Bepannah Aashqui FF 17th epi

Greetings For The Day My Dear Readers
Thanks a tonne sia fenil jasmine
A big thank you silent readers

Many of my darling readers requested that mahi should be shown in positive shade
So here it goes
Your wish my command
Darling readers just wish for n let me know am all here to fulfil it.

Recap-Adi exposes mahi to be behind the fire in store room zoya is shattered
Somebody is clicking pics of Adiya secretly

Adiya are hugging on a bench in garden
Its raining
Both are wet
Its very intimate hug
Tears fall from Adi’s eyes as zoya is broken n her tears are not stopping
Zoya -With lump in throat Adi am I so bad whenever I care for somebody love them from heart why do they cheat me ??First yash now mahi.Adi I always treated mahi like I treated my kohinoor For me mahi was my younger sister

Hearing Zoya’s talks
Flashes of pooja comes before adi’s eyes
He somehow manages to speak
Adi-Zoya u are too good n actually its a big problem to be too good in this cruel world . zoya u trust people easily
Zoya its not u who is at loss
Mahi has lost a caring sister

Zoya cannot stop crying
Adi consoles her

Mahi is walking restlessly in room
Adi’s voice
Echo her ears
“Mahi zoya truly cares for u don’t harm her u will regret latter but it would be very late”

Adi n zoya are walking in garden
Its all silent
Zoya still seems upset
Adi is walking close to her
Zoya is lost in her thoughts
Adi sees tears fall from her eyes
He holds her hand gently
Zoya tries to smile
Adi-zoya am always with u
Zoya looks in his eyes
She feels his emotions
Zoya ‘s pov-Adi u too left me once u too have broken my heart

Adiya are walking hand in hand

Dard diloke ke kam ho Jate mein aur tum agar hum ho Jate

Plays in Bg

Zoya is supervising something
Mahi tries to talk to her
Zoya walks away
Mahi goes behind her
Adi stops mahi

Adi-Mahi Pls zoya has cried alot Pls with lot of difficulty she has resumed wrk Pls stay away from her

Mahi (guilt ridden )-Adi I have realised  i was wrong  very wrong  I just want to talk  to  zoya once I will never harm her Pls adi

Adi-Mahi Pls leave  her alone Pls

Adi leaves  in anger

Mahi  is in tears

All employees  are busy working

Adi notices  zoya

She still seems upset

Though  she pretends to be fine

Adi suddenly  sits on floor n starts searching  something

One Employee -Sir what happened  what r u searching

Adi-something  very precious

Another  employee-Sir whats it tell us maybe  we can find it for u

Adi-yes Pls actually  am searching  zoya’s smile have  u seen it anywhere

All employees  laugh

Zoya too laughs

She goes near adi n asks him to get up

Zoya -Adi u are the same adi my stupid  silly. Bestie from college

Adi-n u too are same zoya whose face appeared like a rotten pumpkin  whenever  she was upset

Zoya  (pretending  to be angry)-if my face appears  rotten pumpkin  u r a bringal that too dark black

Adi-Zoya  bringal is purple  not black

They laugh together

Somebody  clicks pic

Mahi notices

She follows a person  clicking  pics

She sees that person  is wearing  hood

He hands over an envelope  to another person in hood who gives him money

Mahi’s  pov-whats going  on your did he take their pics that too secretly  whom is he giving  y is he paid for it

Mahi walks in corridors  confused

She comes across  adi

Adi ignores n walks past her

Mahi calls him

Mahi-Adi just a minute  I need to tell u something  very important

Mahi tells him about  somebody clicking  their pics n giving  it to someone for money

Adi-ohhh Pls mahi do u think am a fool to believe  u

Mahi-adi Pls trust me I saw with my own eyes

Adi-Trust u  get lost  Mahi  .What if this is ur new master  plan Mahi better luck next time am not  going  to fall in this trap

Adi goes away

Mahi ‘s pov-Adi I definitely  feel something  is wrong  today am alive because  of zoya I have to n I will protect  her I will find out the truth


Mahi is shown talking  to guards  of malhotra  mansion

Guard-Madam nobody else has come today apart from family  members  n ur company  employees Yes one courier  in grey hood came to deliver  a parcel to ur employee

Flashes of a person  in grey hood giving  money comes before mahi’s  eyes

Mahi’s pov-Y would  anybody from malhotra  family  do this for money This means some one from zosh events  clicked pics But who was that man in grey hood

Y he paid for pics whats he upto

Precap-Adiya  are shown eating  pani puris

Seems they are having  pp competition  n zoya is eating  to win

Mahi is following  somebody

She teaches police  station

She sees a person  handing  pics to a policeman

Policeman -You are finished  Aditya Hooda

Mahi  is shocked

  1. It was awesome

  2. Anee

    fantastic RU….. So sorry dear for not get in touch with ur previous Updates…. bt u fulfilled my wish too by bringing mahii positive here,,, lots of love for you Ru,.

    1. RUSHI

      Anee dear never say or be sorry
      Of course I had to fulfill thanks for being a darling reader I hope never to disappoint u Regards

  3. Jasminerahul

    Adiya scene was very emotional .adiya walking holding hands together was lovely.goodthat mahi regrets cheating zoya n decided to protect her.sad that adi is not believing her about the hooda person

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