I am alive because of u(season 2 with arshi,ishra and swasan) epi 26

The next day ishita,raman,swara and sanskar with akash came to the raizada mansion.
Nani and anjali welcomed them..
Raman: where is khushi and arnav?
Nani: they didn’t still wake up. sleeping. Due to jet log I guess. Let them take rest. U guys come and sit.
Anjali takes akash in her hand and starts playing with them.
Nani:is there any news beta?
Sanskar: why nani, shouldn’t I visit my nani house?
Nani: I didn’t mean it in that way.
Sanskar: so bad of u nani. We came here just to see u. get it.
Swara: sanskar why r u doing drama now. nani. We came to inform u something. Ishu will inform u.
Nani: what happened ishu.
ishita oculdnt say a word also.
raman holds her.
raman: we r going to be parents nani. Bless us..
they both bend down and took blessings from nani.
Nani: very great news congrats.
Anjali: so I am going to get another one to play with me.
Raman and ishita smiles..

Meanwhile arnav and khushi stoop out of the bed room lazily and come down.
Khushi gets happy seeing all of them and runs to them and hugs them all.
Khushi: what r u here. a very surprise visit.
Ishita: I want to tell u that khushi, we both r going to become parents.
Khushi: what?
Ishita looks down a little awkward.
Khushi: oh my god. I am going to be bua again. wow a very great news yaar.
Raman: thank u.
Arnav: congrats. Nani tea.
Nani: hp bring tea.
They all had their tea together.
Raman: so how is my sister arnav?
Arnav: ur sister is the most different species in the world.
Ishita: what? Why?
Arnav: leave it. there are a lot.
Khushi looks at him staringly
Khushi: I am going upstairs.
Arnav holds her wrist and makes her sit.
Arnav: angry?
Khushi nods.
Arnav: sorry…
khushi: don’t speak to me. so raman, u have to well take care of ishu.
Ishita: huh khushi. why this much advices?
Khushi: doctor right?
Ishita: I shouldn’t have married a person whose sister is doctor.
Raman coughs a little.
Raman: really?
Ishita smiles widely..
They all speaks happily and they spend time with each other happily..

Some days passes by….

A house is shown..
A gang of 5 member are standing with a photograph of 5 girls.
1 st men: will this work out for sure?
4 th men: positive. They will be the one to do all the job.
5 th men: so when is the plan starting.
2 nd men: tomorrow. What if we r caught?
3 rd men: I am there. I will take care from my side without police interference as I am MP’s son.
4 th men: but our each step should be very careful
1 st men: dont worry. We will do and win it
They all did a grin at each other and splitted themselves…

Meanwhile at other side…
Ishita: it has been 5 months raman.
Raman: yeah. U r 5 moths preganant. I don’t know how these much days passed.
Ishita: u know just more 4 months. Then we will have him in our hands.
Raman: yeah.. very excited..
Ishita: raman..
Raman: what..
She comes near him and starts playing with his collar.
Raman: what do u want to eat?
Ishita: pani puri.
Raman: but idu it is 10.00 pm?
Ishita: please.we will go out and have. I am hungry.
Raman: just before 30 mins had ur dinner .
Ishita: u r counting these much for giving me? so bad.
Raman:opps. Sorry. come.
He takes her and they both leaves to have panipuri..

Raman stops the car in front of a chat shop.
Ishita and raman gets down.
Ishita wents there and stood near the person.
Ishita: bhaiya. Pani puri.
Raman: wait ishu. I will check and let u have it.
He tastes to have one.
Raman: I couldn’t identify. He agains has it and starts having it leaving beside ishu.
Ishita looks frowningly at him.
Raman: ishu u didn’t eat?
She stares at him.
Raman: have it.
He feeds her the panipuris.
Ishita smilingly has it.

In the other side.
Arnav and khushi entered the room after an exhausting day at both of their work place after having the dinner.

Khushi came after changing her dress and sees arnav seated at bed.
She come towards him and leans on his shoulders with her hand entangled with his hand.
Khushi: arnav.
Arnav: what happened? U look so tired?
Khushi: I am feeling like this for past 1 week. I am not able to concentrate on my work also as I feel somewhat dizzy and feverish.
Arnav hugs her.
Arnav: we will go to a doctor?
Khushi: no, I came to tell u that..
Arnav: what?
Khushi: i think I am pregnant.
Arnav was dumbed a minuite.
Khushi: I gave test so I get results tomorrow. I am taking tomorrow off.
Arnav hugs her more tightly.
Arnav: don’t worry. It will be positive.
Khushi smiles at him.
Khushi: we will have our own small world arnav. don’t tell to anyone. We will tell once it is confirmed by test reports.
Arnav: ok. take care. U first lie down.
He makes her lie down and covers her with an blanket.
Khushi: arnav I don’t know, I am afraid for tomorrow?
Arnav: why?
Khushi: I feel so?
Arnav: nothing will happen. Just think positively and sleep.
Khushi: ok.
Arnav hugs her protectively and both gets into sleep.

