Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 53

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“Ish bhai fast how much time you are taking to search your own name that too with four eyes” said Ragini complaining. “Let your turn come I will also see how fast your majnu searches his name” said Ishan glaring Ragini. “Ish bhayya” said Ragini. “Wait Gini. I’m searching na” said he and bit his nails nervous. He looked at Radhika and she signed him the directions to search. “Cheating cheating Radhu maa you cannot sign him” complained Ragini.

“Gini chod na. if your Ishan Papa will not search the name na how will you get cricket team of bhai and behens” said Rachna. “Cricket team of Bhai behens?” asked Ragini confused. “Rachu ki bachi” said Radhika glaring Rachna. “Oye concentrate on your mehendi. See jeejs is still struggling” said Rachna. “You just wait” said Radhika glaring. “I got it I got it” said Ishan finding his name and kissed Radhika’s plams and she blushed and lowered her head and withdraw her hands back and Ishan winked at her.

“What happened Ragu maa?” asked Manny as he saw Ragini scratching her head confused. “Ouch” said she when Nitin hit her hand playfully to stop her from spoiling her hair style. “Nittu” said Manny glaring him. “What? Look at her she is spoiling her hair” said he casually. “Leave him Ragu maa you tell me” he said turning to Ragini. “Senior ji…”

said she and Manny interrupted and said “Ohho Ragu maa still you call me that its been two years I left college now tho stop calling me” he almost pleaded her. “If Gini decided a nick name for someone that is permanent Manny ab kuch nahi ho sakta” said Suhani chuckling. “You also call me Ragu maa” said Ragini. “Stop stop all this. Before you forget why are you confused you tell me” said Manny. “Wo ha. Why did Rachu say I will not have cricket team of bhai behens if Ish bhayya did not search his name in Radhu maa’s mehendi. Cricket team?” asked she confused. “Hey bhagwan who will make her understand now” said Manny nervous looking down. “Tell na senior ji” said she shaking him. Suhani and Nitin controlled their laugh looking at Manny’s condition. “Manny she is asking something” said Nitin and Manny glared him. Nitin and Suhani burst out laughing and gave high five. “Now answer her Gini ke senior ji” said Suhani teasing. “What’s happening?” asked Rachna standing beside Suhani.

“I must say Siyappa queen your timing has actually improved after our marriage. You have started coming on right time” said Manny smiling widely and Rachna looked at him confused. “Ragu maa who left this keeda in your brain? Rachu na? She only will answer you precisely” said Manny and smirked looking at Rachna. “What keeda?” asked Rachna confused. “Why did you say I will not have cricket team of bhai behens?” asked Ragini and Rachna gulped when she realized what Manny meant. She glared Manny who was laughing silently and fumed.

“Tell na” said Ragini shaking her. “I don’t want to say go and ask your Ani bunny” said Rachna and ran away. “Ani” said Ragini turning and Suhani looked at Manny and said “Manny wo maa was calling you” and both of them ran away from there. Ragini pouted sadly and looked at Nitin. “I know I know I only have to solve your confusions” said he when she stood beside him. “You will clear?” asked Ragini widening her eyes. “Obviously because I cannot see your that sad pout you know na?” said he and hugged her from side.

“So tell na” said Ragini having the morsel which Nitin was feeding her on the terrace after the mehendi function was over. “Let me think na” said he and forwarded next byte. “See if Ishan doesn’t search his name there is a belief that he doesn’t love your Radhu maa” said Nitin and Ragini said “Okay so?” “So if he doesn’t love your Radhu maa understand na?” he said helplessly. “What should I understand?” asked Ragini confused. “No love means no marriage” said Nitin. “So? Where did the cricket team came from?” asked Ragini.

“No marriage means no kids na?” said Nitin. “Ya I understood that” said Ragini. “Ohho that and all you understand so fast ha?” teased Nitin wiping his hand after washing it and keeping the plate aside. Ragini blushed but composed herself and said “Now don’t divert the topic. Tell me about cricket team” said Ragini. “Arrey Ragu you know our cricket team is doing dhamal now a days they are making us proud” said Nitin and tried diverting the topic. “But why did Rachu said like that?” asked Ragini confused. “Arrey all the cricketers are your bhais na ?” asked Nitin. “No not all” screamed Ragini. “Virat is not my bhai” said Ragini blushing. “Ragu bad manners you are going to get married to me and you are thinking about Virat like that” said Nitin. “And you flirted with your Mallika ji that?” asked Ragini. “OMG ya for this only I was angry on you na. Cheater you changed the topic so cleverly” said Ragini. “Oh hello I did not cheat okay.

