My possessive wife (part-2)

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Recap: sanskar’s past, revenge game. Ram and suji to get to know about his past and decide to bring him out of it

@night in mm
All are having dinner, suji and ram decides to talk to sanskar about his marriage.
Suji: sanskar, have some more parathas.
San: no mom I am full
Suji: ya ya I know, you are not liking my hand made food any more
San: no mom you are the best. Its just that I am full
Suji: are you not getting bored eating only my hand made food? Don’t you think that you need some change?
Ram: thank god, at last you heard my prayers
Ram gulps noticing the death glares form mom and son
Ram: I mean we do need some changes but my suji is the best.
Suji; better

San: we are happy with what we have. So we don’t need anything new.
Suji:but we need change sanskar
San: tell me directly, what is the matter?
Ram: its very simple. We need a bahu
San: so?
Suji: so you should get married
San: WHAT!!!!!?
Ram: what’s there to get so shocked?
Suji: its common in everybody’s life. And now its high time. We need to get you married asap. So just tell us have found anybody or waiting for us to find one for you?
San: but…..
Ram: its ok Sanskar. If you love anybody we will not object.
San: I DON’T want to get married. I don’t believe in such stupidity
Suji: don’t you believe us?
San: I do believe you. But…
Ram: don’t you think we are happy
San: dad yours case is different and mine is different. So plz don’t force me
With this he starts to leave. Ram and suji look at him and then at each other. Suji winks at ram and ram shouts loudly
Ran: SUJI………….SANSKAR……..

Sanskar gets startled and turns back to them and see suji sleeping in ram’s lap
San:MOM………… and runs to them
San: mom what happened?
At the same time their family doctor entered. She was suji’s friend so she came to meet her
(wow what a planning!! Old cenima drama.)
Sanskar takes suji to her room. ram and shomi(doctor) followed him. shomi asks everybody to go out but ram insists to stay there, so shomi sends sanskar out and close the door. As soon as she came to suji who was lying unconscious on bed, the trio burst out laughing. But our sanskar was tensed as hell and was worrying about his mom and feeling guilty, thinking he is the reason for all the mess.

When ram and suji decided to get sanskar married, they knew that he is going to say a big NO to this. that’s quite obvious. So they thought of a plan
Suji: (on call) hello shomi?
Shomi: ha suji tell me
Suji: come to my home immediately
Shomi: why? Everybody alright?
Suji: as of now everybody is fine. But I will be getting heart attack within sometime
Shomi: WHAT!!!!!?

Shomi came out of the room, sanskar who was very much concerned about his mom’s health ran to her
San: aunti how is mom?
Shomi: it was a heart attack. her condition is not so good sanky. You should take good care of her.
San: ok
Shomi: ha remember don’t say no to her, whatever may be her wish try to fulfill it and keep her happy. She should not take stress at any cost.
San: hmmm
One week passed, ram and suji avoided sanskar. They both used to be very sad and always worried about something.

Ofcourse in front of sanskar. But as soon as he went out of mm they used to start searching for a girl, sorry they actually prepared a list of girls already.
Sanskar as a caring son cant see his parents in such state, so he agreed to get married.
But he only said yes to his parents. He would reject all the photos which was shown to him giving some lame excuses. If they bring girl directly to meet him, he would threaten them and made them run away. After all who’s son he is……
So suji decided some thing and went to sanskar’s room
Suji: sanskar we are going to Bangalore
San: but why mom?
Suji: to see a girl for you
San: mom you searched the whole delhi, still you could not find a match. Do you think you can find her in Bangalore?
Suji: sanskar, my friend janki stays in Bangalore. She has a daughter. I have talked to her and she have agreed to give her daughter to you.
San: what if this girl also rejects me
Suji: no she wont. Coz she has already agreed.
San: what?
Suji: yes. She has promised her mom that she will marry the one whom she selects. And you have promised me. So this marriage is fixed.
San: but what if horoscope doesn’t match?
Suji: sanskar I don’t care all those. She is my bahu and that is fixed. We are leaving tomorrow morning. So get ready.

And we will be back with our bahu only.
Sanskar was thinking of ways to get out of the situation but could not come up with solution. He was so frustrated. He could not let his revenge game go. He wanted to punish diya for whatever the emotional trauma he went through. He just wished that she would come back to him and apologize for her deeds and he would gladly accept her. he would even convince his parents. But he knew it was just a dream which can never come true. This makes him more furious and reminds him of his revenge.
His trance was broken by the phone call. Call from his agent, whom he appointed to find out about diya and her family. He attended the call and ended it with a evil smirk on his face. He came to know that diya has moved to Bangalore and has settled there. But he don’t know the exact place.

Sanskar pov
Thank you mom, that we are going to Bangalore. I don’t know you will get your bahu there or not but I will get my diya there. I will find her. diya darling get ready to face the worst phase of your life. Your husband for whom you left me. Now he will leave you and you will have to come to me to beg for your life. I will make sure no stone is unturned to make you regret for your deeds. Bangalore sanskar maheshwari is coming.

