Jo tera hoyega jaroor aayega (Chapter 4)

The kapoors had left immediately after the lunch much to fateh’s relief. He was sure he could have smacked aaryan’s face if he had stayed another second in his house trying to get closer to his tejo. But his relief was short lived because of his nasty wife who simply could not keep her mouth shut and has to poke on tejo’s matter.

” Wow! Tejo you have caught the bigger fish” Jasmine says with apparent viciousness in her voice. Tejo looks at jasmine blankly. Riya was shaking in anger and was going to lash out on jasmine but tejo gestured her to be still for now.

” Jasmine ” Fateh says to stop her from speaking further but jasmine apparently did not stop.

” Never thought you could be such opportunist ” jasmine continues to tell trying to hurt tejo, ” and also a gold digger”

” Jasmine, stop crossing your limits”

” Jasmine, don’t say another word against tejo”

Family members started rebuking jasmine but they stopped when they heard tejo’s laugh.

” That’s it” Tejo says mockingly,” you had only this words to insult me”

Jasmine looked baffled by tejo’s reaction. Tejo had to get hurt and cry, she should try to defend herself, she should have done her bechari drama but not laugh at her. Jasmine was truly bewildered by her sister’s reaction.

Tejo folds her arms and looks at jasmine challengingly, ” oh jasmine, I wish I could waste my time putting some sense into you but I’m extremely sorry. I don’t have time right now to waste on anyone. My marriage functions begin after two days and I don’t have time to think about you”

Jasmine gasps but doesn’t say a word, Fateh flinches when he hears tejo bragging about her upcoming wedding.

” And you should be happy that I’m finally leaving” Tejo smiles at jasmine smugly, ” oh but you’re not happy because you know I am going to lead a better life than you can ever get here little sister”

Jasmine wanted to deny tejo’s words immediately but she could not.

Tejo turns towards riya, ” Riya!Didn’t I mention to you, that me and Aaryan are going to Switzerland and Paris for our honeymoon”

Riya inwardly smirks and nods at tejo’s words,” you did say that you and Aaryan have already planned to have two months of honeymoon but you never mentioned about the locations. I suggest that add some other locations too, you know aaryan’s family owns hotels around the world”

” We would definitely do that too” Tejo said ” actually Aaryan asked me that if I have any suggestions”

” That’s great thing, tejo. I will get you list of romatic places you should definitely visit in your honeymoon period” Riya says teasingly and tejo acts to be shy only to annoy jasmine.

Jasmine stood here hearing all this and glared at fateh angrily who did even notice her and was frowning looking at Riya and Tejo. Damn she did not even get to go to Jammu and Kashmir for her honeymoon inspite of love marriage because of the Virks who were not ready to pay for her but tejo is already going to world trip with Aaryan for her honeymoon that too for two months. Tejo did not deserve this. Jasmine turned furious now and wanted to do something so that tejo cries.

” Dekha didi, this girl still yesterday was serving you people but look at her attitude today” Nimmo taunts tejo,” I have being telling you, this girl first trapped fateh and now some other rich guy”

Gurpreet doesn’t say anything to it and none of the family members except mahi and khushbeer requests nimmo to keep quiet but tejo decides she had enough of this bullshit.

” You’re right nimmo aunty still yesterday tejo was a very good girl because she was serving her ex cheater husband’s family but now that tejo has decided to move on she is no more good!” Tejo snapped at nimmo angrily, her eyes were flashing with angry and nimmo almost trembles at tejo’s tone. Tejo notices it and smirks,” why are you trembling?” Tejo asks ” oh wait! You actually thought I would cry helplessly and give explanations now”

” Why should I give explanations to anyone here?! I’m not indebted to anyone over here instead they all owe me for what I have done for them and I have done enough and tolerated enough bullshit because of them and I’m not going to do more” Tejo hissed angrily. Both the Sandhus and virks flinched at tejo’s words knowing how true it was.

” If you people are not happy with my marriage, please tell me directly. So that I could phone Aaryan and ask him to arrange our marriage without my family’s involvement” Tejo tells sharply.

” I don’t want unhappy people spoiling my marriage happy environment” Tejo declares.

Riya smirks smugly seeing her friend fighting for herself. Finally she thinks tejo has gotten out of her over the top selflessness nature and is actually demanding things. Adhiraj looks at his sister proudly. The virks and sandhus were too shocked to react on tejo’s words. They had not anticipated this.

