Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 2

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……

Author’s Note : Thank you so much for welcoming me with the same warmth and love. It’s really an incredible feeling to get so much love from each one of you !!!Thanks a lot


——-Oberoi Mansion

Gauri was crying unconsolably, when Oberois reached there…they were dumbstruck with the sight infront of them. Om came to Gauri but she was crying knowing nothing except for asking her mom to wake up.

They decided to inform Harsha first but to their dismay Tej bought the dead body of Harshavardhan. Gauri was more petrified as she  couldn’t understand what all was happening.

Everyone asked for Anika, but got to know from Tej that Tej saw Anika there but when he came back after informing ambulance and police, he found her nowhere…tej also informed that he had asked police to search for Anika.

They waited the whole day but had no news of Anika. Finally Shakthi did the final rites of Harshavardhan and Meghana Trivedi . while Gauri was handed to her distant relative Madhu who was supposed to be her maasi.


————————-few days later in Sangli, Maharastra

The 8 year old girl opened her eyes fluttering and looked around. She looked confused, she didn’t remember anything. She tried to move but was not able to.

A lady came seeing her gain consciousness….

‘’Thank God you gained consciousness….but lay down beta, you are still weak’’ the lady spoke

‘’I want my mom, where is she? I want to talk to her. Please call my mom. And…and where is my sister? Gauri..where is she? Why are they all not being seen? ‘’ Anika the 8 year old asked in a huff

‘’relax beta..you are in an orphanage in Sangli….Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi has joined you here..he said he will bear all the expenses and asked us to take care of you. Do you know him? do you know Mr. Tej Singh Oberoi?’’ the lady spoke

Anika broke into tears, she became silent..the scene of tej holding the knife  and her father lying dead came before her eyes. She couldn’t speak anything and closed her eyes falling on the bed. The lady quickly called a doctor, who suggested that the girl should not be given much stress.

——— Amravati, Maharastra

Gauri shifted to Amravati with her maasi and stayed with her. She didn’t understand what happened to her parents, where was her sister and why she left her best friend Omkara. She was just 6 years then and was unable to do anything.

——–Oberoi House

All the Oberoi elders sat in the hall thinking about the past few days and remembering the trivedi’s

Dadi ‘’I am not feeling like staying in this house anymore, Harsha beta and Meghana bahu’s memories are haunting me. I think we should shift to a new house as early as possible. Even kids are disturbed and Rudra is just a few days baby now. ‘’

Tej ‘’ji Maa…whatever you say, we will follow. Let me talk to a real estate agent right now and look for a house of our status . If there is none available our worth we will build a new one’’

Dadi ‘’we can do that. But I suggest you all move to London till all 4 kids complete their graduation. Till then I will be in Mumbai in the new house. ‘’

Shakthi ‘’but maa..you alone?’’

Dadi ‘’khanna’s family will be with me and we need to even handle the businesses here. I will take care. I am not yet so old to not look after. Don’t worry, you all can come to me during vacations or I will come here often. But you should move back once the new house is found or built’’

Everyone agreed to Dadi’s words .


Anika woke up and asked ‘’How far is Mumbai from here? Where is my sister chutki? How can I meet her?’’

The lady spoke ‘’I am sorry beta, I donno anything that you are asking. I am asked to take care of you and whatever I knew I said it’’

Anika became silent and left herself to destiny.

———————few months later

Time flew and Oberois bought a new house and named it as Oberoi Mansion, one of it’s kind mansion with every facility available. The old house was sold to Rana’s. Tej, Jhanvi, Shakthi, Pinky, Shivaay, Om, Prinku and Rudra moved to London as decided.

Gauri’s memory of her past was fading away , while Anika was getting all alone. One day a person by name Chaturvedi came and adopted Anika.

Everyone’s life drifted apart.

———————————— Chaturvedi’s house, Sangli

‘’khadoos…where are you? khadoos…please find my sister. khadoos…if you don’t I will never talk to you’’

‘’oyee…Stupid…don’t try to blackmail me. If you don’t want don’t talk’’

‘’fine..go I will not talk’’ tears ran down

‘’stupid..you know I can’ see tears in your eyes..wipe them first’’

‘’no I will not..i am missing my sister’’

‘’okk fine..i will find her…promise..but wipe them off’’

‘’really…will you find her?’’

‘’yes…I will….’’

‘’you are the best khadoos’’ they both hugged

Suddenly a door opened with a creeeeech sound and Anika woke up and her dreams broke. Tears ran as she remembered Khadoos aka Shivaay Singh Oberoi and how he called her stupid.