Swara came to the room after finishing the work where she saw ishra going out and smiled at them.
She came in the room to see father making the son to sleep and akash slept peacefully.
Swara smiles at them.
Swara: sanskar,we will go to terrace.
Sanskar: but akash.
Swara: take him too. We will make him lie in my laps. Come.
The trio moves upstairs.
Sanskar and swara gets seated where sanskar makes akash lie in his laps.
Swara: sanskar I wanted to tell this to u from the beginning. But I am telling u now.
Sanskar: ok.
Swara: sanskar kavitha is married to adithya kashyap
Sanskar: famous businessman?
Swara: yeah.
Sanskar: that his her character.
Swara: don’t blame her without knowing sanskar. I told u many times.
Sanskar: but she is.
Swara: we hid a very big thing from u sanskar. she was having brain tumour.
Sanskar gets shocked.
Sanskar: what?
Swara: he knows that if she says u that then u will not move on with me and she felt that I need u more than her. she doesn’t want us to separate and she shouldn’t be a reason for that.
Sanskar was numbed.
Swara: she was so selfless sanskar. she lost her friendship for that. she didn’t speak to me after Mumbai incident.
Sanskar: then how?
Swara: newspaper.
Sanskar: I didn’t know. how could I swara?

He realizes all her hatered words to her and gets teary eyed.
Swara: I wanted u both to be friends like that sanskar. will u speak to her?
Sanskar nods no.
Sanskar: I cant..
Swara: she also needs her best friend sanskar. speak with her.
Swara dials her number and puts it in speaker
Kavitha: hi kavitha kashyup here.
Swara: hi this is swara sanskar gupta.
Kavitha: idiot. U took these much days to call?
Swara: u didn’t call me for ur kind information mrs kashup.
Kavitha: how do u know?
Swara: newspaper.wont invite me for ur wedding also idiot?
Kavitha: sorry ,even I invite then sanskar wont allow u. leave it. is the baby he/ she?
Swara: akash . baby boy.
Kavitha: congrats.
Swara: how r u kavitha.
Kavitha: I am good. Doctor told me I am completely fine to live my life and I met my love in that. adi.
Swara: oh kavitha is blushing. Omg.

Kavitha: stop it yaar. how is sanskar/
Swara: he is fine? can I tell him the truth? I think he deserves a chance to know the truth right.
Kavitha: no swara. it wont be right. let him hate me. I deserved it for behaving with him like that. I just think I am not that much capable of being his friend.
Sanskar: shup u fool. r u mahaan or any generation of these types of mahaan.
Kavitha tearly smiles at his scoldings.
sanskar: u don’t have rights to defame my friend how could. U r not my childhood friend whom I met. U r the spoil brat. Why u killed that kavitha? Why u r so selfless?
Kavitha: I am sorry.
Sanskar: sorry? will this word compensate all these years? I don’t know which bastard u married?
Adi: hello excuse me. I am that bastard.
Kavitha and swara laughing.
Swara: hi I am swara.
Adi: hi I am adi.
Sanskar: sorry mr ..
Adi: don’t be this much formal sanskar. kavi told anything
Sanskar: look after my friend well. she is very precious to everyone.
Adi: I will surely take care .
Kavi smiles at him

Sanskar: I am sorry for everything kavi.
Kavitha: its ok sanskar . leave it and will forget the past and look for the future.
Swara: yeah sure.
Adi: ok we will catch up anywhere?
Sanskar: at redfort tomorrow?
Adi: sure. Even we r in Mumbai.
Kavitha: bring akash too.
Sanskar: sure. Ok sleep well bye.
Kavitha: byt.
They cut the call.
Sanskar hugs swara whiel sitting in the position..
Sanskar: thank u.
Swara smiles at him smilingly.
Sanskar:u r an angel to me swara. thank u. so so much.s
Swara: its ok swara. we will go down?
Sanskar: no I am comfortable like this.
Swara: come on sanskar adarsh may get pain, his posture is not proper. Come.
They both comes down…

a small promo.
will post it within 5 to 6 days as i have schools starting from tomorrow.

khushi was walking in the road with phone in her hand and reports in other hand.
Khushi:arnav, r u happy?
Arnav: I am the most happiest person in the world to get a wife and a baby like u.
Khushi smiles and starts crossing the road …

Khushi shouts and her phone falls down.
Arnav: khushi……
A person picks up the phone where the phone display was broken.
Person: hello…
Arnav: hello. What happened to my wife?
Person: ur wife met with an accident. We r taking to hospital. Come soon.
The person cut the call.

arnav rushingly reaches the hospital.
dr: sorry mr raizada we couldnt save her. she is no more.
arnav stands numb

so guys done with it. is khushi really dead? stay tuned to learn more

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