Dil Se Dil Tak 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Teni to save Parth and Ipshita from Jamuna House

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Teni comes for the performance in the hall. She recalls promising Parth that she will never dance again. MMS watches her arrive. Teni thinks she got away from such darkness and now wants to get her daughter out of this place as well. She begins performing, but was shocked to see Parth and afraid what if he ruins her plan. Parth takes a seat nearby. In the midst of performance, Parth goes inside. Teni decides to stop him else he might be in danger. In the corridor, Parth fights a man trying to stop him. Teni couldn’t continue her performance out of worry. She hits a man with a glass of wine, and as the quarrel begin she leaves the hall.
Outside in the corridor, Teni drags Parth to a corner and pins him to the wall, stuffing his mouth. She warns him of all the danger. Parth says he is prepared for any situation, police is standing outside. Once he finds Ipshita, she is one call away. Mms looks for Teni in the hall. Teni tells Parth police is helpless here. She requests Parth to hear her plan for once as well and takes him to Ipshita’s room.
Mms looks around for Teni.
Teni locks the room from inside. Parth was moved watching Ipshita lying on the bed. Teni smiles watching him get emotional. Teni tells Parth to stay with Ipshita, she will create a drama that can distract everyone outside and Parth can take her. She tells him to take care of Ipshita. Parth holds her hand and stares at her for a while. Parth was worried how Teni will get out of here if all doors are closed. Teni reminds he hated her a lot, still he cares a lot for her? She tells him to take Ipshita out of this place, she has lived in this hell and understands life is difficult here. She can dance in Jamuna house for a lifetime, if it’s for the sake of Ipshita. She turns to leave the room and was shocked to see Madam jee, mms and guards stand there. She smiles, then calls Madam jee inside. Madam jee asks who he, and what’s Teni is doing here. Mms says Teni visited this room once before as well. Teni hits mms and forbids him create differences between her and Madam jee. She says she was coming to complain about this man, she suspected him in bar and followed him towards the room. He was trying to take the child away. She winks towards Parth, then takes Ipshita from Parth handing her to mms. She tells Madam jee to take the child, she will teach this man a lesson. Madam jee orders to get his phone. Parth was worried how he will inform the police now?
Teni pushes the guards away from Parth and says she will tell her about him. He is Parth Bhanushali, a business man and has lost his daughter. Madam jee asks how she knows about it. Teni says Parth has uploaded a group message on social media these days, but her mms is of no use. Parth resists the grip of the guard and says he will leave this place with his daughter. Madam jee asks for the price. Parth asks her to make the demand, if she wants one, two or ten crores. Madam jee was left open-mouthed. Madam jee laughs that he must love his daughter a lot, but at Jamuna house a girl only leaves after her death. She takes Ipshita in her arms. Parth deters he will take his daughter from right in front of her eyes. As he wrestles with the men, Madam jee smirks. Teni was left worried and decides to save Parth and Ipshita.

PRECAP: Madam jee finds her guards ill. Mms tells her Teni and the man took the child. Madam jee appoints her men to find the three of them. Parth, Teni and the baby were hiding behind a car.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I don’t watch this show much but is Shorvori actually dead or left the show??? Was she fired like they replaced Parath ???

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