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WARNING: The present work is completely the own creation of Astra. Copy pasting this work and publishing in other names or in other web sites is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Please stop the theft of stories.

Previous epi: Episode 49
Samragni epi 50
I have cleared all doubts in previous part… now, the story continues normally…

Sanskar, Swara and Chandra have planned for making Laksh and Ragini together.

One day,

Chandra goes near Ragini.

Chandra: bhabhi, there is an important thing to tell you… My pitasri is planning to make Laksh bhayya to get married to other woman.

Ragini shocks with his statement. They both reach to the Laksh’s palace soon.

In a room, Ram and Laksh are talking.
Ram and Chandra are acting according to the plan of Swara and Sasnkar.

Ragini stands at door to listen what they are talking.

Ram shows a painting to Laksh.

Laksh: who is she..??

Ram: if you agree, she will step in our palace as bahu. As your wife..!!

Laksh shocks with his statement. Ragini gets hurt listening to this standing at door. Ram knows Ragini has come but, Laksh doesn’t know.

Laksh: pitasri, don’t do jokes morning itself. Save some for night, to make our prince sleep.

Ram seriously: who is joking..?? I’m serious..!! This palace need a bahu. You need a wife and this kid needs a mother..!!! for, that a girl has to come in Ragini’s place..!!

Laksh in anger: No one can occupy my Ragini’s place..!!!

Ragini gets tears with his words. Chandra smiles that their plan is going to succeed.

Swara and Sanskar are in maid dress. They are observing the scene too.

Swara: now, ragini will realize laksh love..
Sanskar: then she hugs laksh… and then…
Swara: happy ending…!!!

Laksh continues: Ragini is always the elder bahu of this palace..!! Ragini is always my wife and Ragini is only mother to this kid..!!

Ragini about to go near Laksh… but, Ram continues still..

Ram: but, look at you Laksh. You have been without a woman for one year..!! you are a young king. You also need some pleasures right. You need a support called, ‘wife’ right. You need to do some yagnas. For that a wife is a need. She has to stay at your side. Ragini never comes back, why don’t you get married to other..??

Chandra thinks: pitasri, why are you doing over action..?? with here the story would have completed.

Ram looks at Chandra and gestures… : to make it more dramatic..!!

Then Laksh looking at Ragini’s painting.

Laksh: no one can occupy place beside Laksh..!! it only belongs to Ragini..!!

Ragini is getting emotional.

Laksh: for not only this life..!! for all lives together..!! you all are thinking, that she is not with me. But, a man’s heart is always with him. And, my heart is Ragini..!!

Ragini couldn’t stop her tears. Laksh turns back. She hides behind the door. Laksh observes that Ragini has come. He amazes why she has come.

Ragini is feeling emotionally happy in herself. Swasan and chan are exciting in themselves that plan got worked.

But, Laksh doesn’t want to be weak before Ragini. He wanted to teach her a lesson. He wanted to make her jealous.

Ram: so, this is your final decision laksh..??

Laksh looks at Ram.

Laksh: no pitasri. This is not my final decision..!!

Swara Sanskar Chandra and Ram shocks. ragini amazes.

Ram: what..?

Laksh looks at the new girl’s painting.

Laksh: seemingly, this girl is beautiful than Ragini…

Ragini makes her eyes big..! Ram opens his mouth in shock. Chandra gets shocked.

Ram: what beautiful?? She is not at all even a mud particle at Ragini’s feet. How can you compare her with our Ragini..??

Laksh:; pitasri, but earlier you were telling that I should marry this girl. Why I have to turn against to you..?? yes, I will marry this girl. I can’t wait more.

Ram: but…..

Laksh: are right pitasri. Why should I wait for her? when, there is another beautiful girl in this world. I can’t suppress my wishes. Let’s bring her to our palace. I hope she will make everything better than Ragini..!!!

Ragini gets angry with his words. she bangs the door and goes out. Chandra keeps following her calling her bhabhi…

Laksh looks on..

Ram: what have you done Laksh..?? It was just acting..!! go and stop her. tell her that you said this intentionally.

Laksh: so, you all were acting with me..!!

Ram: we just wanted to make Ragini realize that you love her a lot…!!

Laksh in tears:: why she has to realize pitasri, doesn’t she know that I love her a lot. She just got angry with my fake words. if she really trust me, she would never have gone away silently. If she really wants me, she comes near me, she would have fought with me..!!

Then Laksh suddenly feels a log’s beat on his back. He falls on a pillar. He turns back in anger. It’s Ragini who is holding the wooden log. His face expressions become normal looking at her. she was showing anger mixed jealous in her eyes. And, he observed that.

