohan:what happen rahul ?twinkle ne bolti band kar di.

Rahul:kunj was not enough…jo his wife also started..

Kunj::had to be na…after all she is my wife holding her from waist.. Priyanka and Rudra fighting there too.

Priyanka: see bhaiya him.

Kunj:you both don’t start here too he pulled Priyanka hairs.

Rahul:why you both brothers behind him. Priyanka cuddles Omkara.

Kunj:don’t do.Prinku see pa is calling you she looking here and there. Dreaming girl.

Rudra:she and Soumya is like this only.

Priyanka:now I’ll do your and his complain to pa.

Kunj:go head.They went to have lunch.
All guest now all families members was there.

Malika: uff now can’t I eat.

Kabir:uff have this much.

Bebe:see our would be papa all giggles.

Rt:I toh hell excited for my grand kid. Can’t wait for anymore.

Tej:haan chota bacha toh hona hi chahiye.

Aayat: pa even I too want small babies ??. All look each other’s face Kunj knows everyone will be look at him only before he look down. Even twinkle too.

Usha:haan Leela wish we our time will come see this two of them ??.

Anjali: Kya Maa. Tell this to your bahu.

Lata:Haan twinkle puttar what did you think about us. She blushed didn’t said anything.

Twinkle:woh dadi.

Leela:haan even I’m too saying here. Twinkle give angry look at Kunj ?.

Rudra: Malika didi send your baby at my place we will play with baby.

Om: acha you cant handle Aayat itself you are so small ???. Kunj and Omkara hifi and laughs out.

Yuvi: hehe twinkle isn’t less. Kunj toh all trained man ??he don’t need any help.

Anjali:so true he knows everything how to handle babies in between us he handle lot Aayat Lot do her small small things so
perfectly they remember one scene.that day we all get so worried badi Maa went and leave her at home she started crying for milk we all try so much ??.

Leela:aww I just wishing my another damaad will be like my Kunj.


Leela:we get one alliance for our Mahi. Omkara and mahi look at each other’s all get happy.

Usha:acha it’s so good. How’s the boy.

Leela:till now everything wasn’t decided

Avantika:acha find don’t be hurry.

Avantika: even Usha too finding girl for out Omkara.Omkara shocked he look at Kunj. He gestured him not now. They all finished their lunch and spend sometime with each other Omkara went in side to Mahi.

Om: hi how’s you.

Mahi: haan fine what about you.

Om: good you looking sad.

Mahi: nahi bas aise hi. She said and went from there Omkara felt bad. Rahul and Kunj looking each other’s face.

Rahul: what you thinking.

Kunj: again Omkara going to same thing Rahul last time again if something with him my brother wouldn’t be survived.

Rahul: not last one sided love this time I don’t think so.

Kunj: hmm I have to see everything firstly.

Aayat playing with baby toys twinkle come and she too playing with her.

Rahul: twinkle you get ready so fast see Kunj now only doing practice ???: twinkle throw doll at Rahul face.

Twinkle: see your friend kunjjj??.

Kunj:Arey don’t be please he pulled her cheeks. Twinkle went to ladies. Rohan admiring Priyanka who talking to Soumya both laughing other side Rudra lost in her innocent smile Avni and yuvi feeding each other’s sweets all having fun. While Malika gang pulling her leg like anything.

Everything is done Kunj Sitting with Aayat in side kunj said to aayat.

Kunj:aayat my doll. will you do my work …

Aayat:yes bhaiya…bolo…

Kunj:told your bhabhi that .you are missing her …please ghar chalo lo na.

Aayat:ok …i will say that ki bhabhi bhaiya is missing you please ghar chalo ….right bhaiya.

Kunj:no baby don’t take my name…..say aayat is missing bhabhi.

Aayat:ok.Aayat went to twinkle.Twinkle was sitting with all ladies.


Twinkle:yes aayat.

Aayat:aayat missing you .chalo ghar chalte hai na.

Twinkle:acha …but i was thinking to stay here for 1 week….more.?

Aayat:shit bhabhi ….bhaiya ne toh bataya ni ki aagey kya bolna hai??.

