Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein chapter-44



Geethanjali was getting ready.. when Abhimanyu comes out of the room shirtless.. On seeing him.. she gets shocked and turns ..Abhi looks at her confusingly..

Abhi : What happened ??

Geethu : Can’t you atleast wear a shirt..

Abhi : Oh.. Comeon.. yaar . i thought a bit modern but you are..

They hears a knock on the door..

Abhi : Maa..  what happened did you need anything..??

Payal :Ah.. Now that she came i can only come to your room if i have something..

Geethu : No.. Maa.. its not like that..

Payal :I have nothing to do with you..

Just then Falguni comes there..

Falguni : Jiji.. Maya is here..

All goes down to see her..

Maya is sitting in the couch inbetween Viraj & Vikram.. Yuvi is making her eat kheer..Naira is in her lap..Lucky was also there..

Maya : Yuvi.. How much you will make me eat.. yaar

Naira : Its sure if you will come here regullarly .. your size will get increased..

On seeing payal maya goes and hugs her..

Maya : How are you Maa..

Payal : Leave me.. tell me that how you are.. You are happy right..

Maya : Ofcourse maa.. i am happy None in the house is allowing to do me something..

Payal : Thank god.  i was worried.. but you should better help Arjun’s mom.. here people are not even taking an attempt to do something

Falguni : Leave all those.. at let maya have her food..

Maya : Nahi.. chachi.. I have to go actually i wanted to buy somethings … and Geethu is coming with me..

Falguni : That’s so good… when did you plan all these..

Geethu : Yesterday..

Payal : And you didn’t think its.. nessary to inform us..

Geethu : Its not like that Mom..

Lucky : I think we should leave them before they gets late..

Maya & geethanjali goes..

Payal : I don’t like this girl .. near my family.. please make her go as soon as possible..

In his office Anshuman was shown working in the laptop he was quite angry.. and was raising his voice on the employs..

Just then his phone rings and he takes it..

Anshuman : I am busy pakhi..

Pakhi : I am at the coffee shop near your office .. I have something important to tell you..

Anshuman : No pakhi.. i can’t i’m busy

Pakhi : I will wait for 15 minutes if you won’t come i will go to my mom’s

She cuts the call not allowing anshuman to say anything..

Anshuman goes to the coffee shop and sits in the bech were pakhi is..

Pakhi is silent and not even looking at him..

Anshuman : Pakhi.. i am on time… Now please tell me what happened.. I have work to do after this..

pakhi looks at Anshuman

Pakhi : I think I am pregant again…

Anshuman : Did you called me to tell this silly thing…… Wait.. what you mean.. seriously..

Pakhi : I am noy sure.. but there are symtoms..

Anshuman : Did you tell anyone..

Pakhi : No.. i didn’t.. I just wanted you to come with me for the chekup..

Anshuman : You wait in my car.. i will come in a minute..

Maya & Geethanjali finished there shopping and was moving to the parking area..

Maya was continuously looking back as she thought that someone is following them..

Geethanjali gets call from Abhimanyu..

Abhi : Have you two finished the shopping..

Geethanjli : Yeah.. of course.. we are in the parking……

Someone hits on Maya’s head with wooden rod.. Geethanjali turns to see Vansh..(Abhi was still on call and was at the same mall)

Geethu : Maya..!!!!!!

Vansh holds her back.. Geethanjali resists him but he was so strong..

Vansh’s men tries to put Maya in there car.. Geethu fights with them..  He have a corall there.. Maya was unconsious..

Abhi is shown running towards the parking..

A goon is grabing geethanjali..

As Abhi reaches there he sees a goon holding Geethanjali.. As he comes near.. the goon makes geethanjali’s head hit on the wall so hard.. Abhimanyu reaches there and holds her.. She faints..

Abhimanyu fights with other goons to..

Soon Arjun also reaches there.. He also helps Abhimanyu.. He sees that Vansh is trying to abuse Maya..

He pins him to the wall and punches on Vansh continuously.. Blood starts ozzing from vansh nose..

Maya soon get her conciouse.. and was shocked.. She tries to take back Arjun.. but arjun took out all his furstration on vansh.. Soon vansh was  down.

Arjun goes yo Maya and hugs her..

Maya : Ar.. Arjun..

Arjun : No.. maya .. no there is nothing.. i have reached na..

maya also holded arjun tightly..

Here Abhimanyu was continously calling Geethanjali’s name and she was not at all responding ..

He took her head on his lap and hugged her.. he begged her to open her eyes..

He lifted her.. Maya and Arjun took the car..

They rushed to hospital…

Doctor checks geethu and comes out..

Abhi : Is she fine.. doctor..

Doc : Ofcourse.. she fainted due to high Bp..

Abhi : If you wang we can shift her to some advanced hospital..

Doc : I think you are too protective about your wife.. but now there is no need of that she is fine.. Ha.. gor some days she wil have a sevre headaches.. and that’s only due to the pressure she felt on the head..

Just then Maya and Arjun comes..

Abhi : Maya.. are you fine..??

Maya : Yeah.. abhi I’m alright..

Arjun : She is having a slight fever due to the fear.. how is Geethanjali..

Abhi : She is also fine.. (looks towards the doctor) Can i meet her …

Doc : Ofcourse.. you can..

He goes inside the room

Geethanjali was looking towards the window..

As abhimanyu holds on her shoulder he turns towards him and hugs him tightly and starts to cry…

On the otherside of the hospital.. there are Anshuman and pakhi who were there to get Pakhi’s blood sample..

On there way back they sees Maya & Arjun..

Anshuman : Why are you guys..here???

They gets shocked seeing him and gets confused what to say..

Maya : Woh.. geethu..

Anshuman : What happend to Geethu..

Arjun : No.. nothing has happened to geethu… actually maya was about to go with geethu for shopping.. but suddenly she felt weakness so we had to drop the plan..

Anshuman : Oh..

Pakhi : Weakness.. at this time.. hope its a good news..

Maya : No..no its nothing like that..

Just then abhimanyu comes out of the room .

Both abhimanyu & Anshuman looks at eachother…

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Abhigeet scene was cute.Nice to see anshukhi scene. Hope pankhi is pregnant. Shocking that vansh hurt maya n geetu.good that Abhi arjun beat them.arya scene was very emotional. Abhigeet hug was lovely n emotional. Perfect pics

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