You only forgot about it. That is also my mistake now?” asked he. “What are you people fighting for?” asked Kabeer entering terrace when he heard their screams. “N….Nothing Kabbie bhai I was just telling her” said Nitin nervous. He knew Kabeer’s anger when it was about Ragini. Kabeer looked at him doubtfully. “No bhai he was almost screaming” said Ragini and ran to Kabeer and he glared Nitin who hit his head with his palm. “No Kabbie bhai I was just making her understand” said Nitin smiling sheepishly. Ragini hugged Kabeer and said “See na Kabeer bhai he is telling me to not to talk about Virat and he can flirt with girls” and sobbed. “Ragu when did I flirt with girls. I just complimented her that day” said Nitin horrified. “You never do that with me” said Ragini complaining. “Haaw” said Nitin opening his mouth. “That hundred times in a day I keep telling you I love you I cannot live without you.

What are those called as?” asked he and Kabeer looked around embarrassed. “So you never told me I’m funny” complained Ragini. Kabeer looked at her shocked. “That if I tell; you will create one more Mahabharat” said Nitin under his breath. “See again he is saying something” said Ragini looking at Kabeer. “Gini bacha don’t cry” said Kabeer and wiped her tears. “And you Mr.Nitin Roy. You are gonna stay away from my Gudiya for today that’s your punishment” said Kabeer. “Chalo ginu” said he dragging Ragini. “This is good now her bhai is also giving me punishments. Wah Nitin kya kismat hai teri? Seriously what were you thinking Brahma ji while writing. Did you fight with Saraswati mayya?” asked he looking up annoyed.
“Gini go practice for final dance” said Rachna and Ragini nodded her head and walked from there. Rachna glared Kabeer. “What did I do now?” asked he. “How many times I have told you not to interfere between them. Nitin would have somehow convinced her now you complicated everything” said Rachna annoyed. “She is my sister Rachu and I have rights to interfere” said Kabeer. “Kabeer there is a limit for every relationship okay. Even her family cannot interfere in her matters so much try to understand” said Rachna.

“And she is my only family and I cannot stop myself” said Kabeer folding his hands. “And I’m no one?” asked Rachna and tears flew from her eyes and she tried walking but Kabeer held her hand and said “Rachu I did not mean that” She released her hand from his hold and walked from there wiping her tears. “Fish what the hell I did” said he pulling his hair. “Now you understood my problem?” asked Nitin standing beside and Kabeer glared him but after sometime he pouted and hugged Nitin and cried fake. “I can understand Kabbie bhai now come we have to think of a solution for the problem” said Nitin patting his back.


“Before we start the Sangeet today we have a special performance from cool bros” said Manny announcing over the mic. “You must be wondering who it is. That’s our own Nitin and our Kabbie bhai. They are gonna sing a song which they are dedicating to Ragu maa and Siyappa Queen. Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together” announced he and stepped down the stage. Kabeer and Nitin were standing on the stage and two spotlights focusing them.

Kabeer: Tu hi tho jannat meri tu hi mera junoon

Nitin: Tu hi tho mannat meri tu hi ruh ka sukoon
Kabeer: Tu hi akhiyo ki thandak tu hi dil ki hai dastak
Nitin: Aur kuch na jaanu mai bas ithna hi jaanu
Kabeer & Nitin pointed their hands to Rachna and Ragini respectively and sang
“Tujh me rab dikhta hai yaara mai kya karu… Tujhme rab dikhta hai yara mai kya karu
Sajde sar jhukta hai yaara mai kya karu…… Tujhme rab dikhta hai yaar mai kya karu
Kaisi hai yeh duri kaisi majburi maine nazro se tujhe chuliya Kabeer winked at Rachna who twisted her lips
Ohoo ho kabhi teri khushbu kabhi teri baathe bin mange yeh jaha paliya He followed her singing
Tu hi dil ki hai raunak tu hi janmo ki daulat aur kuch na jaanu mai bas itna hi jaanu He held her hand and twirled her and drooled with the music
Tujhme rab dikhta hai yaara mai kya karu…. Tujhme rab dikhta hai yaara mai kya karu
Sajde sar jhukta hai yaara mai kya karu…. Tujhme rab dikhta hai yaara mai kya karu….
He knelt in front of her holding his ears and she held him and made him stand and hugged him.