All were like aayat baby apko kisne bola aisa bolne ke liye …

Aayat:bhaiya but na don’t tell him otherwise he will not give ne chocolates.
While ladies were giggling.at kunj
behaviour Aayat went to kunj..

Kunj:did you said aayat ..??what she said.

Aayat:bhabhi said she is thinking to stay here for 1 week..

Kunj:what ?


Tej:lets go everyone..

Avantika:hmm leela ji now we should go …
Everyone went outside.kunj eyes were searching twinkle…

Avantika:kunj chalo..

Kunj:yes maa..
While twinkle went with rudra and all to sarna mention.Everyone reached home….
Sitting in hall ..

Tej:twinkle beta …please i want tea.

Twinkle:ji papa ji..

Kunj come inside with sad face.
While everyone was giggling.looking at him.

Lata:what happen kunj …why are you sad..

Kunj:no dadi …just tired…

Rahul:acha ji …bol na you are sad because twinkle didn’t came.

Kunj:shut up …ok.

Lata:come sit with me.Kunj sit with all..twinkle comes with tea and coffee for kunj..Kunj head was on lata shoulders and eyes closed he didn’t see her.She give everyone tea.

Tej:thanks twinkle beta.Kunj immediately open her eyes and saw her…

Kunj:you are here..


Kunj:sachi dadi.

Lata:choo ke dekh le.while all giggles
Twinkle smiled at him.lo have your coffee..
Kunj was happy now…

Rahul:dekho now iska face glowing like newly bride .Everyone laughs..

Kunj:huhh…you always behind me.he went to his room.Everyone went to their room for sleep.Twinkle too went .to her room..

Twinkle:feels good.Kunj pulled her and shut the door.

Kunj:What was haan? You said you will stay there for 1 week …

Twinkle:you want me to stay there….so mai chali jati hu..

Kunj:acha ji..ja ke dikha mera bas chale toh bhejo bhi na tujhe.

Twinkle:acha leave let me change.

Kunj:firstly give me a kiss.


Kunj:what no …i want it.i had not taken from last 4 days .He hold her from shoulders and lean for kissed both kissed..

Twinkle:now leave.

Kunj:leave her…
Twinkle took out her nighty and kunj pj & T
Twinkle changed into nighty and comes out from washroom..

Kunj:kya bat hai wifey…aaj mood me lag rahi hai??.

Twinkle:koi mood wood ni h .it just laundry me bheji thi maine dresses may bhi mummy ji have kept them.

Kunj:acha .he pulled her on himself..both were on bed .I missed you so much..

Twinkle:me too…
He was nuzzled his face in her neck and started kissing…Meanwhile aayat comes .without knocking.Twinkle immediately side him…

Kunj:why everyone have to break my moment..

Twinkle:aayat what happened baby ?

Aayat:look at her.wow bhabhi you looking like a movie heroine….she too wear a nighty like you ..and then hero kissed her…
Bhaiya are you also going to kiss bhabhi…
Both were shocked… ???.

Kunj:where you saw these things baby.

Aayat :arey one day i went to G room…he was watching in his laptop…

Kunj:this rahul bhi na.

Aayat:now i well tell everyone my bhabhi and Bhaiya behave like movie hero heroine ….??

Twinkle:no baby …you are my good doll na..i ‘ will give you chocolates….

Aayat :haan i remember…why i came here…bhaiya i had done your work na ..now give me my chocolates….
Kunj gave him and she went .Kunj locked the door…

Kunj:twinkle …??now toh aayat had recorded everything in her mind .she will tell everyone.now what will u do?

Twinkle:this is because of you only .you were the one na ….twinkle please were nighty in front me …now i have to get embarrassed in front of all….??

Kunj:chill sweetheart….i will manage and no one will say anything..chal now let me love my wife… twinkle push him and went towards bed both sit and talking about Mahi just than Kunj get call he get busy.

Scene freezes here only.
Next{ Kunj in roar way Rudra standing.
R: you are just my cousin brother in alcohol effect.. ????.
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