A new morning, it has brought new hopes, love, care,success, new relations to bond for some. but for some it has brought failure, the situation where the relations could break, to lose hope on life. Lets see what destiny has in its store. Whether it could make situation better or it worsens the situation.

@gadodia house
Janki: ragini is it necessary to go?
Rag: ma I am just going to collect some certificate and I will be back within half an hour or at max one hour
Jan: ok. Come back soon they can come here any time.
Rag: ok bye ma, bye papa.

Here sanskar informs suji that he has some work here. He would soon join them. Sanskar was invited for to for a seminar in some college. So he went there. Yes it is same college where ragini has gone.

Sanskar enters the college and was heading towards the seminar hall. And there ragini was coming from opposite side after collecting her certificate. She was rushing as she was getting late. Here sanskar was walking looking at his phone. As soon as they were near, suddenly there was a heavy wind. Sanskar felt something different, he looked up. He saw a girl coming towards him. He could not see her face but something was attracting him. Coz of the wind her dupatta was flying covering her face. She set her dupatta but still he could not see her face, coz of her hair. She set her hair and put the strands behind her ears. Now sanskar was able to see her face. Her eyes were shining with innocence, her cute nose, her lips were soo plumpy and juicy. she was wearing red and black simple chudidar which was perfectly hugging her body and the color just complimented her fair skin. She was looking simply superb. Just like angel but did he knew that she was the same angel his mom has chosen for him.

As she was rushing she bumped with him, but did not fall. All thanks to sanskar that he held her on time. But all her certificates fell down. She was picking them but our sanskar was busy admiring her. He was lost in her innocent and angelic face. then he too helped her in collecting those papers back. He was looking at her without blinking. Ragini noticed it and simply chirped a thanks and went from there.
San: sanskar whats wrong with you? You are here for some work, so concentrate.
He went from there.
Here ragini reached her home. She saw suji and ram, and greeted them and went inside. Suji and ram both liked her at first instance. They saw innocence in her eyes. She was getting ready and after half an hour (too early for girls I know. Lol) she was ready in a royal blue sari. She came with tee tray and served them.
Suji: janki your daughter is very beautiful. I liked her very much.
Jan: thank you
Suji: do you remember us ragini, I visited your house once, I think you were 10 year old that time.

Ram: she was too small that time. May be she forgot us.
All this time ragini was just staring at the ground.
Suji: arey ragini say some thing na
Jan: suji she talk very less with other. But she becomes chatter box only in front of us. Once she get used to you will find out.
Ragini without anybody’s notice gave a death glare to her mom. And janki kept quite.
Shekar: so ram where is your son
Ram: he went on some work. He may join us in some time. Don’t worry he already gave his consent to this marriage.
Shek: but it will be good if he see our daughter once.
Ram: ha he will come.
Suji: janki it’s a yes from our side.
All were happy
Suji: janki shekar ji, I want to talk to by bahu personally
Jan: ragu take her to your room

@ragini’s room
Suji entered and saw her room, purple in color, teddy bear on her bed, some beautiful potrates on walls, peacock feathers. And a small shiv ji’s statue at a corner. It was childish but very cute. Suji smiled at this.
Suji(in mind) : this shows how innocent, childish and dreamy she is at heart.
Suji: ragu how did you accept this proposal without seeing my son
Rag: ji wo…i……i……
Suji: ragu plz don’t mistake me. I want to know that’s why. Any how I am your future MIL that means mom, so don’t hesitate dear.
Rag: my parents said so. And I promised my ma
Suji: what if my son is not as you expected him to be?
Rag: I believe my shiv ji. He will never let anything wrong happens to me
Suji: so you believe in god?
Rag: hmmm
Suji: do you believe in marriage?
Rag: hmmm
Suji: do you believe in love?
Rag: hmmm
Suji: do you love somebody?
Rag: (shaking her head vigerously) no
Suji: ok you believe in marriage and love also. How can you marry somebody whom you hardly know?
Rag: ……………..
Suji: what if he don’t love you
Rag: but I will love my husband
Suji: but what if he don’t reciprocate your love? Will you diverse him?
Rag: (shaking her head) according to me, in a person’s live marriage happens only once. I will wait for him.
By this time ragini’s eyes already had tears.
Rag: but aunty why are you asking this?
Suji: (wiping her eyes) nothing beta. Just simply . now a days, these cases are normal na that’s why. And don’t think me as the typical MIL as I asked you these questions. And don’t call me aunty call me maa ok?
Rag: hmm
Suji hugs ragini and say
Suji: I just hope you fill my son’s life with brightness. And I will always be there by your side. No matter what, I will make sure that you both will be happy.

note: here ragini is a south indian girl

Precap: ragsan meet

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