Rikara ss — attempts — characters and shot 1 realizing

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omkara a.k.a om, age: 24: loves his daughter and now his wife. was a ruthless businessman but now a kind artist.

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gauri, age: 21: loves her daughter but confused on om now.

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geetika a.k.a geetu, age: 3: daughter of rikara. helping her papa.

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shivay, age: 31 and anika, age: 31: minor characters

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anushka a.k.a anu, age: 11: daughter of shivika.

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sanjay, age: 10: son of shivika.


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rudy, age: 23, bhavya, age: 27: minor characters

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naksh, age: 4: this is rumya’s son. somu died so bhavya is a mother figure for naksh.
rest are same




shot 1:


om was looking at gauri crying. he felt guilty for everything.

geetu: look! look at mummy crying!! you know why? because you hurt mummy!!

om: geetu…..

geetu: no mr oberoi, if you don’t consider my mummy as your wife then don’t you consider me as your daughter!

om: geetu, you are my daughter. in fact you are mine and gauri’s daughter. i couldn’t realize earlier. someone blinded me but you brought back my sight. i want you and your mama in my life.  please geetu, meri baby please, papa is sorry.

geetu: are you sure that it’s me you have to say sorry to?

om: you are right! it’s mama. will you join me into making your mama love me?

geetu: if you will never hurt her again?

om: promise meri baby.

geetu: ok.

she hugs om tightly.

om: i promise that your mama will never feel pain again, just love?

geetu: keep your promise.

om: meri bumblebee, i will.

precap: attempt 1…….fail ?

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