They both fought as if they would kill each other but their childhood innocence yet understanding was so much that they cared for each other. Little Anika missed him a lot. She opened her locket (which Shivaay gifted her with his pocket money) and cried seeing the paper in it. The last piece of memory of her dad. The locket was specially designed, till it is turned in the direction of S it wouldn’t open and this was known only to Shivaay and Anika.


‘’Stupid…where did you go? I had not properly wished you bye and you were no where to be seen. I am missing you already, I am missing our fights. Will you come to meet me when I will be back to India’’ khadoos aka SSO looked at the band that his Stupid aka Anika gave him.

———- Chauturvedi House, Sangli

‘’Anika beta….what happened? Why are you crying? Are you remembering your family? Do you know anyone and where they reside? If you know and remember I promise I will take you to them.’’ Chaturvedi spoke to Anika in concern.

‘’why did you bring me here. I am from Mumbai. My dad WAS Harshavardhan Trivedi, my mom Meghana and I have a 4 year old Sister Gauri. We used to stay in the out house of Oberois’’

‘’One minute if you know so much, how come you were in orphanage?’’ he questioned

‘’I don’t know. ‘’ Anika hid the truth which she has seen about her dad being killed by Tej and what the orphanage lady said.

‘’okk fine..tomorrow we will go to Mumbai and try to search for Oberois’’ Chaturvedi spoke being unaware of who the oberois were and where they lived.

‘’really…will you take me to my mother and sister?? uncle’’ Anika spoke with excitement mingled with sadness .

‘’yes..i will but you need to help me, because Mumbai is very big city and finding them will take lot of time. If you know the place where you lived I will take you there’’ chaturvedi replied

‘’I don’t know the address, but I know my school name. from school I know my house’’ Anika replied

‘’that’s enough for me. I will take you tomorrow morning. But first get up, get freshened up and eat something. You must be fit and fine to go to  Mumbai and meet your family’’ He spoke

Anika at once got down the bed. She was as if she wanted to gain all the strength in same day and travel and meet her mom and sister and let her mom know what she saw .

——————————Amravati, Sharma House

‘’Gauri beta…please come..have some milk’’ Madhu ji called

‘’Nai maasi…I want lassi’’ little gauri replied

‘’beta..i will make lassi in the evening..please have milk now…’’ Madhu again persuaded

‘’naii..naiii…’’ Gauri replied

‘’accha you are my sweet little daughter right, would you not listen my words?’’ Madhu ji tried to pamper her

‘’maa..maaa’’ Gauri started crying all of a sudden

‘’beta…please don’t cry..you are my daughter..and I am your mom from today…you want lassi right…I will make it for you right away’’ Madhu ji hugged and rubbed her back while saying

‘’maa…maaa’’ little Gauri hugged her back.

‘’the lord has done a lot bad for you right now and one day the same lord will will make everything fine for you beta…till you find your sister, you will grow up as my daughter’’ Madhu ji thought within herself and determined to bring her up in best possible way.

‘’madhu…madhu….’’ Sharma ji husband of Madhu called her from outside

‘’jii ..aayi’’ Madhu lifted Gauri in her arms and walked towards he door

‘’tomorrow we are moving to Bareilly, I have got a permanent job there..so pack your bags and our little gudiya’s too’’ sharma ji spoke taking gauri into his arms.

‘’but if some day Gauri’s sister Anika comes in search of us, how will she know where are we?’’ madhu ji questioned.

‘’we will do onething…let’s send a letter via post to the oberoi’s asking them to send Gauri’s sister to our house in Bareilly in case she comes in search of Gauri. But we can send the letter to oberoi’s only when we settle in bareilly’’ Sharma ji answered

‘’ok fine.. but please don’t forget about this’’ Madhu ji spoke.

The next day Sharma ji , Madhu ji and little Gauri shifted to Bareilly and posted the letter with the address of their residence as decided after they found a house and settled .

————————-Chaturvedi House, Sangli

‘’uncle …uncle …please wake up, we must go to Mumbai to meet my family, wake up please’’ Anika shrugged Chaturvedi ji continuously.

Chaturvedi ji smiled seeing Anika’s excitement and woke up to get ready.

‘’Anika beta, will you forget us if you find your parents’’ Shanthi ji wife of Chaturvedi ji spoke

‘’no..we all will live together. You know my mom is very good, she will never deny my wish’’ Anika replied with innoncence

Shanthi ji hugged Anika and made her eat her favourite Aloo poori and made her ready.