Cham cham aaye mujhe tarsaye tera saya ched ke chumta
Nitin played with Ragini’s shadow on the pillar
Ohoo ho tu jo muskaye tu jo sharmaye jaise hai yeh mera Khuda jhumta

He held his heart which was racing looking at her smile and blush
Tu hi meri hai barkat tu hi meri ibadat aur kuch na jaanu mai bas itna hi jaanu
He knelt in front of her and bowed his head and sang

Tujhme rab dikhta hai yaara mai kya karu…. Tujhme rab dikhta hai yaara mai kya karu
When he lifted his head smiling his eyes were filled with tears
Sajde sar jhukta hai yaara mai kya karu…. Tujhme rab dikhta hai yaara mai kya karu….
Ragini knelt in front of him and wiped his tears and made him stand and hugged him placing her head parallel to his heart and he encircled his hands around her shoulders and dragged her close to him.
Shekar and Rajinder hooted whistles for son in laws performance and clapped smiling through their tears.

“Okay now let’s move to the next performance of the evening that is Mr. & Mrs Chadda and that is we” said he and stood on the stage holding Suhani’s hand.
And the lights went off and spot light fixed on them.
Janam Janam Janam saath chalna yuhi
He walked with her looking into her eyes

Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahi
Suhani smiled at him nervously
Ek jaan hai bhale do badan ho juda
He dragged her near to him and held her other hand.
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna kabhi na kehna alvida
Meri subah ho tumhi aur tumhi shaam ho tum dard ho tum hi aaram ho
And they moved with the music

Meri dua vo se aathi hai bas yeh sada meri hoki hamesha hi rehna kabhi na kehna alvida
He twirled her and stood singing stretching his hand in air
Ahaaa haa
He dragged her near to him and cupped her face and sang touching her forehead with his forehead
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna kabhi na kehna alvida

Suhani smiled through her tears he asked her what happened and she nodded her head no.
Pankaj hooted whistle and everyone clapped for them and They bowed their head and walked down the stage.
“Now time for the group performance” announced Rachna.
Ragini Rachana Suhani and Shravanthi started dancing on the song
“Pairo me bandhan hai payal ne machaya shor”
Sab darwaze karlo band dekho aaye aaye chor
Thod de saar bandhan tu machne de payal ka shor
Dil ke sab darwaze khol dekho dekho aaye chor
Ragini : Kahu mai kya karu mai kya sharam aajati hai

Nitin :Na yu tadpa meri jaan nikalti jaati hai dragged her holding her hand and she landed on his chest
Shravanthi: Tu ashik hai mera sacha yakeen to aane de
Tere dil me agar shak tho bas phir jaane de Varun sang and started walking but she held his hand and dragged him
All the girls sang: Itni jaldi laaj ka ghungat na kholungi sochungi phir sochke kal parsu bolungi
All the boys sang: Tu aaj bhi haa na boli oye kudiye teri doli le na jaye koi aur
Pairo me bandhan hai payal ne machaya shor
Pairo me bandhan hai payal ne machaya shor
Sab darwaze karlo bandh dekho aaye aaye chor
Thod de saar bandhan tu machne de payal ka shor
Dil ke sab darwaze khol dekho dekho aaye chor
And they all danced with the music.
“Relax shru” said Arjun when Shruthi was jumping. She pouted and he hugged her smiling and she smiled hugging him for his concern. Sujata smiled looking at them and wiped the tear at corner of her eye.

“And this is for my Jaan” announced Ishan on the mic and started singing
Ishan: Tu heer meri tu jism mera mai ranjha hu libaas tera
Tu heer meri tu jism mera mai ranjha hu libaas tera

Radhika encircled her hands around him from back and sang
Aaa yu kareeb tu chulu mai teri ruh bin tere mai hu benishan….
Ishan held her hand and leaned and touched her head with his head and sang closing his eyes
Samandar mai kinara tu Jo bhikru mai sahara tu
Samandar mai kinara tu Jo bhikru mai sahara tu

He held her hand and brought in front of him and they moved with the music
Pehle thi be wajah phir aake tu mila Khwabo ko zinda kar diya
Sang Radhika and tear dropped from her eye when she smiled
Apne wajood ka hissa bana diya katre ko dariya kar diya
Shireen hai tu…. Tu meri zubaan….. Farhad hu mai…… alfaaz tera

Aaa yu kareeb tu chulu mai teri ruh bin tere mai hu benishan….
Samandar mai kinara tu Jo bhikru mai sahara tu
Samandar mai kinara tu Jo bhikru mai sahara tu

And Radhika placed her head on his chest and he encircled his hand around her shoulder and placed his chin over her head