” Tejo beta that’s not the thing” khushbeer expresses,” we are just concerned for you”

” concerned for me! That’s great but papa ji I don’t need anymore of concern or pity from anyone. I just need to get married and go from here and please tell me get married without any drama” Tejo requests in her polite tone.

” If that’s what you want puttar, you will get that” Khushbeer assures her, he was looking for words to express his family’s concern in good words but could not come up with one.

” Kyun nahi ji, we will get her married after all she has done so many favours for us. She acted like this house’s daughter and now see” Gurpreet says looking at tejo in distaste.

Tejo shoves away any hurt she wants to feel but to her surprise she doesn’t feel anything but anger. ” Yes aunty ji, you’re right. I did try to be this house’s daughter but never got treated as one because I don’t think if you would have thought me as your daughter, you would have let the people who cheated and hurt your daughter to stay in the same roof let alone getting them married”

” Fateh is my son, how can you expect me to throw him out” Gurpreet blurted out.

Tejo shrugs, ” see aunty ji, that’s why we should not complicate realtionships. I see that I’m nothing more than your ex daughter in law whom you like but not more than your son and I accept it”

” We supported you against him” Gurpreet argues foolishly and khushbeer wanted to shut his wife’s mouth immediately.

Tejo smiles sarcastically, ” if this is what it is, thank you aunty ji for supporting me instead of supporting your son who cheated on his wife. Thank you so much”

” Not only aunty ji, thanks for everyone who supported me against my ex cheater husband and my sister. You have done a huge favour on me by doing so and I would always be grateful to you people still my death”

Both the virks and sandhus looked ashamed and hung their head down. Beji tried to speak something but tejo raised her hands indicating her that she doesn’t want to hear a word.

” I don’t want any Apologizes or any pleading. I’m done and I’m asking only one thing. Please let me go, I don’t deserve to stand in shadows and see my ex husband and my sister enjoy their life while I serve my ex husband’s family and correct my sister’s mistakes. No I deserve to have my own family and my own life. I’m sorry I can’t do this anymore” Tejo says finally swallowing her hurt, Riya puts a hand on her shoulder supporting her friend. Tejo nods at her that she is okay and walks away from the hall with Riya finally leaving  both the families standing here regretting their actions.

Fateh follows tejo which jasmine did not notice because she was busy thinking something else.

” Tejo ” fateh calls her as he stops her from entering the guest room

” I will handle this” Tejo tells to Riya who had stepped in front to stop fateh.

” Are you sure?!” Riya asks her, tejo nods at her.

She looks on as fateh walks up to her with his puppy face.

” Tejo, don’t Marry that guy. He is not right for you” fateh whined,” he is already taking you away from us”

Tejo controls her urgue to slap fateh across his face harshly and laugh at his joke.

” I’m sorry, who are you?” tejo asks him coldly.

” tejo… please” fateh stammered abruptly,” i know you don’t like me and don’t want to talk to me but please listen that guy is not right for you. he already made you behave so arrogantly with the family

tejo snorts,” thank you so much but may i ask you who is right for me?! let me guess some cheater boxer who plays with woman’s feelings and sleeps around is the right guy for advising me about my marriage

” and don’t worry! the guy who is taking me away from this toxic environment i know is right for me” tejo snaps at him harshly

” my family loves you” fateh assures tejo,” you don’t see everyone loves you

tejo guffawed and shakes her head,” but they never gave me half of the respect and consideration which aaryan’s family gave me today

before fateh comes out with more foolish words, tejo cuts him off “i think you should leave before my sister sees you here and starts accusing me of trying to steal you

tejo tells him off and walks inside the room. riya walks inside and slamming the door on fateh’s stunned face happily

tejo sits on the bed taking deep breaths to steady herself

” was i being too harsh? did i do the right thing?” she asks riya who was smiling at her

” damn tejo you were bang on right today!” riya says her patting her friend’s back,” i’m so proud of you

” never change yourself from now, don’t let people walk over you and never let people take you for granted” riya tells her

tejo nods at her but could not stop the tear which trickled down her eyes, she tries to wipe it off but riya stops her

” it’s okay, you can cry now. don’t bottle up your emotions, just let them go” riya says softly,” if you bottle it up, you will only feel suffocated

tejo nods and wept in pain and hurt she kept crying and fell asleep after sometime. riya did not console her nor tried to stop her from crying even though she wanted to console her . it was for the best,tejo should let go of her past to have future with aaryan. riya sighs and lays down next to her best friend falling asleep quickly.


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