Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein- chapter-43

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Twinkle was ready with her luggage to do. Pakhi and Anshuman accomoanied her to airport all the whike she was gloomy..


Yuvi was gloomy and sad he was thinking about going to meet Twinkle once again.. but he was stopped by his ego.. And after a few minutes his ego had to fail and he took his car keys and went to meet her..


Geethu was talking on her phone and on the otherside it was Maya

Maya : Don’t get late.. i have lot to purchase and after weďding we also couldn’t spend time with eachother

Geethu : Don’t worry.. i will be at time.. i want you to not get late..

She cuts the phone and sees abhi who was working at his laptop.. Abhi looks at her as he was inquering her  .

Geethu : Maya.. she wanted me to help her to choose dresses as they are going for honeymoon

Abhi : I didn’t ask you anything..

Geethu : I thought that.. i should tell you..

Abhi : If youa re going.. go to Crystal mall.. actually i have a meeting there so if you both have any difficulties i can reach there easily

Geethu : Um.. so much care for a sister

Abhi : I don’t only care for my sister

Geethu looks at him..

Abhi : I meant i care for my family..

Geethu : Its getting late.. i think you should sleep

Abhi : I have some works.. you sleep

Geethu : Good night!!


Lucky was also in his room talking to Ragini on phone..

Lucky : So tell me ragini… what are your plans about weekend..

Ragini : I haven’t planned anything..  because i had to plan bhai and bhabhi’s honeymoon..

Lucky : Oh.. here i think both of them are not intrested in that… they both feels shy even to stay near echother..

Ragini : Can you talk about us..

Lucky : Us..  what is there about us..

Ragini : Stop your bad joke.. sometimes i feel that you are a bad joker and you don’t love me at all..

Lucky : I love ..

She cuts the call..

Lucky : Mad girl…


Pakhi , Anshuman and Twinkle reach airport. Pakhi gets emotional as she is leaving for 2 years. Twinkle hugs her …

Twinkle : I thought mom will create a scene.. but here its .. my di.. i thought you were strong

Pakhi : I am strong.. you   stupid

Twinkle : i will miss you di..

Anshuman : Good luck champ.. comeback as a topper

They share a hugg to..

Twinkle takes her luggage and walks   she continuously looks backward as she was expecting someone..

Yuvi comes running through the airport..

Twinkle sees him.. Yuvi sees her too..

but for not long as tge security gaurds takes him aside..


Yuvi enters the mansion and finds lucky waiting for him..

Lucky : Where did you go.. at this time of night..

Yuvi : I just went for a walk..

Lucky : Sit.  yuvi..

He sits..

Lucky : Now explain..

Yuvi says all those happnend.. and he was getting a bit emotional

lucky was also hearing it with full intrest

Yuvi : Why are you staring like that

Lucky : You idiot.. you fool do you think i will congratulate you.. you should apologize to her..

Yuvi : I did.. i mean i went there to apologize to her.. but till then she left..

Naira : Then you should go there..

Lucky & Yuvi turns to see Naira

lucky : Why are you here at this time..

Naira : Thankgod i was awake … unless i shouldn’t have realised why brother is in love..

Yuvi : Don’t telk it to anyone..

Naira : Promise..


Maya : I am so excited about the trip and i have called geethu to helo me in shopping

Arjun : I wish they both also get sometime to spend together.. then it will be good..

Maya : Don’t worry i have found a solution for that…

Arjun hugs maya…

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  1. Jasminerahul

    good that yuvi realized that he needs twinkle.but sad that though twiraj saw each other yuvi couldn’t reach near him.hope they unite soon.raglak scene was cute.please add more raglak scenes with pics.what are arya going to do to bring abhigeet closer?

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