Chuturvedi and Anika started to Mumbai. After a lot of travel they reached Mumbai and walked through the innumerable lanes asking about the school where Anika studied . Mumbai a very big city, finding some particular school was also a tough job. They slept on platforms and ate some vada pav while searching. Two days later they finally reached Anika’ s school and Anika was hell excited to meet her mom as she knew the way to her house from school. Anika held Chaturvedi’s hand and dragged him towards the house only to find it locked . The gates were closed and it seemed as if there stayed none for many months. Anika got disheartened. Chaturvedi tried to search for some person who could help them. After waiting for a couple of minutes, they saw the watchman coming towards them.

‘’bhai saheb..does the oberois stay here?’’ Chaturvedi asked the watchman

‘’oberoi’s who? This house belongs to Rana saheb’’ watchman answered

‘’No….dadi, shakthi uncle, jhanvi aunty, pinky aunty, Shivaay, Omkara, Prinku, I, my mom and my sister Gauri …they stay here’’ anika replied in the middle

‘’look at you and your state. You are saying as if this is your house. Now will you go or shall I throw you away’’ watchman showed his attitude

‘’bhai saheb, bhai saheb…please…this girl Anika…she used to stay in the outhouse of this house, while Oberois stayed in this house. She is saying truth, I enquired in the school and checked the address…she is saying truth’’ Chaturvedi replied the watchman

‘’look..i have joined in this duty few months back and the owner of this bunglow is Vikram Rana saheb. I don’t know anything else. Please don’t waste your and my time. Just leave from here’’ watchman screamed out of irritation.

Anika’s eyes filled with tears as the little girl’s hope of seeing her mom, sister and her friend Shivaay broke .

They tried to ask the neighbours but it was a high class society area and none were interested to talk to them. Leaving all the hopes, chaturvedi turned towards little Anika and was sad to see her in tears.

He lifted Anika in his arms and spoke

‘’Anika beta..from today you will grow up as my daughter…you will get all our love and will be our princess. Will you come with me’’ chaturvedi ji spoke

Anika hugged him and got down holding chaturvedi’s finger and started walking. She turned towards the bungalow and remembered her mother and sister along with her friend Khadoos.

—————————–Few Years passed by

Sangli :

Shanthi Chaturvedi was  pregnant and there was lots of happiness in Chauturvedi’s house.. Anika was turning out to be a growing girl and was handling small works in the home. She used to call Chaturvedi ji as Papa and Shanthi ji as Maa. The only incidents that remained in her brain was Tej holding the knife and her real father lying on floor and her turning back looking at the house when they went to search her mother and sister. She used to always keep the locket that Shivaay gifted her close to her. Chaturvedi’s tried their best to make Anika forget her past and move on in life. With whatever they had , they brought up Anika with comfort.

After few months Shanthi ji gave birth to a baby boy. He was named as Sahil. The chaturvedi family looked complete. But their happiness was short lived as  Chaturvedi’s met with an accident when a speedily coming car hit them , an year old Sahil was thrown up and landed on a dry grass heap, but unfortunately sahil’s leg hit a rock, making the extremely fragile baby sahil’s leg to be parted from his body. Anika also hit her head to a tree making her fall unconscious. They  all were admitted in a hospital immediately.

When Anika opened her eyes, her past memories got wiped away partially and all she could recognise then was her father and Mother that is Chaturvedi’s being dead and her little brother Sahil becoming permanently physically handicapped. Destiny played it’s game once again with Anika, making her partially orphan as she had her baby brother with her. She determined to bring him up facing all odds, but she was still a youngster.

Bareilly :

Gauri was in Bareilly with her mom , however Sharma ji died few years back with an accident in the factory. Madhu ji was offered the work and she ran the house and was bringing up Gauri.

London :

Shivaay was growing Smart, intelligent and somewhere rude with the happenings in his house. He was very young but was taking care of his siblings being their mother and father both.

There was no unity in the family, Pinky and Jhanvi were always at loggerheads. Tej was behaving as monarch, while Shakthi indulged himself in Pooja and bhajans not actively participating in Business.

They were staying together but little Rudra, prinku were the most effected. So Shivaay took up the duty of keeping his siblings safe under the guidance of Kalyani Oberoi aka Dadi.

Shivaay was becoming oblivious to emotions and everything seemed to be a deal for him sans his siblings and Dadi. Omkara was becoming the right hand of Shivaay and was helping him to whatever extent possible.

Shivaay had still preserved the band that his stupid gave, but he believed he wouldn’t meet his stupid anytime ever, so he stopped thinking about her and moved forward in his life trying to close his past.

Omkara also slowly forgot Gauri as his situation fell from bad to worse seeing his parents fight everyday and the way tej behaved with Jhanvi broke his heart to a zillion pieces making it difficult to trust any relation beyond his brothers and sister.

Precap : ShivOmRu Prinku to return to India…will Anika and Shivaay come face to face ?

This is the second episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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