Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Diya Breaks Abhay’s Heart, Choosing Ratan

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 26th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhay checks the time and takes out the sword. Ratan stops him and says I will tell you. Diya comes and says Ratan Sa. Everyone looks on. Diya asks Ratan not to interfere between Abhay and her. Abhay says I know you will come and knows that you loves me. Diya asks him to go home and die if he wants to die, but don’t ruin her engagement. She says you wants to hear my answer and says you are my past. She burns the cards and says my present and future is Ratan. Abhay gets teary eyes. She throws the burnt card. Isha says Abhay waited for you since 12 years. Diya says it was his decision, I didn’t ask him. I had broken the engagement and haven’t given him right to question me after so many years. She tells Abhay that she hopes he got her answer and asks him to die only after reaching Kishanpur. Abhay gets teary eyes and says I wasted my twelve years on egoistic girl. He says I brought love for you when I came here, but now I will take hatred for you from here. He tells Ratan that the girl who can’t understood his 12 years long love, can’t understand your 12 days old love.

Diya feels bad and apologetic. She cries in the bathroom and washes her face. She says forgive me Abhay Sa, I hurt you very much. Ratan comes there and says your tears can’t be hidden with your tears, says Abhay left with the hatred given by you, it was a good chance for you to bring your life on track, but you sacrificed your life for me. CT asks Jhunki to light lamp in every rooms till engagement. Bhuvan comes there and says now we can’t stay here. He says Diya will take over everything now. CT says we will not go anywhere from here and asks him to give bag. He refuses. CT says ok, keep the bag with you.

Diya tells Ratan that now who will marry her now and asks if he is thinking same thing. Ratan says actually right and says he is of near your age. Diya throws pillow on him and says she will get someone. Ratan says this is Suraj garh and you will not get someone of your age. Diya says ok, if I don’t get married then I will stay here in some corner. Yash hears them laughing and thinks she is laughing insulting Abhay, I didn’t know she is so stone hearted. Ratan says you don’t need to stay in corner and says you will get anyone. He promises her that just as culprit is caught, he will go and talk to Abhay and clear all the misunderstanding. He says I will tell him that Diya is all his now. He says abhay will marry you like this and takes round around the lamp with her. Yeh rishta likhenge hum naya.

Diya asks him to just stop. Ratan says abhay will color will forehead with his love color and fills her maang. Diya asks him to stop it. Ratan realizes her forehead is filled with ink and says he didn’t realize that he was having ink on his finger. Diya gets upset. Ratan says sorry and says it was not real marriage. He says we are best friends and says if I marry you then I will fight with whom. Diya smiles. Mere Balam ji plays….she wipes the color.

Isha comes to Nitya Bua and says she took her name and trapped her. She says I thought if Abhay comes here then Diya will cancel her marriage with Ratan. Nitya says I did a mistake by letting my son marry you. Ayush comes and says you are wrong thinking we will get rich if I marry her. Isha says you can’t understand my pain and apologizes to Ayush. Mohak asks Sakshi what happened to her. Sakshi says she thought entertainment will happen, but nothing happened as such. Mohak says we shall obey her. Ratan comes out of bathroom. Diya comes and keeps hand on her eyes. She asks why did he forget to lock the door. He asks why did she forget to knock the door. She goes out. They talk that lawyer will come. Ratan says he remembers that he has to announce engagement again. Diya thinks this is the last chance to catch the murderer.

Ratan makes Diya wear necklace. Rishta likhenge hum naya plays….

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  1. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Feeling bad for Diya! How much she have to sacrifice for Ratan! Waiting for Diya and Ratan’s love-story! Awesome title track! I love that song!

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