A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (chapter 17 )

Anika looks at Rudra shocked and shouts “What!!”.Everyone

stops and looks at them…Anika looks at them angrily a

asks “Wanna here more?? Just continue!!”.Everyone starts

Doing their training…Anika in great anger says “Ok start

training..Defend !!”.She fights in mire anger which mafe

Rudra puzzled.. he asks “Are you trying to kill me?? Why

are fighting in this way?? Wait!! Are you mad after hearing

About my brother??”.Anika angrily looks at him and says

“Why would worry about anyone…?? The person can’t wait

for his loved one in dream..”.Rudra again confused asks

“What are you saying?? What do you want??”.She leaves him

Saying nothing and gets thinking…She feels sad and wonders..

“Is this dream all false??..”.After finishing her classes. She reaches her

home…While parking she sees the tree and thinks “After going to

thus tree ..everything started!! Yeah!! “.She goes bear the tree

and sees its top..she says “God!! How big??”.She sees the trunk and

forwards her hand to touch it..She was pulled by someone and held

tight closing her mouth!! She stoned and looks around no one is seen!!

Still she cant speak!! She thinks “what is this!! Is invisible man is true!!??

Why I can’t see him??”.She feels the breathe next to her ears!!,

Now she becomes totally under control…She didn’t fight as she felt nothing now..

Actually it may be she is at the core of her fear!! She closes her eyes…and

hears something…it said “Don’t !! Ever come back here…and try to touch this!!

If you do so…you will regret it till your life!!! Now!! What you are experiencing

Is completely A True story!! Its in your hands now to complete this or leave this

incompletely!! Trust me!! If you really wanna complete this…Do as my words!!

If you need me…Just try to think of your first weirdest dream!! It will be the call

for me!! Think the correct one…if you do any mistake..you will regret it till your life!!”.

Soon she falls down as the grip was no more now…She looks around slowly realizing

herself and stands.She sees the trunk of the tree and thinks “Why I feel the voice…

Like…”She runs to her home and enters her room..

She locks her room crying and says “The first dream ever!! The weirdest!!??”.She cries and recalls

Is seen looking opposite to a person..And he looked very angry…She with same anger

says “You can even kill me!! I can’t do what you say!!”.He asks “Is this your answer??”.

She nods her head about to turn…Hears him “You can never leave that easily!! And you are

not allowed to do the things that don’t need!! Now!! I am ordering you to fo as I say!!”.

She stares at him and says “How can you say this ?? Do you think I can kill a person without

any reason!! Just he is saying some weird reasons that I can’t believe!! Impossible…and nm

I never do that!”.He thinks “You won’t agree that easily! I need you to kill me…to attain my wishes

at least in my next birth!! Which I couldn’t do ..”.His eyes gets teary and at the same time

Full of anger shouts “Kill me!!”.She shouts “It is truth that I have some powers that I don’t

know about I completely…you can’t use me for your wish …I really think you believe that

if you get death by me…you will get next birth!! Its totally insane!!”.He now without any

attitude says painfully”See..I lost everything in thus birth…I have no one here now…

Even you

refuse to kill me..I am going to kill myself!! But I can’t let even a chance to complete my story..

This incomplete sad story..I have to complete it with happiness!! I lost everything Please!!

I beg you!!”.He kneels down in front of her and looks at her…She felt his pain and at instant

she says “I love you!!”.He asks “What??”.She hugs him and says “A man ..who thinks to

Rewrite his own life!! After dying voluntarily by a woman’s hands… I said right from my heart!!

Though this is our first meeting…I am saying a truth!! I can give my powers to a person I love…

But its not possible to fullfil my love in next birth…Now say…Do you wanna die??”.

He looks at her and asks “How can love…at first sight…and The truth about your powers…”.

She smiles painfully says “Yes!! If you want my power…I have to become ready to sacrifice

my love in my next birth…Do you want me to do this??”.He turns away and says “I need my

next birth..not any love… “.He wonders “What she said…she can’t get her love in next birth!??

That means!!”.He turns asking”What do you mean??”.He sees her with a sword in her hand

Saing”You got ready to kill my love at instant it started!! So I am giving this curse with your wish!!”.

He looks at her confused but still emotionally ..She says “You can get your next birth!! You can

Rewrite your life remembering old stories…everything!! But only after I know everything..your

life…your pathetic story which made you to force me…And the truth you were wondering is …”.

She stabs him at his chest shocking him to the core .He falls on floor seeing her..She immediately

after stabbing him falls on him dead!!.His eyes with full of tears says “You too will die…with

the person you love..and will never get your love fulfilled even in your next birth!!”.He holds her

and cries “Why I met you?? And I shouldn’t have done this without knowing full truth!!”.

He holds her face and asks” For a few minutes love..You lost your life and love forever?? I need

you…do you here me?? I need you!! “. Soon he kisses her forehead lovingly and closed his eyes…

Anika holds her chest now and cries badly in her room..


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