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I wrote an OS on Wattpad for a Rikara OS Competition.

Topic: It was on a quote so here it is:

I can’t promise to fix all of your problems, but I can promise you won’t face them all alone.

Current Situation: Due to the drug, Rikara consummated their marriage accidentally. Bua Ma does not exist. Annika is pregnant with a child and Svetlana is back in the house but Tej’s fake death is still on. Svetlana and Jhanvi are friends after killing Tej. Gauri is an orphan, so she does not have her mother.

Annika, 4 months pregnant was at the stairs with Gauri beside her.

Svetlana (Sv): So Jhanvi, you think you can fool me. Now, watch how the family will shatter into pieces.

Svetlana pushes Annika down the stairs and then hides. She tumbles down the stairs and Om and Shivaye were just entering the house, see Annika holding her stomach screaming in pain and Gauri on the stairs.

S(Screaming): ANNIKA!

They both run to the stairs.

O: Take her to the hospital NOW! (Shivaye carries Annika to the car with Om at the stairs and Gauri still in shock of what happened. He goes up the stairs to Gauri.)

G: Om, I did not do this.

O(Angrily): If anything happens to her or her baby, I will kill you. I know you hate me but it does not mean you attack my family. What does a gold digger like you know about the values of family? After all, you are an orphan.

Om goes upstairs and Gauri just collapse on the stairs and sits there. An hour later, Om gets a call and apparently, due to the accident, they lost their baby. He quickly walks to his room and sees Gauri crying. He holds her arm tightly.

G: You are hurting me. Please let me go.

O: This is nothing compared to what Annika and Shivaye are going through. They just lost their baby and it is all because of you. I never knew you will stoop so low in your life. JUST GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!

Om walks out of the door and Gauri sits there crying. She takes off her mangalsultra and engagement rings, and takes all the stuff she brought from Bareilly. She leaves a note in Shivika’s room and leaves the house.

In a few hours, Om notices that Gauri is gone and has a mixture of feelings,

O(Thinking): She has done so much for me but I never expected that her habits will come out and wipe the happiness of my family. It is good that she is out of my life and I do not care if she even comes back.

Shivika gets the letter and they open it to read it:

Annika, I never pushed you down the stairs but Om thinks I did. No matter what I tell him, he never believes me so I have decided to leave this house. But, I was planning to tell you something as soon as the baby was born to surprise you. I am your Chutki. I found out a few days ago, when you started dreaming about Chutki and called her name out. I am sorry that I did not tell you earlier. Please tell Om that I only took the things that rightfully belongs to me. The mangalsultra and engagement ring does not belong to me anymore so I gave it back to him. I did not go to Bareilly so do not waste your time searching for me.

A: Chutki!! Why did you leave me? You should have told me your problems and I would have resolved them for you but instead you ran away from me and this entire family. Shivaye, call Om here now.

Om comes into her room.

O: If you are going to talk about Gauri, then stop. I am not ready to talk about this. That gold digger who destroyed your happiness should not stay in this house.


O(Surprised): What do you mean? Gauri was the one who pushed you the downstairs.

A: Chutki would never pushws me down the stairs.

O: Chutki?? She is your lost sister….

A: And she left me because she could not take your insults anymore. I do not care if you treat her as a wife or not but I want her back. Go find her.

That is exactly what Om and Shivaye did. But, Gauri knew that this would happen so she went to a place where no one can find her. She goes to Pune and also changed her name to Sanaya, Sanaya Sharma.

Gauri reached to her friend’s house in Pune and she was looking herself in the mirror.

G: Om, you never gave me the chance to say a word. (She puts her hand on her stomach.) If you knew that I was pregnant with your child, maybe you would have thought to give our relationship another chance, but you never did. You will regret your mistake and when you do, I will never accept you back into my life.

2 years later

Gauri’s baby is born and now 1 year old. The baby girl’s nickname is Anya. Om still does not understand Gauri but instead caught in a big problem. Svetlana is back and using the property documents, Svetlana has forced Om to marry her. If he does not, she will embarrass the entire family in front of media. She has proof of Tej’s affair and has cooked up some evidence that shows that the entire family abused Gauri and that is why she left the mansion. Gauri now works as a social activist with her friend.