Ragini has gone out to bring an wooden log to beat him.

Laksh: ragini…

Ragini: you need other girl haa..??

She is about to beat, Laksh moves aside. The log beats to pillar.

Ram, Chandra goes out closing the door. Swara and Sanskar also leave them alone.

Ragini turns to him in anger. Her hair all in mess falls on her shoulders. Her eyes are red and her lips are shivering in anger. It is the anger of love..!!

Laksh: my goddess looks much pretty in anger..!!! my lovely anger goddess..!!

He says and about to hug her..she pushes him back hitting in his tummy.

Laksh holding his tummy.

Laksh: Samragni, you can’t attack an king in his own palace..!!

Ragini: it’s a wife who is attacking her husband..!!

Laksh smirks: really..???

Ragini throws log on him in anger. Laksh moves aside. It hits to wall.
‘Beautiful than me haaa..????’ she tears the girl’s painting in anger and madly. Laksh laughs.

‘why are you laughing..??” she shouts and takes a sword hanged on wall and rushes to him. He too takes out a sword.

Precap: lovely sword fight of RagLak.

IMPORTANT NOTE: please read…

Guys, today I want to tell an important thing..!!! My fan fiction SAMRAGNI has been copied by an new author called TAANVI in an social web site. She was writing my work with the name ROSID FF: THE EMPEROR AND THE EMPRESS. It’s a Roli and siddharth ff. she has copied my work completely and made some minor changes. She has kept Roli in place of Ragini and Siddharth in place of Laksh.

Word to word, dialogue to dialogue she has copied everything and she has changed story a bit. When, I asked her about this… she was acting, ‘I don’t even Know who are you..??’ she is such a smart kid. She has started to copy my work from January 9th 2017.
I was stunned to know that my work is copied like this. she would have at least taken my permission. Or at least ask apologies for copying, but she is claiming that she has done it on own..!!!

What can I argue with her..?? I produced the links as proofs. I have reported her post. But, still there is no response from that web site.
Guys, there are such copy cats in our TU also. Some are copying stories from TU to other web sites and from other web sites to TU.
They are changing the pairs so that no one would get any doubt. And, it is also hard to know who is copying our works and where they are copying..!!

To the copy cats:
At least, take permission from original author before re producing their works..!! Because, you may write and you may get good comments. But, just remember they all belong to the original author and not you..!!!

To my co writers:
We don’t know where our writings are going and who are copying changing the names. We struggle so much to present a story and these intruders simply copy paste our works.
I know, this is a common problem here. But, when it came to me it hurt me a lot..!! it’s hard for a writer to digest when someone has copied their works. I’m really serious about this. I don’t know whether rest of my works also copied like this or not… but, there is a self which keeps telling your sins and be aware of it…!!!


As an author, this is my request..!!

Coming to my ff, it has reached 50 episodes…Golden Jubliee…!!!

Yay..!! thanks for all my readers for supporting till now. And I’m sorry for giving a big speech. I just wanted to share my pain with you all… hope you understand me.

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  1. Amazing, congrats
    Please don’t steal other writer works, if you wish to post their stories ask them and post in your pages , give credit to original writer

    1. Astra

      thank you lovely..! yes. u r right

  2. yayyyy…congrats on ur golden jublee and a long way to go dear. Awesome as usual. its really disgusting to see people stealing other’s work without any shame or guilt. cant do anything with these kind. Anyways once again congrats and waiting for your married life and storm of love too

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot gayu..!! yes i will update soon. thanx for the support

  3. Hello Rajamouli jiii how could you write like this seriously no body can stand infront you…Whoever snatch your story is jealous of your talent you get succeed at that point and please post next part soon

    1. Astra

      hahaha…yes you said truth. omg..!! u r comparing me with rajamouli.. thanks

  4. Asw

    Congo for ur half century keep going

    1. Astra

      thank you asw…

  5. Darshini

    Hey dear congrats for your golden jubilee epi..more ways to go…keep going…
    And the episode is super duper ?
    Keep writing and keep shining…
    Post your storm of love soon…
    Am eagerly waiting for it…
    And yaah coming to your point it’s hurting a lot when v see our works in some other…it’s really irritating when people steal our works…
    Once again congrats to you dear…

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot darshini…!! yes that annoys and hurts so much. thanks for the support dear…

  6. Sindhura


    1. Astra

      Thank you

  7. congrats hope u reach till 100 plzz don’t stop and yaa u should complain against her this is not right she is taking ur hard work plzz don’t be late be regular

    1. Astra

      Thank you….

