Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 22

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Episode 22

At last Vaani expressed about her illness to Shivika.It was the night before Shivika’s death drama. After her battle with Adi. As usual,she sobbed a lot. Vaani’s future teased her like a horrible nightmare. Shivika closed her eyes. It rinsed the tear droplets. For a minute and she opened her eyes.

“Bitto, I am crying. For what?? We are with you. Nothing gonna happen to you.”

Vaani leaned over her shoulder.

“Kittu, I am missing my Halluboy.”

Kittu: I knew. That’s why I had sent him to abroad forcefully.

Vaani: ?? Means it was your plan??

Shiv: haan. Now you can feel the love right?? Bitto you are really lucky. You can test him by your health. I mean. Is he genuine or not?? And you can savour more lovely moments with him.

Vaani: Hmm ok. But don’t say about this to others.

Shiv: About what?? Vivi or else cancer??

Vaani: No way. Shivika means “The times of India.

Vaani: Kittu tujhe meri kasam hai.

Vaani: Hehe vada hota hai, todne ke liye.

Vaani: Kittu please…

Kittu: Hmm I will try my best. But you should come to hospital with me tonight. I will be back after my classes.


Shravan slowly walked towards Shivaani. He jerked Shivaani. Only for scaring her and both fell onto the bed. As usual, they undergone through a long eye lock. Eyes started saying sagas, the fairy tales of love.

Double Ro entered.

“Omg ? ?. What is this??” double Ro opened their mouths widely.

Shivaani: ?? nothing we just fell off.

She said with adding some sanitary napkins and toothpastes in the list.

Rohan: Di, add some disinfectants also.

Shi: I know I am a doctor.

“Hey What are you doing Shivu??”, Shravan asked.

Rohit: Woh Bhaiyya we are packing the necessary things for Kerala distress relief.

Shra: Arrey budhu try to understand. There roads and bridges are almost ruined. By road, it is really difficult.

Shivaani: What shall I do now ??.

Shra: Nothing to worry. India ki apni dukan hai na. Go to, click on “Kerala needs your help”. Select an NGO and buy the necessary things. Simple. They will deliver it to the camps. Or otherwise log on to

Shivani: Paapa and Maamas donated a huge amount.

Shra: Yaar me to wanna donate. Tell me the web address.

Shivaani: No worries, you can donate through the government of Kerala -Chief minister’s distress relief fund. Log on to

Shra: Thank you for this information Shivu. So you can also donate by this site. Please offer a helping hand.

Shivaani: Whole 14 districts are in red alert. Loss of 20000 crore. 44 rivers are over flowing through the towns.34 dams are opened. Thousands of people are knotted in houses. More than 300 deaths. Dead bodies are flowing through the flood. Some are tied on the window cz they are unable to cremate or else bury it. Mortuary is also not working due to the lack of electricity. They are hungry, they want dress. Moreover they have to start everything from the beginning. They wants your help. Stand with Kerala. Saath hai hum Kerala. All for Kerala.

To be continued…….

Again sorry for the delay friends, I am distressed about my state’s condition. I will try my best to update frequently.

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