Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 27th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Dabbu in Trouble as Bakula Plans Theft

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Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 27th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanhaiya ji and Mahadev tell that it is an injustice if Dabbu is kicked out from home. Bakula says Dabbu will help her and calls Yamraj. Rekha asks Dabbu’s relatives to take her back. Mohit asks what happened? Rekha says Dabbu is saying that she saw Bakula Bua’s bhoot and she asked her to give chicken and wine. She says she can’t believe this. Madhuri scolds Chandu for ordering bhoot bhagawo yantra. Chandu says the people’s stories were heart touching that he ordered the yantra. Madhuri says they were fake people. Mohit asks Dabbu to call Bakula’s bhoot. Dabbu calls Bakula. Bakula enters her and tells that she was joking and made them april fool. Mohit says he don’t expect this from her. Chandu gets the yantra and says he will use it at 3 am. Dabbu asks Mama and Mami to believe her. Bakula appears and tells that nobody will believe her. She takes yamraj’s yantra and makes Mama unconscious. Mama faints. Mami and Dabbu gets worried. Yamraj makes Mama fine. Mami takes him with her. Bakula Bua threatens dabbu not to tell anyone that her ghost exists else she will kill her Mama. She asks Yamraj to give darshan to Dabbu and threatens her. Yamraj threatens her not to tell anyone. Kanhaiyya ji tells mahadev that Bakula hurts him and tells that she is taking disadvantage of her bhoot avastha. Mahadev says they shall give a chance to Bakula and see what they do.

Mohit tells Dabbu that she can’t sleep in his room now. Dabbu says ok. Mohit says won’t you ask me why I am saying this. Mohit asks her to ask. She asks. He says you knows everything and calls Rupal. Rupal asks her to go and check if water bottle is in kids’ room. She says today you have proved that you are Shyam’s brother. He says you both have sacrificed your wife and scolds him for throwing her out of house. Mohit says she said that she saw Bakula’s bhoot and then said that she was joking. Dabbu comes and says she will sleep on swinger and asks him not to worry. Rupal says you will repent one day and takes Dabbu with her.

Bakula Bua wakes up Dabbu and asks her to come and steal jewellery from her locker. Dabbu says it is a theft. Bakula says locker and jewellery are both mine and asks her to come. They go to room. Munna wakes up to go to loo. Shyam walks in sleep. Munna thinks he is again walking in sleep and goes to Rekha’s room to get the ghungroo. Bakula lifts Rekha in air to get the keys. Munna comes there, but don’t see Rekha in the air. He takes the ghungroo and goes out. Bakula takes keys. Munna ties ghungroo to Shyam and thinks if he goes to terrace then, I have to follow him.

Dabbu gets the keys. Bakula asks her to open the locker now. Dabbu tries to talk to locker. Bakula asks her to open the locker fast. Munna diverts Shyam to Chandu and Madhuri’s room. Madhuri gets scared hearing ghungroo’s voice and wakes up Chandu. Chandu says he can hear chhan chhan, who is dancing at night. Madhuri says it is 3:45 am. She says may be there might be ghost in the house. He says he has hanuman chalisa to get rid of ghost. Madhuri says if ghost gets afraid of hanuman then he would have been popular God. Dabbu types wrong locker pin. Bakula scolds her. She realizes she left Rekha in the air and goes to her room.

Vinay talks romantically with Rekha while in sleep. Bakula makes her lie down on bed again. Rekha says she fell down on the bed. Vinay says he can’t let her fall. Chandu opens the door and tells Madhuri what he shall do if ghost offers him job. Madhuri says when alive people don’t give you job then why ghost will give. He comes out of room reading hanuman chalisa and runs hearing ghungroo. Munna thinks if Papa is walking in sleep. Mohit wakes up, and asks Munna why Shyam is walking and worn ghungroo. Shyam falls down and wakes up.

Vinay shouts that he got the code. He says first and second code is 67 and third one is 0 and gives reasoning. Rekha gets happy. Bakula asks Dabbu to type 6704 and get the jewellery. She asks her to keep Bawli. Bakula asks Dabbu to run fast. Dabbu drops the jewellery cloth. Bakula says it seems they got the code. Chandu prays to God to get ghost out of house. Bakula Bua are pushed out of house. Dabbu is shocked. Bakula wonders what is happening with her, why she can’t enter the house. Rekha calls Mohit and Shyam. Bakula Bua calls Mani Dadi, Chanchal and asks them to come fast. They come and asks why she disturbed them at night. Bakula says she couldn’t go inside Raja Sadan.

They go to locker room and find the locker opened and empty. Munna says now dadi will say she is looted. Rekha says the same thing. Vinay asks them to call Police. Munna calls Yogita and asks her to come soon. They think he called police. Chandu says two things were stolen in the same night, and says Dabbu is also missing. Mohit gets shocked. Rekha and Vinay suspect Dabbu and says she might have stolen from the locker. Mohit says he will see.

Narad talks in French language. Kanhaiya ji says he is speaking wrong and asks him to talk in English. Narad tells Kanhaiya ji that Bakula and Dabbu are in trouble. Kanhaiya says Bakula can’t enter the house as hanuman chalisa is inside. Mani Dadi scolds Bakula for talking angrily with her. Chanchal tells Bakula that may be someone kept hanuman chalisa or bhoot bhagawo yantra in the house. Bakula says now how shall I get inside. Police comes there. Rupal asks him to go out and remove his shoes out. Inspector gets angry. Rekha says she gets angry seeing dirty. Munna says he is real police and his uniform is also original and asks him to salute him. While Inspector salutes, Munna takes the gun and shoots in air. Everyone is shocked.

Mohit tells that it is impossible for Dabbu to climb off the wall and jump. Shyam says he himself jumped taking Guru ji’s name. Chanchal gets inside him and tears Guru ji’s pic. Vinay blames Mohit for stealing the jewellery along with dabbu. Munna says Rekha’s cupboard is not checked. Chanchal asks Bakula to try if she can enter.

Update Credit to: MA

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