Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop thanks Ishika

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode start with Ishika doing wound dressing of Roop and ranveer watching them and getting irritated.
Roop thanks Ishika, Ishika says its her fault, she forced Roop and Sandy for boxing fight. Palak comes and say yes its your fault. I was finding first aid box, and because of you, roop got hurt. Ishika goes. Roop says to Palak that ishika was helping him. Palak feel jealous.
Ranveer talk to himself, that Roop start to love my Ishika, but don’t worry, I shall snatch her from you. Till now Ishika was my love but now she is my zidd and break bottle in hand. He further says that idiot sandy was late in shoot bullet, and ishika came, so i had to shoot, otherwise you would have gone roop.

Just than ishika arrives, he ask about her well being, and she see his wound

and say that she shall do dressing, ranveer smiles.

Himani talks to kamla and advise her to take medicine on time and she was about to say something but stops. Her husband ask about her problem, she smiling say, its hard to hide from you, he add after all he is police officer, now tell otherwise I shall start interogation. Himani says that she and Ranveer was in same team for training, but he ignored as if she never existed. Her husband say, though he is my junior but we have relation also, but everything will get fine soon.

Ishika ask ranveer to take care and thank him for saving him from that wrong marriage and say let her drop him as his hand is hurt, he think its insult to sit behind girl, and divert saying lets go near by coffee shop and they walk. Roop think about ishika and palak goes to get jeep, his friend ask about his smile, he say he is in love. Other side Palak say to roop shirt and cap girls like when boys care for them, thank you roop, kuch kuch hota hai. Songs play in background kuch to hua hai kuch ho gya hai where roop imagine ishika and palak imagine roop.

Roop purpose his friend thinking ishika and using tool, he ask roop to tell his feelings to ishika, he get scared.

Ranveer and ishika walk and talk, ranveer say he had never any girl friends since childhood, so he get nervous, ishika smiles and he too.
Later her slipper gets broke, and ranveer goes to get new one, but goes near one car and force them to give theirs slipper by threatening them that he is from police and can send them behind bars for doing wrong at public place. They give and he give that to ishika.

Roop try to tell his feelings viva video recording but get nervous and forget lines, then his kaka (where he work) to say everything clearly face by face after looking into eyes.

Precap: Roop give roses to ishika by remind her of their old memories. Ranveer stop and bring some goon type people.

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