Dil Hi Toh Hai 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mystery guy helps Palak and Ritwik

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VP asks Ritwik to leave Palak first and then come to meet his mother. Ritwik tells him that he cannot leave his the girl who is his wife now. How will I face my mother then? VP says your father’s decision is more important and final. You can either stay or leave. If you want to stay with that girl then just get out! Ritwik’s eyes widen in shock. He walks out of Noon House followed by Rohit and Aman. Reeva stands with her father.

Mamta takes out a gift for Palak. She starts looking for bangles in her locker but everyone asks her to first meet Ritwik. She heads downstairs and asks about Ritwik. Reeva shares that Ritwik chose Palak. Mamta says what else he would have done. He has married her. Should he have left her on the road? She begins to look for him but VP tells her she wont meet

him now. He has gone too far from us now. He does not deserve our love. If you still want to go after him then you will have to choose from your husband and son. He walks away. Mamta stands there shocked.

Rishabh ends a call when Aman joins him. I am sorry I got late. Rishabh knows Ritwik came in his absence. He must be blaming me. Aman nods. I don’t know why he said that though. Ups and downs happen in the family. Can we not start afresh leaving the past behind? Ritwik loves Palak a lot and he wont leave her. Rishabh suggests giving time to everyone. Where is Ritwik staying though? Aman tells him that he got Ritwik a flat through his broker. He shares his details. Rishabh saves the broker’s number. He asks Aman to compile docs regarding some project. Aman nods. Rishabh calls the broker and offers to pay him a hefty amount if he takes the house back from Ritwik. Let me know once the work is done.

Setu is helping Palak set her house. She tells Palak to relax. He has gone to his house only. Palak shares that something always goes wrong whenever he has left her like that. Setu assures him that he has gone with Rohit and is married to you now. Be happy. There is a knock at the door. Palak opens the door and Dubey ji asks them to arrange the deposit by evening. Setu and Palak try to make him understand but in vain. He leaves without hearing anything. Palak wonders where they will go now.

Rohit and Ritwik come to a pub. Ritwik asks Rohit why he brought him here. I should be with Palak. Ritwik agrees that he must not stress Palak. What has just happened? I don’t understand anything. Rohit brings beer for both of them. Rohit asks him what he was telling him about Rishabh. Ritwik does not tell him the details. Whatever went wrong was because of Rishabh Bhai. He is a brother. I don’t want to b*t*h about him. rohit tells him to relax.

Setu and Palak are worried as it is 5:30 PM already. We wont be able to arrange 65k by 6 at any cost! Don’t know how we will manage. Setu speaks of using her savings. Palak too has put her money in wedding shopping. Setu tells her to wait for Ritwik. Setu shares that VP Uncle dint let Ritwik meet Mamta aunty. Palak asks her if she told Rohit about this money thing. I don’t want to give him any further stress. Setu denies. You guys are made for each other. Rohit said Ritwik does not want you to stress. Palak gets Dubey’s call. She speaks to him (in mute). She tells Setu that Dubey agreed to wait for some more time. They high five.

Dubey tells someone that he did what he told him to. I wont let them get into any trouble. An old guy nods. You will be in trouble if you do anything wrong. Dubey nods worriedly and leaves.

Palak and Setu have set up the house to a lot of extent. Palak is eagerly waiting for Ritwik but Setu assures her he and Rohit will be home soon. Palak says I feel like drinking turmeric milk and sleep. Setu reminds her it is her first night. Do something interesting. Palak shows her a saree but Setu calls it 1947’s idea. Ritwik must be in a bad mood right now. Do something for him. Palak agrees. Setu gives her a gift. Palak calls it weird. I will wear something s*xy but I wont use all this (handcuffs and stuff). Setu shows her a dress and blindfold. Wear one and make Ritwik wear one. Palak shyly agrees. Setu excitedly talks about decorating the room.

Rohit assures Ritwik that problems happen in families. They wont last long. Relax. Ritwik speaks of going home but Rohit tells him to let the girls settle down. Ritwik wants to give a gift to Palak. I want to go to her. Pay the bill. I don’t have money. Rohit goes. Ritwik collides with the same guy who Dubey was last seen talking to. He tells him to watch it but the other guy suggests him to use an apology next time. It is important to teach manners to guys like you. Ritwik asks him who he is and where is he from. Rohit intervenes and asks Ritwik to apologize and let go. Ritwik says sorry. He goes with Rohit. The guy calls someone. I want to talk to the Messiah.