“Maaa” screeched Ragini when she found Shalini. “Ale mela bacha how are you?” asked she caressing Ragini’s cheek. “Fit and fine” said Ragini smiling. “Where is Papa?” asked she looking around. “Arrey he had some important client meeting so could not come. But how will I miss being with my bacha” said Shalini and hugged Ragini. “Arrey shalini aunty” said Shravanthi spotting them. “You had food?” asked she. “First thing. Gini’s all friends call me maa so you got to call me that” said Shalini warning. “Maa?” asked Shravanthi and she remembered her mom. “Of course” she said smiling. “maa” said Shraa controlling her tears and smiled. Shalini dragged her near and kissed her forehead and Shravanthi closed her eyes and tears flew from her eyes which she wiped swiftly. “And second thing maa?” asked Ragini. “I’m damn hugry come” said she dragging both Ragini and Shravanthi with her.

“Tomorrow this bandariya will be gone dad whom will I irritate?” asked Varun hugging Radhika. “Bhayyu” complained Radhika hitting him playfully on his chest. “Varun” said Tej glaring him. “You always take her side dad. Not fair” said Varun and stamped his foot like small kid. Radhika hugged Tej and showed her tongue to Varun. “Now don’t start rolling on the floor” said Tej smiling through his tears. “Me me me” screeched Ragini entering Radhika’s house holding her golu. And Tej hugged her from other side and placed his chin on both of their heads and smiled looking up. “RD sleeping time. We have to get up early tomorrow” said Aniket yawning.

“Junior kumbhkaran” said Tej looking at him. “Other than Jaanu in their family all are kumbhakarans only” said Varun. “So whats your problem Kaan Khajure. We are not chumgadad (bats) na like you who will be awake all night” said Ragini. “No he sleeps snoring”said Shravanthi and bit her tongue when she realized what she said. “Ohooo” said all except Varun placing their hand on their waist and looking at Shravanthi. “Aayi aunty” said she and smiled weakly and said “Lata aunty needs my help” and ran from there. And everyone’s gaze shifted to Varun who was biting his nail nervous. “I forgot I did not see the lighting arrangement” said he and ran from there. “I thought only Gini blurts out but Shraa is her teacher” said Janaki and everyone burst out laughing.


“Aunty you did not sleep yet? what are you doing?” asked Shravanthi when she found Janaki looking something in a book. “Just checking everything for the last time beta” said Janaki. “You really treat Radhu as your daughter na?” asked Shravanthi smiling. Janaki finished her checking and looked at Shravanthi and smiled and said “She is my daughter not just I treat her that way” and caressed Shravanthi’s cheek. “No wonder Gini embraces everyone so warmly. She is just your shadow” said Shravanthi and smiled. “Now go your snoring husband must be waiting” said Janaki and chuckled. “Aunty…” said Shravanthi complaining. “Call me maa beta” said Janaki and Shravanthi nodded her head smiling. “Now go” said Janaki and she headed to her room smiling.
“Oh I snore haa?” asked Varun jerking Shravanthi who just entered the room. She looked back and found him standing folding his hands and she gulped scared. “N… No Varun I was just joking” said she smiling nervously. He held her hand and dragged her close to him. She looked at him shocked. “What were you saying?” asked he and she struggled in his hold. “Leave me Varun” said she. “I won’t” said he and dragged her close to him. “Varun” said she. He neared her ear and said “I will snore and you have to tolerate this all your life Mrs Varun Somany” and she blushed in his hold. “Are you trying to flirt with your wife Mr. Varun Somany?” asked she in his ear.

And it made his nerves go numb. “So what if I flirt I’m flirting my wife only” said he and dragged her near to him. He closed his eyes and neared her face more. Shravanthi placed her hand on his chest and he stopped his approach and looked at her confused. “I’m sorry I’m not ready for this” she said pleading him. “Ahhh I’m sorry” said he and withdraw himself from her and lied on the bed and tried sleeping. Shravanthi slept on her side and turned facing her back to him. “I’m sorry Varun but I don’t want you to do something with the flow of the moment and later regret. I want you to love me and then we can move forward” thought she and closed her eyes. Varun opened his eyes and looked at her and thought “I know Shraa I did not even confess you my feelings yet so you are hesitant. Now I’m sure about my feelings about you that I love you and can spend my life with you. I will soon confess you my love then you will not have this hesitant feeling” He closed his eyes smiling.