Om and Svetlana were travelling to Pune for a land agreement. The land agreement is currently occupied by a school that is for young disabled children. But, Om just considers it as land and wants it for himself. Om and Svetlana sit in the car, watching a bulldozer going closer to the school. As soon as it is about to come down, a girl with a pink top and blue jeans and short hair come in front of it.

G: STOP! This land rightfully belongs to the school and you cannot take it.

Worker: Please move out of the way. There are very big powerful people involved witht his and you do want to miss with them.

G: I do not care who it is. I am also connected to major politicians. Tell them to come here and we can talk. Till then, my activist group will sit here and we will make sure this school goes to the kids.

O(In his car): What the hell is going on there? I asked them to destroy that school and they are not doing anything. (He sees people sitting there, but their backs were facing him). These stupid activists will never get up. I will just take the bulldozer and scare them.

Sv: Baby,come down.

O: Do not call me, baby. We are just engaged.

They both get out of the car and head towards the bulldozer. Om sits in the bulldozer and goes to destroy the school. Everyone runs from them except for the girl. She just sits there and reading a newspaper, not caring about the person in the bulldozer. (Gauri does not see Om and Om does not see her. )

O: That girl is so arrogant, just like Gauri. (Thinking) Why am I thinking about her right now? (He remembers how Gauri destroyed his car and he walks up to the girl.) Are you stupid? I do not need to pay you anything. I bought this land so it rightfully belong to me. Now get out of here.

The girl gets up and takes off her sunglasses. They were both shocked as they saw the last person they expected to see in front of them.

O: Gauri!! How are you here?

G: Hello, sir. My name is Sanaya and this land belongs to these kids. So please leave and do not destroy their school.

O: So, now are you trying to take the land from the school and show your gold-digging skiils to these poor kids?

G: Sorry, Om. I am not the golddigger here. You are. Stealing land from a school and taking advantage og them is a big crime.

O: Gauri! You are making me so mad.

G: Do you think I care? Oh, it looks like your Svety is back. Om, you should be ashamed of yourself. I cannot believe you are marrying the same girl that had an affair with your problem.

Om takes Gauri aside.

O: You are going past your limit. Shut up!

G: I just got started now, Om. The only reason why I put up with your insults is because you were my husband, but you took advantage of that and destroyed my self-respect. I am sorry to say but revenge is a bl***y b***h.

Her friend, Neela, comes to Gauri with a baby.

N: Gauri, Anya is crying. You should feed her now.

Om looks at the baby and Anya stopped crying as soon as she saw Om. She smiled at him and Om unexpectedly smiled back.

O(Thinking): This baby stopped crying as soon as she saw me and smiled at me. As soon as she saw her papa. Why did I smiled back at her? Is this my child? Could it be my child? Why did not Gauri tell me this?

Gauri realizes what Om is thinking and walks away from Om with the child. Om follows her. Gauri notices Om following her.

G(Thinking): Why is he following me? I need to feed her and I cannot if he is following me like this.

She turns around to confront Om.

G: Why are you following me? (Om stutters) You want to know that if Anya is your child. No, she is not our child. (Om looks at her in surprise when she said our) I felt lonely. I adopted her so I can have some company. Now, can you stop following me so I can go find her feeder and feed her? She is crying in hunger.

Om just stops in his tracks and Gauri leaves.

O(Thinking): She said that this child is not mine but why do I feel like Anya is my daughter? She looks like a little Gauri with my nose. But, why would Gauri hide this to me? This would be a perfect opportunity to get back into the mansion.

Gauri goes to her room and starts to feed the baby.

G(Crying): Anya, I am sorry for calling you a foster child but I had. Om will use his power to take you away from here and I will just die if I lose you. I do not know how I am going to face Om in this situation.

Neela walks in.

