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Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay brings new twists in his life and shocks Mandira. He starts pretending that he has lost his memory. He acts weird and scares Mandira. Vijay is trying Mandira’s wicked plans to fail her. Vijay asks Mandira to feed him the food. Vijay tells Mandira that he regrets for Prabhat’s death. Mandira realizes that Vijay has gone back in time and is mourning about Prabhat’s loss. Mandira runs to Sadhna to take help and control Vijay. Mandira gets confused about Vijay’s drama. She thinks if Vijay is playing any trick. Vijay is doing this to get rid of Mandira. Mandira will know Vijay’s drama truth soon. Mandira is trying to win Vijay’s love and fail Bulbul. Vijay and Bulbul get together to defeat Mandira.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Yash tries to end Sahil’s drama. He calls the mental hospital to send Sahil away. Vedika and Sahil get trapped in the room. Yash pushes Vedika over Sahil and then calls the entire family there to instigate them against Sahil. Yash plays a game after observing Sahil’s plan to stay with Vedika. He accuses Sahil badly and sends him to the mental asylum. Vedika and Sahil’s mum try hard to stop Sahil at home. Yash asks Sahil to end his drama if he wants to stay back in the house. Sahil gets caught in his own planning.

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