“What happened Ani? I’m observing you are worried” said Manny caressing Suhani’s hair. “I don’t know Manny this restlessness. I don’t know I had this even during our marriage and now tomorrow Radhu’s marriage again the same restlessness” said Suhani worried. “I have solution for it” said Manny. “What is that? Tell me” asked Suhani looking at him and he held her chin and dragged her face and placed her lips on his lips and they kissed passionately. “Now okay?” asked Manny breathing heavily. “You really are so naughty Manny” said Suhani hitting his chest and placed her head pack on his chest. She could hear the lullaby of her life his heartbeat which always cooled her anxiety. She smiled closing her eyes and dozed off.


“Ginu. Keep that teddy aside. You are no more kid” said Radhika trying to take the teddy bear. “Ahhh Radhu maa. It’s not teddy bear it’s my golu”said Ragini holding her teddy with one hand and from the other hand she was holding the phone on which she was talking to Nitin. “But Bacha now you are grown up na you have to practice sleeping without it” said Radhika. “Why?” asked Ragini. “Siyappa” said Nitin from the phone. “Kya hua Nittu” said Yashodha who was passing from Nitin’s room. “Yashu maa” screeched Ragini and Nitin moved the phone away from his ear and signed his mom to take the phone. “Ragu bacha” said Yashodha. “I’m angry on you hai na golu” said Ragini sitting on the bed and talking to her teddy. “Thank god” said Radhika and sighed.

“Why my bacha is angry on me?” asked Yashu. Nitin signed her to place the phone on speaker and she complied. “Where did you go leaving your dumb son alone?” asked Ragini. Nitin closed his mouth shocked and Yashu controlled her laugh and spoke “What did he do this time?” asked Yashu. “You know he keeps flirting with the female clients” said Ragini widening her eyes. “Kya” asked Yashu and glared Nitin. He nodded his head and signed her he will tell later. “Haa Yashu maa. You know he was saying his client that Mallika ji as funny” said Ragini. “Ginu” said Radhika. “Ohhhh” said Yashu and looked at Nitin who was hitting his head with his palm. Ragini pouted and sat. “Radhu is near you?” asked Yashu.

“Haa Yashu maa tomorrow is her marriage na so we are staying in her house. Rachu is speaking to Kabeer bhai and Radhu is trying to sleep as she has to look fresh na tomorrow” said Ragini and chuckled and Radhika threw the cushion on her. “Give the phone to her” said Yashu. Ragini gave the phone to Radhika. “Hello ha aunty” said Radhika. “Sorry Radhu bacha. I could not attend the Sangeet. Important meeting I had to go to Kolkota” said Yashu apologizing. “Arrey that’s okay aunty. Tomorrow you are coming na that’s enough for me” said Radhika consoling her. “Awww so sweet you are. Okay now sleep you have to look fresh na” teased Yashu. “Aunty aap bhi” said Radhika blushing. “Acha give phone to Ragu” said Yashu. “Haa Aunty” said she and turned to Ragini. “Arrey yeh lo” said Radhika. “What happened beta?” asked Yashu. “Kumbhakaran maharani is sleeping” said Radhika. “Oh ok. Let her sleep I will talk to her tomorrow” said Yashu and disconnected the call smiling.

“Seriously maa. She will say this all my life even to our grand kids dekhna” said Nitin sleeping in Yashu’s lap. “Ha ha ha. And I will remind her” said Yashu clapping her hands. “Maa” complained he. “I don’t know it gives immense pleasure to see Ragu torturing you and me helping” said Yashu and pulled his cheek. “Seriously you have become kid with her” said Nitin and smiled.

“Kab badi hogi ginu thu?” said Radhika caressing Ragini’s hair. Ragini cuddled holding golu more close to her. “She slept?” asked Rachna entering the room disconnecting her call. “Hmmm” said Radhika and kissed Ragini’s forehead. “So cute she looks na” said Rachna lying beside Radhika and placing her chin over Radhika’s shoulder. “Hmmm” said Radhika smiling. “When will she grow up Rachu I’m worried for Nitin” said Radhika and lied back facing ceiling. “Oh now worry shifted from beti to jamai ha?” asked Rachna placing her head near Radhika’s shoulder.

“Rachu I’m serious” said Radhika looking at her. “Don’t worry Nittu hai na. He will manage her” said Rachna. “You trust him so much na? Remember you took lot of time to trust him?” asked Radhika. “Hmmm true. I need time to trust people but once I trust nobody can shake my trust” said Rachna and smiled. Radhika signed her to hug and she slept hugging Radhika and she closed her eyes smiling.


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