Palak is on call with Setu. Setu tells her to follow what all she has told her. Palak is hesitant but Setu tells her to do it. It is lot of fun. Rohit and I have tried it. She begins to explain again but Palak stops her. I don’t want to hear anymore. Setu happily tells her to go for it. She hears the knock and is happy thinking Ritwik is here. Wear your blindfold and follow my words. Palak agrees.

Palak heaves a sigh and gets ready following Setu’s instructions. She opens the door wearing a blindfold. Reeva looks at her from top to toe. Palak asks her how she is looking. Reeva replies that she is looking like some third grade actress. Palak immediately wears the jacket. Reeva taunts her. This is how you seduced my brother right? I expected this only from you. You are behaving just like a! What else have you done? It must have been a difficult task seducing him. He had 129 girlfriends. They all couldn’t manage what you have! Palak corrects her. He had 131 girlfriends and the score is 132 if you include me. You think Ritwik married me because of all this? This is what you think about your brother? You aren’t demeaning me but your brother by saying all this. You think so low of him? Reeva tells her to shut up. I am not here for all this nonsense. My house broker because of you. No one is happy there anymore. Palak agrees it shouldn’t have happened this way but Reeva cuts her off. Nothing is going right since you came in our life. It’s like you are cursed. My wedding broke with Samar because of you only! Palak points out that he dint love her at all. Reeva is sure he could have loved her later. Palak says his girlfriend was pregnant. I did what was right. There is a difference between you and me. I couldn’t marry Naman knowing I dint love him but you want to marry Samar knowing that he will never love you. this is called trapping someone in a relationship. I really wish I hadn’t hurt you but I did everything to be with the one I love. Ritwik stops by the door to listen to their convo.

Reeva asks Palak what the price of her love is. She gives a 10 crore check. Just add more if you want. Buy whatever you want but leave my brother! Palak agrees to hang it on the wall. This is the value of your brother? Reeva turns to go but then sees Ritwik. I came here to take my brother but I only got insulted. Ritwik says you would have never done this if you had loved your brother at all. Why such step brotherly treatment? Reeva says you acted like a step brother with all of us by choosing Palak. She walks out in a huff.

Ritwik is hurt. Palak walks up to him. He hugs her. She apologizes to him. It’s entirely my fault. He tells her not to think so. We know the truth. Dad will also know it real soon. Everything will be fine then. She nods and hugs him.

Palak is removing the stuff from the bed when Ritwik walks closer. Are you not looking too hot? I dint know you had this side too. She smiles. I dint want to do all this. He tells her it isn’t his fault. It’s alright. He hugs her sweetly. Hawayein song plays in the background. He looks at the preps and teases her. She tries to go but he does not let go of her. She is all shy.

Precap: Ritwik pulls Palak on the bed and blindfolds her. He leans closer for a kiss.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Reeva is an angry and miserable young woman who is looking for company. I am glad Palak told her the truth about Samar so she can go and digest it. It’s time Mr. Noon go and read the Prenup and stop acting like a buffoon. I am a little tired of him now and his arrogance. Who is that guy who bumped into Ricky?

    1. I agree….i believe that’s his stepbrother from his mom side the one who left

  2. I hate this Vp..what kind of father he is..and Reva she is such an iritatitng girl…btw who is this stranger…

  3. @shilpa
    He is ritwik step brother
    New enemy may b of ritwik nd palak😒

    1. I also think so but there is a doubt… What type of enemies he had with Rithwik. Does Rithwik know whereabout his real mother & he has done some thing with that family. OR else, the mystery guy may be someone else – may be related to Rithwik’s ex-GF.

      1. Rajvi_shah

        I also think that he is related to Ritvik’s ex girlfriend

  4. Thank u sabiha…bt i don’t want any more enemies between rithvik and palak…hope this guy is not as evil as rishab…

    1. Wlcm shilpa
      Yaa ab evil aaye toh is ok but
      Bss palwik alag na ho
      Un k beech koi misunderstading na ho ab
      I think itni misunderstanding kaafi hai jo pehle huyi thi

  5. From where I can see the video of this show?? I mean from which site or app?

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