N: Why don’t you tell him that he is the father? He has the right to know.

G: But, how can I? He will take the baby away from me.He is already stuck with Svetlana and she is probably blackmailing him. It will just destroy his entire family’s name. It is better that he does not know.

Little did she know that someone was listening to her. She puts Anya to sleep and gives to Neela.

2 hours later

Gauri was with the kids when Neela came running to her in fear.

N: Gauri, someone kidnapped Anya.

G: What do you mean? Calm down and tell me what happened.

N: I put her in the carriage to get some more water for her and when I came back, she was gone and there was a note there.

Note: I have your child. Come to the old aluminum family if you want to see her alive.

G(Tears in her eyes, Angry): I know who did this.

She runs to Om and holds his collar.

G: How dare you kidnap Anya? If you want to attack me, then come at me. But instead, you attack someone so dear to me.

O: What do you mean?

G: Someone kidnapped her and I know it is you. Why are you always trying ways to make me cry? What if Anya get hurts?

O: I did not do it, but whoever did, hats off. If I knew this, I would have kidnapped her and taken her to mansion. I would have made you run around like a crazy woman and made you understand how Annika felt when she lost her baby.

Gauri just stands in shock.

G: How can do this to my baby? Do you know the emotional pain I had to go through when I carried her? I almost lost her at delivery time but again Shankerji saved her.

Om looks at her in shock.

O: She… is my daughter.

G (On her knees, begging): Please, Om, just give my daughter back.

Om touches her shoulder and helps her get up.

O: Is she my daughter?

G: She is your daughter, dammit. Please do not hurt her.

O: How did this happen? It was because of that night, right? When we were both accidentally drunk and…

G: Please give her back to me.

O: I will find her. Anya is my child and as a father, I will protect her with my life.

G: That means you do not have her… Who took my Anya?

O: How did you find her out that someone kidnapped her?

Gauri shows him the note and he instantly knew who it was by the handwriting.

O: Svetlana kidnapped her. Let’s just go to the factory and get our child back.

They both head to the factory and there she can see Svetlana with the baby and a few goons.

Sv: So it looks like Rikara is back together to get their baby. Om, you do realize what the consequences if you save this baby? I WILL DESTROY YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY.

O: I do not care. Right now, as a father, all I care about is my child. (Gauri looks at him.) Do not worry, Gauri, I will get Anya back. We will go back to the mansion with our child and you can finally reunite with your sister.

G(Thinking): I would rather die than come with you. You will just destroy my self-respect.

Sv: Let’s first see if you can get out of here alive.

Om fights the goons. They are all lying on the ground and Svetlana was really angry. She takes a gun out.

Sv: You guys, give me no choice. (She points the gun at the stroller but the baby was not there.)

G (With Anya in her hand): I have Anya. I took her when Om was fighting. Now you cannot hurt anyone. The police will be here any minute and you will go to jail for a long time.

Om smiles at Gauri.

G: Just because you saved my daughter, it does not mean I own you anything. Do not smile at me like I am your wife.

O: She is also my daughter as well.

Sv(Acting in a crazy way): Can you guys stop fighting? My plan will never fail! (She points the gun at Om.) I will kill you, Om and then blackmail your father. He will marry me and all the property will come under my name.

Gauri runs in front of Om. G: I will never let that happen. No one will harm my husband until I am alive.

O(Shocked): Gauri, please move out of the way. She is going to hurt you.

G: I do not care. If they want to hurt my family, they first have to go through me.

Sv: How stupid are you Gauri? This very man called you a gold digger. He did not know that Kali and his brothers forced you to marry them and made no effort to find out. Why do you need this kinda of husband?

O(Looking at Gauri, tears in his eyes): So, it was all true. What she was trying to explain to me is all true and I just ignored it all.

G: I do not need him as a husband, but my daughter needs her dad. I know what it is like growing up without parents and I do not want my daughter to be in the same situation.

Sv: But still, he kicked you out for something you did not do.

O: What do you mean, Svetlana?

