Rishmi os – humko rula diya hai phir se aaj yaara hai dil dhuka diya

” you could have just told me that your life was in danger and it can be saved by marrying me. I could have married you, you did not have to fake loving me for this”

Rishi could not forget the way she was choking her words and looked at him painfully as she said this words. After some pleading from his parents, lakshmi decided to stay still his horoscope dosh gets over but she made it clear that she should not be expected to be act as Rishi’s wife atleast in the Oberoi mansion. Everyone agrees and lakshmi had walked away not sparing a glance at him whereas Malishka hugs him out of joy but all rishi could feel was despair and fear when he sees his wife disappearing out of his sight. Then everything changed, lakshmi no longer smiled at him, she no longer looked at him with her admiring glance. She even started sleeping on the coach and tried to keep as much distance from him. His every sorry was ignored and his every attempt to spend time with her went to drain. Her coldness was something he could not handle, he got frustrated and started looking for ways to have his wife back but nothing worked. On top of that he had Malishka to deal with. After two weeks of failed attempt, Rishi sat in his office cabinet thinking of some other ways so that lakshmi stops ignoring him.

” Hey rishi” Malishka’s voice broke his thoughts and he looks up to see her holding the diamond bracelet which he had gotten for lakshmi two days ago. Where had Malishka find it? Did she snatch it from lakshmi?. He was going to demands her but Malishka opened her mouth and explained herself

” Thank you for this baby” Malishka tells him,” but you could have given this to me directly instead of sending this through lakshmi you know…”

Rishi stopped listening to her when she said lakshmi handed over the bracelet to her. He had specially got it designed for her, how could she do this? It’s another matter he had kept the gift in front of her and walked away from her before she could refuse it, it’s another thing to give it to Malishka.

” Remove that bracelet Malishka” Rishi says. Malishka looks at Rishi bewildered.

” What happened rishi?!” She asks him

” Remove that bracelet, it was not for you. It was for my wife” Rishi snaps at her.

“Rishi I understand you feel guilty for what you did with lakshmi but getting her gifts will only make her think that you have some feelings for her”Malishka tells him,” she would be back of you again and that’s not something you what”

” Remember how irritated you felt by her clingy nature and now you finally got rid of it, don’t invite it back. I will do one thing! I will speak with your mom and get lakshmi something expensive through her” Malishka adds. Nothing of Malishka’s words made sense to rishi,all he thought was how lakshmi was shredding all his efforts. He simply takes Malishka’s hands and flungs out the bracelet from her hands, and walks away from his cabinet not hearing to her yellings.


Lakshmi opens her suitcase and takes out the calendar from it. She crosses another day from it, she looks on as she sees that she still has months to go on in this place which she once thought as her home. She should have never believed fairy tales and She was fool to think someone will love her only because of her nature. She had to accept that she was no cindrella and no prince charming was here for her.

” You can’t leave” lakshmi hears his voice and turns around to see her namesake husband standing here staring at her suitcase. She doesn’t respond to him, turns around and closes her suitcase and keeps it back to its place. She was walking towards her coach when rishi grabs her elbow and makes her look at him. He takes out the bracelet from his pocket, ” how can you give this to Malishka? I brought this for you”

Lakshmi shakes her head and frees her elbow from him, ” you’re no one to buy me anything nor I have any right on any thing you get me”

” You’re my wife!” Rishi yells at her, desperate to secure their relationship.

” No, I’m your wife only for namesake!. You never considered me as your wife”

” It’s not like that” Rishi clarified.

” Rishi please I don’t want to fight with you. Just let me spend the remaining of the months quietly and leave” Lakshmi pleads to him.

” You’re not leaving anywhere” Rishi tells her firmly, he clasps her hand, ” I will not let you go”

” So what do you want me to be here for?” Lakshmi asks him,” you want be to be your mistress now”

” Lakshmi” Rishi yells hearing her words. Lakshmi stares at him without saying anything, ” wow Rishi! You’re acting as an gentlemen you deserves oscar for your acting”

” Lakshmi please…” Rishi begins to say something when lakshmi cuts him off, ” what do you need now?”

” How much more do you want to break me?” She asks him, wiping down the single tear which slide out of her eye.

Rishi felt his heart shattering into pieces when he saw her wiping off her tears from her face but it did not matter anyway because tears started streaming out of her eyes even though she tried to subside them.

” I hate you” Lakshmi spat out in her broken tone, trying to wipe her tears as it continued streaming no matter how much she wiped them off.

” I know, I deserve every bit of your hate but don’t cry please” he pleads to her softly and lifts his thumb to her face tenderly wipes her tears away. Lakshmi steps away from him much to his aghast.

” I’m so sorry lakshmi I will make everything right!” Rishi promises and pulls her into hug inspite of her struggles to push him away.

” I will make everything right” lakshmi hears his words as she passed out in his arms.

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  3. Chandramani bisalo

    Yeahhhhhhhh it’s interesting but a bit heartbreaking for this audience due to lakshmi’s breakdown😰😭😭😰 in fictions only we can sense Lakshmi’s pain then in real serial when lakshmi get to know about the truth behind her marriage then what will happen can’t imagine will lakshmi take stand for😭😭😰😰 her or else something else is going in the mind of makers

  4. Woww….superb and very interesting…loved this one…emotions are well potrayed…could feel it….well written…..please continue this…..eagerly waiting for next part..

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  8. Nice one dear…
    Would suggest you to continue this one and not leave it as an os only…
    And if you decide to continue this one then make sure you keep Laxmi’s boldness and coldness the same…

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