Meri Durga 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanjay learns about the blackmailer

Meri Durga 26th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjay saying Aarti will stay with me in my room. Aarti comes in and asks Durga is she ready to lose in the race, as she has lost to her on personal front. Sanjay says I have told Durga that I will marry Aarti after divorce. Gayatri says thanks for getting my real bahu here, if Durga didn’t play this game, Aarti would have been here before. He gets a call and says I will just come. Aarti kisses on his cheek and sends him. Durga gets angry. Aarti stops Durga and says you have no right on Sanjay and his room. Durga says I have right till this marriage is intact, we didn’t get divorced yet, I will shatter your dreams.

Aarti argues. Durga thinks I promise you will leave the room yourself. Yashpal gets money from jeweler and leaves. Sanjay stops the car and follows him. Yashpal comes to meet the man. He says I have arranged the money. He throws the money on him and scolds badly. The man stops him to taunt. Yashpal slaps him and says don’t expect anything more from me, what will you do, I m not scared of you now. The man argues and asks his share. Yashpal scolds him.

Durga calls her friend and tells her plan. He asks her to think again. She says yes, just do this fast. The man pushes Yashpal and threatens him about the secret. Sanjay looks on and thinks what does this man know, why is he blackmailing Yashpal. The man asks Yashpal not to provoke his anger. Yashpal requests Sudhir and asks him to forget the past. The man says I like this way, if you can get money, you can get more for me. Yashpal says I have no money, how will I get it. The man insists and asks him to think well. Yashpal leaves.

Gayatri sees police at the door and asks are you in your senses to come without informing. Inspector says we got a complaint against your family. She asks what did we do, I will send my lawyer, you may leave. He asks her to call Sanjay. She worries. Annapurna asks Yashpal to give anything to Sudhir, but stop him. Sudhir calls him and asks him to get money at night, else he will tell everything to Durga’s inlaws. She cries and asks him to stop him. Yashpal says I have no way. He sees a fruit knife and takes it. He says I will not let Sudhir do anything. He leaves. Gayatri asks who dared to complaint my son. Durga says I did this, he cheated me by having an affair. Yashpal comes to Sudhir’s place and thinks I will kill him to stop him.

Yashpal meets Durga and asks her to call the press to accept her mistake. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. War did he done to yashpal n family to make him so scared n Durga should just leave sp n Artie alone n see Wat she do to him

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