  8. nice amazing superb awesome outstanding speechless plzzzz its request to all raglak ff os ts as writer plzz write more bcoz now days raglak ff is so less as compared to swasan some raglak ff plzz write more raglak ff prove raglak fan love raglak plzzzz write more and hope some raglak reach 100 plzz be regular keep raglak alive plzzzz guys write and stop in middle and some ending so plzzzz for raglak sake and thanks to all raglak ff writer but plzzzz be regular don’t be late big thanks to all raglak writer hope we get many new ff and old off is also regular plzz its a request of crazy raglak fan

  9. IQRA222

    and whomever is stealing your work is big cheater and is jealous of u astra di

    1. Astra

      Thank you… hmm, yes dear. I’m feeling sad for it.

  10. Congratulation……..awsm part…….feeling discusting…bt somewhere feeling gud……becoz our astra’s imaginations r beyond wrds that many wants to copying them….bt seriously others r too bad fr hurting them(original writers) …..if false prsn dont know write …thn no write naa… Who says thn to update…no giving updations….also they inspire thm who weite their originality……….
    Too gud Astra…….not think too much abt those prsns who neglect u….. Good luck…..

    1. Astra

      haha..thanks a lot dear… thank you for the support…

  11. Superb atlast ragini and laksh become raglak
    Eagerly waiting for your next part
    Take care dear

    1. Astra

      thank you..

  12. awesome sry for late

    1. Astra

      thank you j..

  13. Dharani

    a very big congratulations astra golden jubliee awesome update and waiting for lovely sword fight

    1. Astra

      thank you dear..

  14. Jazzy

    superbbb congooo for 50 episode

    1. Astra

      thank you dear

  15. Astra sis u are the best we all love you a lot and u r a excellent writer no one can take ur place so don’t worry??

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot dear..

  16. Akshata

    congratulations!!!!!! awesome update, i am laughing so hard, two punches from my side also laksh deserves this.

    i agreed dont steal others hard work, they took too much efforts to write and entertain us, so dont misuse their trust.

    1. Astra

      thank you so much dear….

  17. A.xx

    Amazing and loved her anger xx

    1. Astra

      thank you…

  18. Vanshika

    Hi di hows u.. Hope u remember me,,mm sorry for vanishing from some days today read all of it and am ???????? after reading.. Luv u sooo much. And that Tanvi, how could she copy it that too look at the character what she had put in between rosid? She’s surely super jealous of you. But do not worry di, she doing bad, someday someone will copy her originals as well ? And all the comments and votes always go to you and you only cos you’re Astrabulous right? And nobody can be lyk my astravellous di even if they try to copy ur works won’t get success..
    Love you ? di and loved
    raglak fight today as well ???
    Congratulations to the most astrastic astravely fanfic for the golden jubilee ?????? ? ? ? ? ?
    And for Tanvi
    ???? (won’t do much coz then there will be no difference b/w us)
    And you’re the best di that’s why you’re astrenomenal

    1. Astra

      haha..super thanks to my cute little sis…!! love u a lot dear…..

  19. Vanshika

    And she’s is cute in anger ?

  20. Fats

    Wow, this was an AMAZING update. I loved everything about it: Laksh’s limitless love, Ragini’s jealousy, and RagLak’s cute fight were all a treat to read. Despite RagLak’s issues, they still love each other immensely and that’s the beautiful thing about their bond ❤️. Can’t wait to read the next part. Congratulations on writing 50 episodes. They have all been great ?
    P.S: Hope the copying of your work stops

    1. Astra

      thank younso much fats…

  21. Awesome episode dear and loved it a lot. Congratulations for your 50th episode. Keep going

    1. Astra

      thank you ammu..

  22. Vanshika

    Super welcome to you Devi ??

  23. Aasthu

    It was fun to see Ragini burning in jealousy and hitting Laksh with a rod…..I loved it…

    Astra,in which social site was the thief posting your story as if her own??????? how much did she copy?? I mean how many chapters???? If you ask TU, they will remove your works from this site. Maybe that will stop her from copying yours any further. The same thing happened with Thena a manmarziyan ff writer….on finding that her works were being copied, she made a request to TU to remove her updates from this site.

    1. Astra

      Haha..thanks a lot dear… no problem now. It was IF website..and they have blocked her link already. There is no need to complain to TU… it was solved dear. It’s fine now. Thank you so much…

  24. Asra

    awesome astu dear….ragini jealous and fight superbbb dear…loved it alot…waiting for raglak cute sword fight….tkcr dear…

    1. Astra

      Thanks a lot dear…

  25. Ragz_teju

    awesome chappy dear…

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      thank you dear..

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