Locha E Ulfat (Few Shots) Shot 2

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Okay for present(after they were given 6 months to stay together) I will use Ragini’s Point of View and for past(After their marriage) I will use Parth’s point of view


“I said na you are not gonna stay with him” said my dad when I was packing my stuff. “Papa it is court order. We have to follow it” I said reasoning him. “If he tries harming you again? I can’t take a risk” said my dad as he cupped my face. I really can’t believe he is the same person a year back who literally emotionally black mailed me to marry that idiot. Ya we do mistakes and my dad also did a mistake thinking I will be happy with him which was just illusion which vanished just in one year after the marriage and he applied for divorce from my behalf 45 days back as I was unable to move from my bed because of my deadly accident.

“Trust me papa I will handle this and I will finish it once for all” said I and tried consoling him and he nodded his head hesitant. And I was ready to face him again and to get back to that house after two months. Though he never considered me as his wife but I considered and accepted his home as my sasural and as my home. I missed Dad. He used to always cheer me whenever I was upset. He was more like my partner in that house.


“Dad did you see her?” I asked my dad as I came out of my room after changing as I came from office. “Who?” asked my dad playing with the fork and spoon on the dining table. “She dad” I said and tried explaining him. “It’s been a month that you got married. And still you don’t know your wife’s name? You both were in same school na?” asked he and I glared him. “Ragini. Happy now?” I asked him. He smiled widely and said “How sweet that name sounds from your voice Parthu” “Dad don’t you call me that?” I said glaring him.

“Fine” he said waving his hands in air giving up. “Daddu your food” said she and placed the plate in front of dad. I looked at her. She was still sad. She did not even lift her head and looked at me. I sat on the dining table. She placed the dinner on the table and sat beside dad on the other side opposite to me. I fumed as she did not serve me and sat for dinner. How much ever we speak about women empowerment being a man it hurts when she doesn’t do the basic duty of a wife. Wife? I asked myself. I looked at her. She served herself and started eating food. It boiled my anger and I took a plate and served myself and started eating glaring her. And due to that I choked as food stuck in my throat. She immediately got up from her chair leaving her food and neared me and patted my head and made me drink water and I lost myself in her care and concern. Even though she was angry she was concerned for me. How can she have so many shades to her personality. She sensed my gaze and withdrew herself and headed to her place and continued her food. My dad looked at me and smiled signing her. “She is the best match for you” I remembered him saying while convincing me for marriage. Somewhere I was happy that she was in my life. I was acknowledging her presence.


“Ragu bacha” said Dad welcoming me. I smiled at him and I hugged him. And he took me inside. “You can stay here bacha” said he showing me a room in the ground floor. I looked at him confused. “I also want this divorce to happen bacha. Because when I got you here as bahu of this house I did not knew he will stoop so low. I’m sorry this all happened because of me” he said sobbing. “Daddu” I wiped his tears and hugged him. He was more than my dad for me. He supported me more than my dad. He went against his son for me. I know his actions hurt him more than me. He had trusted his son so much and that son betrayed him. I felt pity on his condition. He was like a small kid. I really wondered he had such son. I rubbed his shoulder to console him. “You had food?” I asked him straightening his shirt. He nodded his head pouting. “Come” I said and dragged him with me to the dining table.

He was already having food. He is behaving as if my presence doesn’t make any difference to him. I don’t know why it hurt me. I composed myself. Daddu tried going back but I held his hand and made him sit. I served him and sat in my place and started eating. He finished his food and headed to his room without uttering a word. It pained me and I was unable to understand why. I continued my food.


“I’m sorry” I said turning to her when she slept on her part of bed. She twisted her lips. “See mistake was yours also” I tried reasoning. “Did I tell you to kiss me?” she asked getting up. “I did not mean that meri maa don’t scream. Your betal sasur ji might be still roaming outside” I told her pleading. She tried controlling her laugh but finally burst out laughing. And I smiled as if her smile reflected on my face. She looked at me and I made my face back to serious. She folded her hands and sat serious. “Sorry” I said again. “You are doing favor on me asking sorry?” she said looking at me. “Ya think that way” I said and lied back and turned and closed my eyes. Then I felt someone dragging me and forcefully turning me.

“What do you think of yourself ha? You do mistake and behaving as if nothing happened” she said pointing her finger to me. I jerked her hand and turned. “How dare you?” she said and turned me again. I turned and she fell on me and her lips were again very close to me. I controlled myself with difficulty. She was shocked. “Again you are trying same thing” said she and tried getting up. I held her shoulders and dragged her close to me and said “Don’t behave like that was our first kiss. Have you forgotten what happened in school. That time also your stubbornness made the condition worse.” said I and she looked at me horrified remembering the past. “Don’t you repeat your mistake again and not now at least when I have license to do so as your lawfully wedded husband. Got that Mrs Kapoor now sleep and let me sleep” said I and pushed her. “Idiot” I heard her cursing me. “You said something?” I asked her. “Don’t I have that rights also now?” she asked and I smiled at her anger.

“Stop there Parth. I said don’t move. Dare you come near me” she said glaring me and trying to stop me. “Common Parth you can win this challenge” my friends cheered. My classmates had put a bet to kiss her and I decided to kiss her cheek and moved close to her. Bets were my life and it gave me unknown happiness to win any challenge. We were in high school and it was the age of all such kind of crazy habits. Why she because she was the head girl. Though she was in lower class she had impressed the teachers so much that she had become the head girl. I actually wanted to be the head boy and she snatched that opportunity from me. And she became my enemy instantly. And when my friends challenged it was like I wanted to teach her a lesson for crossing my path. I held her elbow and dragged her near me. I held her cheek with my other hand and turned her face forcefully and when I was just little away from her cheek stupid girl she jerked my hand and turned her face and instead of her cheeks my lips touched her lips and we both widened our eyes shocked.

I got up from my sleep scared of the past which played like it just happened. I turned to her and looked. She was sleeping peacefully. So innocent she looked. I felt guilty all these years for whatever happened but my ego never let me to ask her sorry. She running from the school embarrassed flashed in my mind and I held my head to cool it. I still can’t forget her tears. Her pink face that day. But she was strong. I never expected a girl to be so strong. I expected her to complain her dad and principal. But she was calm. She made herself strong after that. So much that I never saw her even looking at my face. I was annoyed seriously annoyed but it made me respect her.


I lied on my bed and was turning sides. His silence was killing me. I don’t know why. I wanted to avoid him but his ignorance was paining me why? I touched my lips. His kiss felt fresh and I remembered all our kisses, the forceful, the mistaken kisses and some willful kisses. But his one action changed everything. I had made a place for him in my heart as I started understanding him. But he proved me wrong that he can never change never ever. A tear dropped from my. “I loved you Parth. I loved you. Why did you prove me wrong?” I said sobbing and tears were uncontrollably flowing from my eyes.


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