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Ranveer was lying above on ishani both were smiling he took her hand to his cheek kissed her forehead she was cutely smiling at him both were hitting their forehead
Ranveer was hugging and Nuzzling her even kissed below her neck her hands were caresing his hair he slowly come out of the hug look at her was looking at her lips about to kiss her
Her phone rang …ishani turned and saw it was next to the lampstand
She was looking at him he shook his head as no arrey do minute let me see who is that
Without heart to leave her he left her but still holding her hand
It was dadi from pune
Dadi:hello ishani. .

Ishani :by showing to ran veer with a happy smile helo dadi
Dadi:hmm you forgot me know ..
Ishani :in a cute tone no dadi and really sorry I haven’t called was busy please don’t be angry ranveer was cutely admiring her
She pass on the phone to ranveer then both talked to them
Dadi was calling them to pune and ishveer invited her to Mumbai

Once hung up the call ranveer laid in ishani lap actually it was nice in pune

Ishani :caressing his hair haan nice
Ranveer wants to tease her
Really all the employes were good especially ur friend akshara

Ishani was looking at him cute possessiveness acha. ..aur kya??

Ranveer slowly got up and said she is very sweet innocent

Ishani took the pillow started beat
Ranveer started saying in loud tone ishu I was kidding by hitting with the pillow both fall in the bed
Ranveer was about to kiss her
They heard a knock at the door slowly moved away from him ishani was making herself okay

Amba was standing with vihan crying

Ritika and naina started home towards in the car

Precap: disha with evil smile came with briefcase she apologies to baa and manas saying she saved the money for their baby

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  1. Awesome Varsha just keep it up ?

  2. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Very nice epi, i really loved it. I like how u desbribe ishveer scenes. Keep it up

  3. Nandana

    Very nice episode akka. i really liked it. it was awesome and update the next soon .

  4. As usual awesome dr but u r making us wait too long. Can’t wait very eager. Plus update the next soon. Ur ff is the best…

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