Swaragini-Incomplete Love Episode 44 By Aditi Ayansh

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“Compromise when you can, when u cant then don’t.”

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Recap: Viren’s birthday

Next day


Sanskar comes down for breakfast.

DP: Good morning Sanskar

Sanskar looks at them

Everyone smiles at him

Sanskar: Good morning.

AP: Come sit

Sanskar sits down

Sanskar: why are u all smiling at me?

Sujatha: nothing beta.

Sanskar looks on.

RP: What are u looking for Sanskar?

Laksh Adarsh and Pari comes

Sanskar nodes his head in no

They all sits down.

Adarsh: what are u looking for Sanskar

RP: I also asked him that.

Pari: answer Sanskar

Sanskar: no nothing I was just looking

Swara comes

Swara: looking

Sanskar: yh I was looking for Swara Bhabhi

Laksh smiles.

AP: Yh yh

Sanskar: no seriously I was looking for Bhabhi.

Adarsh smiles

Pari: ok but someone is missing right

Dhurv: Haan Mumma Kavitha aunty is not here.

Sanskar: haan Kavitha is also not here

Sujatha: u notied only now huh?

Sanskar: haan mom.

Voice: Surprise.

Swara: ragu.

Swara goes and hugs her

Swara: how are u bacha?

Ragini: I am good Shona di. How are u?

Swara; after seeing u I am also good.

Laksh: saali sahiba…meri jaanu ki jaan

Ragini; hi jeeju saab…meri di ki jaan

Laksh hugs Ragini

Laksh: where were u?

Ragini: I was here only. How is di now?

Laksh: what u say teacher ji is very strict now.

Ragini laughs

Swara: hloo u both.

Ragini: haan we almost forgot u were here di

Swara: yh I can see that

Laksh and Ragini giggles.

AP: Where were u beta. U forgot about us ?

Ragini: no AP aunty nothing like that. Was been a bit busy

RP: Finally u have time for us right

Ragini: yh today I took off from my busy schedule

Sujatha: then come have breakfast with us.

Ragini: oh wait I have brought someone with me.

All looks on

Sanskar(in mind): of course it will be her darling Viren. Why is she carrying him everywhere with her

Ragini: meet Viren everyone.

Ragini introduces Viren to everyone.

DP: Its nice to meet you gentleman.

Viren: pleasure to meet u all too.

Sujatha: come beta have breakfast with us.

Viren and Ragini sits near Dhruv.

Kavitha comes with breakfast.

Sanskar looks on

Sujatha: today’s breakfast is specially made by Kavitha.

AP: Ragu beta this is Kavitha.

Ragini and Kavitha exchange smile

Pari: ragu don’t u want ice cream for breakfast.

Ragini looks at Viren.

Ragini nodes her haed in no

All are surprised.

Sanskar(in mind) : what happened to her. She is saying no to ice creams

Swara starts laughing

Laksh: why? what happened?

Swara: Mukta Bhabhi told me about how Viren put a ban on Ragu’s ice cream eating.

Ragini: not funny Swara di

Viren: yh definitly not funny. See I just told her its not good to eat ice creams always..and she is a good girl she obeys me

Sanskar rememebers Ragini telling him that she cant never give up on ice creams.

Viren: you are not going to have ice cream always right Diya.

Viren realises what he just said

Ragini and Viren looks at each other.

Sanskar is super shocked.

AP: Diya ?

Viren: no no aunty all I was saying is maine ice cream diya hain.

AP: Ok

Sanskar(in mind): Diya no how can he know this name. And Ragini was not surprised also hearing it. What is cooking between both of them.

AP: That’s for ragu’s good only. Come lets have breakfast.

All are having breakfast.

Kavitha sits near Sanskar

DP: Ok everyone we are going to make few decisions here

RP: Yh so we are ready for your marriage Sanskar.

Viren Ragini Sanskar and Kavitha looks on

Sanskar: what papa..no I am not ready. I don’t want to get married now.

Sujatha and AP smiles.

Adarsh: don’t be like this Sanskar

Pari: once u get to know whom u r going to marry then u’ll be dancing with joy

Sanskar looks on

DP: any guesses anyone?

Sanskar: bade papa its not a riddle

Sujatha: be rrady to get happy son

DP: Its Kavitha.

Kavitha and Sanskar are shocked

But more than that Ragini and Viren are shocked.

Sanskar: what my marriage with Kavitha?

AP: Haan we all know how much u love each other

RP: Kavitha beta u happy right

Swara: she is blushing chachu.

Sanskar looks at Ragini

Ragini tries to pretent like she is not affected by all these

Which makes Sanskar temper shoot up like anything.

AP: Sanskar u r happy right? It’s a yes from u na beta

Ragini(in mind): no Sanskar pls say no..u cant do this..Sanskar u are married. Pls Sanskar don’t say yes.

Sanskar(in mind): I cant let u win always. This time I want Kavitha to win. She has suffered a lot and there is no other way. I’ll not say no for this.

Sujatha; Sanskar

Sanskar: yes.

Ragini is super duper shocked

Sanskar: yes..and I know its from Kavitha also.

Sanskar looks at Kavitha.

Assuring her that nothing will go wrong.

Kavitha nodes her head in yes.

All are very happy.

After breakfast.

Ragini; Viren lets go

Viren: Ragini..pls be calm.

Ragini: I cant be calm ok…now this is too much.

Viren: I know how u feel. U must remember I am also going through that same pain

Ragini: pls Viren let me go

Viren: relax Ragini.

Ragini breaksdown.

Viren hugs her.

Viren: I know u love him

Ragini: I am so bad Viren

Voice: no u r not .

Viren and Ragini looks on

Its none other than Laksh.

Laksh: u are not bad Ragu don’t think like that. U love him right.

Viren: deeply

Laksh: How many times me and Mukta asked u about talking to Sanskar. But it was u who don’t wanted all these. So we also thought gthat u stopped caring for him.

Ragini: I don’t know.

Laksh: there is still time Ragu. I can still talk to him for u

Ragini: no jeeju, He said what he want and I am ready to go with it.

Viren; but Ragu

Ragini: no Viren. Some promises are meant to be broken and some love stories are meant to be INCOMPLETE. And ours is an INCOMPLETE LOVE

Ragini goes.

Laksh: Viren pls be there with her.

Viren: don’t worry I’ll be.


@Sanskar’s room

Kavitha: now what Sanskar?

Sanskar: don’t worry Kavitha now Viren have no other choice. He will have to admit that he loves u. Kavitha don’t worry nothing will go wrong . You trust me right.

Kavitha: ofcourse I trust u Sanskar. But what about ragini?

Sanskar; what about her.

Kavitha: u love her right

Sanskar; I don’t love her

Kavitha: don’t lie to me Sanskar. U promised me

Sanskar: some promises are meant to be broken.


Precap: Ragsan talks

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