Ishqbaaz – Rikara Support Chapter 18

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Gauri comes into the office with a tube that has the painting inside. She opens it up and puts the drawing on the table with the others.

G(Thinking): I hope sir likes my drawing. I just did what he told and I hope I do not give me a bad impression.

Gauri looks at all the other drawings and gets completely worried.

G(Thinking): Look at all these nice dresses. The one that she loved was the backless white dress that was perfect for a church wedding. Sahil can see Gauri’s frustration.

S: Do not worry, Gauri. This is your first project so if you make mistakes, then learn from them.

G: But, I do not want to make mistakes though. I want to be perfect.

S: Then, how will you improve? Calm down. Most newbies get their first chance after a year of work.

G: Really?

All the team leaders come in and separate out the ones that they will send to Om for approval. Keshav comes out of the meeting room.

K: Guys, two of our team’s dresses were chosen. I cannot believe it.

S: Which drawings were chosen?

K: Shahid and Gauri’s drawings.

The entire team excluding Keshav: WHAT?

They all look at Gauri and Gauri just looks completely surprised.

Shahid: And here she was panicking about how bad it was.

K: Gauri, for a new employee, it was just perfect. Girls would just go gaga over it. Where did you get the inspiration?

G: I just cleared my head and closed my eyes. The thought just came up and I drew it. Apart from that, I do not know how I drew it.

K: You know, Gauri. That is what sir does too.

G(Thinking): He is the one that told me.

Tina brings in all the drawings and place it on Om’s table.

O: Why are you smiling like that? (She had this huge grin on her face)

T: What’s wrong with smiling? Just cause you do not smile it does not mean we cannot smile. Smiling is my right, Om.

O: Okay, enough with the advice.

T: Now, you know how it feels to kill someone with advice.

O (Sarcastically): HAHA! Funny…

Om flips through all the designs and he sees a blue and green one shoulder dress. The shoulder had a peacock feather design.

O: Who did this?

T: Who else, your wife?
O: You mean, Gauri.

T: How did you figure that out? Gauri has not put her name on it anywhere.

O: I just did.

Tina walks out and Om just stares at the dress. Om remembers his call yesterday and how he said for inspiration, he would close his eyes and draw whatever came in mind.

O(Thinking): That means she still has thoughts about us. The times we spent together. (Flashback to the peacock feather that Om used and Gauri lying on the green recliner) It is still not too late to rekindle this relationship.

Om smiles and quickly sent an email out to the entire company.

Good morning guys.

I have checked all of your designs and the lead design for this season’s release will be the peacock design released by Gauri Kumari Sharma. I have also attached a PDF of all the other designs. Thank you for your effort.

Gauri and her team were in the office.

K(Mad): Gauri, check your email. This is serious.

Gauri opens her email and reads the email that Shanker sent.

G(Thinking): I do not know how to react. The entire team looks so angry.

Their frowns turns into smiles and burst into laughter.

Shahid: You are so gullible. I cannot believe you fell for that.

K: Gauri, you have brought so much recognition to this team. Thank you.

Gauri smiles.

G(Thinking): I never knew I was this talented. I need to focus more on my education and skills so I can do even better.

Gauri looks at the camera and smiles. Om smiles back at her.

O: Looks like her confidence is slowly rising. You will become the queen of the designing world, Gauri.

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