Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 49

5 year leap

• Shivaye, Annika, and their kid: No change – Ragini scene and the Annika taking over the house all happened, live happily ever after
• Rudra and Bhavya: Kid was born. Rudra became more responsible, helping Shivaye with the business
• Om: Managing his art exhibitions and the business at the same time – Trying to take his mind of Gauri
• Dadi: Mad at the family so decided to do a temple tour around India (She will be back.)
• The other people still the same. – Tejlana still exists.

Om is in his room and just woke up, looking at Gauri’s picture.

O(Talking to the picture): I have always had the habit to talk to you every morning. By telling someone my emotions, I feel like my burden has decreased. So today, my schedule is going to the office to meet Shivaye. He called me because we have received a huge donation for our education trust and he wants us to meet her. Then, I will to finish my artwork. I am planning to paint a couple happily dancing around just like we did before. See you late. I will try to come early so we can talk about other stuff.

Om heads out and Shivaye joins him in his car. They were talking about a business deal when Om abruptly stops the car.

O: It looks like there is some sort of accident. We cannot back out as there are cars behind us.

People around them: This is going to take forever. Apparently, a man hanged himseld but it does not look like suicide. He was tortured badly before he was killed.

Om and Shivaye stay there for 30 minutes and get tired of sitting in the car. So they head out and decide to go the scene. When they get there, the officers have just taken down the hanging body and put the body on the hospital stretcher.

S: How is this possible?

O: Who killed KALI THAKUR?

It was Kali Thakur. A man who was feared by everyone, a man who took his Gauri away from him now was dangling like an orphan. You can see his bones through him as someone has not fed him properly for months. His finger nails missing.

There was a board hanging on him and it said, “Beware. This is what happens if you mess with me.

They both go back into the car as the police officers were starting to clear the traffic.

S: Who has the guts to torture and kill Kali? Was it you Om? If it was, let me know. I can help you out of this.

O: Are you crazy? He did kill Gauri but I would never kill him for that. It was just Karma. He killed Gauri and someone killed him.

As they were driving away, there was a man staring at them.

Man: Oberois, you are next. Watch as your family destructs into shreds. No one can save you.

Both of them head to the office and Rudra brings in a few files.

R: Shivaye, who is this, Kesha Malhotra. She has given us another donation to our trust. Altogether, she has donated 1 crore.

Shivaye opens the envelope and with the cheque, there is a letter:

Dear Oberois,

I strongly believe that everyone needs to have access to education so here is a small donation for your trust. There are several trusts out them but based on my research, you are one of the few trusts that actually deliver the money to people in need. I am having a masquerade party tonight so please bring your family there as well. I will be honoured to meet them.



O: I want to meet her as well. She has been buying my art work a lot and I want to see what she does with it.

S: Kesha is a very successful investor. She starts DOF investment firm 4.5 years ago and now it is one of the leading investment banks in the world. She has offices in every major city around the world. After the Oberoi family, she has the next biggest holding in the Oberoi Shares. Just because of her holdings, our stock price has doubled in price.

R: I want to meet her as well. Maybe, she give me some tips so I can be like her as well.

O: Tips, you? I have always been teaching you ever since you joined the company. The next day, you come back with the same questions, duffer. It is like a never ending loop. Shivaye, one day, I am going to break open his skull and you have to clean up his brains.

R: Do you think Ruvya will let you do that? (Ruvya is his daughter and just like Bhavya, she is very naughty and protective.) She will take her favourite toy and break your skull.

O: Ruvya will never do that. She understands what a duffer you are already. She was teaching you how to hold a pencil properly. That girl is smart. She probably got that from her mother.

S: Guys, so we are set. Tonight, we are going to Kesha’s party.

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