Sv: I pushed Annika downstairs. But, I ended by hitting two birds with one stone. I destroyed the family’s happiness and you kicked Gauri out of your life.

O: How can you do this? You made me live like a loner and separated me from my wife and child.

G(Turns to Om): Do not blame her. It is all your fault. You never cared to investigate and just made assumptions. If you truly love me, you would have supported me but you never did.

O: That is not true…

All of sudden, the police comes in and Svetlana fires her gun in the brawl. It hits Gauri in the left shoulder and with Anya in her hand, she falls down on the floor.

O: Gauri, do not worry. We will take you to the hospital and you will come back to the mansion as my wife and Chutki.

G: Om, there is no point. I know that I am not going to survive this.

O(Tears in his eyes): No, you will not leave me. I love you, Gauri. I cannot live without you. These two years felt like hell. I realized how much I depended on you after you left. You will survive this and just like Anya, we will have another child.

Gauri(Cries): This is the happiest day of my life. You finally found out the truth and my daughter now knows who her father is. (She passes Anya to Om.) I want you to take care of her, my child, Shivanya Omkara Singh Oberoi.

O: Shivanya… that was the name Annika and Shivaye planned to name their child

Gauri nods in pain.

O: I am so sorry, Gauri. (He can see Gauri’s eyes slightly closing.) Hey, Dabang Gauri, the ambulance is coming. You do not give up that easily. Please do not leave me alone.

G: Who said I am leaving you alone? I did not want to tell you Anya was your daughter because I wanted you to solve you Svetlana’s problem. And now she is gone but I have broken my promise.

O: What do you mean? Gauri, I do not care what promise you have broken. Please do not talk, you are losing a lot of blood.

G: I have promised that as your wife, that I will fix all your problems and now I cannot do that, because I am going to die.

O: Gauri, do not say that. You will be with me for the rest of your life.

G: Om, please let me finish. Before I go, I promise that you will not face your problems all alone. Shivanya will always be there for you, leading you in all the darkness just like I did as Chulbul. You will never be lonely. Please take care of Anya. I love you, Om…

And, Gauri stops talking.

O: Gauri… Gauri… Gauri!!!!

Om and Shivanya starts to cry. Om brings Gauri’s dead body to the mansion and everyone at the house mourn her death.

5 years later…

Om was in his room.

O: You know Gauri. Shivanya is like you. She eats Gol Gappa the Gauri style. You know Shivaye has this huge bump on his forehead because Shivanya always throw candy on his forehead. She thinks it is a game. You were the sunshine of this house and now she took over that role.

He was talking to Gauri’s photo. But, he never put a garland on her photo as he believes that Gauri still lives in his memories, and in his Shivanya.

Shivanya runs to Om and the shot ends with Om hugging Anya and Gauri’s photo in his other hand.

Gauri managed to keep her promise. The promise that Om will never be alone. He will always have the support of Shivanya even if he feels like no one is by his side.

Hey guys. You may not like Gauri dying but there are so many FFs out there where they live happily ever after so I thought I do something different. I just hope they do not kill these characters though. Sorry for the mistakes! J

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  1. Nita D

    Dear it’s lovely…..n I loved seeing gauri as a bold and independent woman, but taking that strong avtar to protect her family….
    Death just by bullet on shoulder was not expected but it is fictional n anything is possible there.

    1. Hope95

      I realized that after I posted it, but like you said, this is just our imagination.

  2. Nice OS with nice awesome different plot , I was about to cry reading if , write more ff and is , eagerly waiting

  3. Yashu

    It was really nice….i loved it to core of my heart…it was quite different….brilliant idea…

  4. Criz

    this make cry….nicce keep going

  5. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous no words to say dear….I loved gauri character she is bold and independent women in this os??but u made me cry ???? last scene was so emotional

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear


    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  8. Pui

    It was plain fabulous….
    Touched the right corners. Gauri’s independent avatar was good. The reunion was lovely. The bond was unforgettable. Overall, EPIC one.

  9. B.k.maha


  10. Zaveesha

    Very nice…

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