Riansh Os /Rrahel: Shaadi (Completed)

N: Guys, I don’t know much about the real Rahul/Helly, I wrote it as per what imagined it. So Kindly, consider that I really don’t know much about them lol.

And one more thing, The characters I used just as per imagination, please don’t ask me about their bg because I don’t normally look for someone’s BG.

Author’s pov

Helly entered her new room in bridal attire while her groom followed her silently, He closed the door and huffed.

Ma: I still have difficulty in believing what happened! 

H: Me too Rahul, damn it! we were obliged. I feel as if I am seeing a nightmare.

R: Now, Tomorrow, we’ll start the show, This is the only solution, deal? 

H: Deal! Uff this outfit is so heavy, yaar, I will go and change. 

She disappeared for some time and then came back in shorts, and he took his clothes too to change. He came in pants and she opened her mouth in shock.

R: Oh come on, I think you got used to your role seedhi sadhi Riddhima, Dude I am your friend, I have seen you looking at Ranveer Singh, No, not looking, actually drooling. 

H(coughing with attitude): Ahem, I am not embarrassed because of you, Have you seen Ranveer? (dreamingly) Oh my my, He is so hot!

R: Yes yes, You are always looking at his bare chest, so I think you don’t have a problem with it.

H(rolling her eyes): I am already stressed and you are teasing me, Rahul, For god’s sake, be serious for once. Now, we have a big problem (panicking) we are married;

R(laughing at her expressions): Take a chill pill, shorty, we’ll follow the plan, ok? 

H: don’t call me shortie, I am not short, you are Khalifa tower.

R(confused): What’s Khalifa tower? 

H: The largest tower in the world!  it’s in Dubai! 

R: Hahaha At least I am not a shorty like you. 

H: Giraffe

R: Rat

They laughed at their silly argument and then recalled how they got married.

Fb starts

Helly’s parents called her urgently to their home along with Rahul, And they rushed scared of what might happen. But then their parents Threw an atom bomb on their faces.

Helly and Rahul looked at each other and then at their families who were looking at them.

H(laughing): Rahul, Their sense of humor is so good, yaar!

R(laughing with her): I agree, Not bad, a joke with us.

H’s mom: This is not a joke.

R: Ohh acha, Then aunt, I know what is it.

He signaled Helly and they started looking around the house while their family frowned at their crazy acts.

R’s dad: WHat are you both doing? 

R: Dad, We got it, we are trying to find the cameras.

H: Exactly uncle, We can’t be fooled easily, sorry to disappoint you. 

They searched everywhere but couldn’t find any cameras there, while their parents were crossing their arms over their chest.

H’s mom: Hogaya? Done? 

R’s mom: we are talking seriously, we decided to get you both married.

R(laughing in shock): Can you believe them, Helly? 

H(trying to hold her laughter):No, Hahahaha ad  No offense, but guys, are you fine? Mom, dad? What are you saying? Are you drunk? 

Her father glared at her and Rahul burst out laughing while signaling them apologetically.

R(noticing his dad’s look): Sorry! I couldn’t hold it. Can you at least tell us where did that come from?

H: exactly, I want to know, how this crazy idea comes to your mind? 

H’s mom: This girl’s mouth blabber anything.

R’s dad: well, we noticed your chemistry together (Hera made a face of “are you serious”) moreover your friendship, and We think that you are perfect for each other.

R(laughing more): I can’t stop myself, like seriously! Do you know how many serials we made?

H: And each time, we and our co-stars were known by the perfect chemistry, It doesn’t mean that we’ll marry each one we work with.

R(hi-fi her): You said exactly what I was about to say.

H’s mom(to others): Look, even their thinking are alike.

H(holding her head): Mom, we are not interested in marriage generally ! and we don’t agree to this idea, please, stop the drama!

R’s mom: wow, she is claiming rights on him by speaking on his behalf.

Rrahul shifted his gaze from is parents to her parents then leaned toward her ear.

R(whispered to Helly): what’s wrong with them? As if they are not hearing us!

H: Yes, They are so convinced by this marriage, and the reason is so silly, just because we acted in IMM2 together! Are they for real?

R: Then, let’s just try to convince them, I will talk with my parents while you talk with yours, cool?

H: Cool, dude! (louder) Mom, Dad, Can I have a word with you? 

H’s mom: OK, come!

They disappeared to the nearest room, and Helly closes the door.

H: Mom, I don’t want to marry him, he is just my friend and was my co-star, that’s all!

H’s mom: I wasn’t asking, because I gave you the right to decide anything in your life except this matter, you won’t refuse me, it’s the first time I ask you to do something, (blackmailing her emotionally) won’t you obey your parents? 

She had tears in her eyes while recalling how they always supported her during her career.

H(hugged her mom-dad): I am sorry, mom & dad, I will do anything for your happiness. (to herself) Rahul will reject the proposal, I will rely on him.
On the other hands, Rahul was with his parents
R(joking): mom, main actor ho, but I think you should stop watching serials, without discussing the matter, you came to their house, if you are so interested in acting, then start your career as well.
R’s mom: that’s why I want you to get married because you are joking about everything.
R: ohh you want to get rid of your so cool son? Huh? You’ve hurt my feelings.
R’s mom: hey bagwan, why my son is so dramatic! Dekh don’t show me your skills, main teri maa ho!
R: mom, please, we are not into marriage.
R’s mom (to his father): look at your son,  he became now famous and no more need his parents in his life, challo, let’s go.
R(seriously): mom, don’t ever say that, I will remain just your Rahul, I am here just because of you, I will do anything for you.
He hugged his mom who winked at his dad.
R’s mom(to herself): beta, you are underestimating your mother’s acting skills, after all, you inherited it from me.
R(to himself): now only Helly, can save us! I can’t disappoint them! I am sure, she will reject it! I saw them coming and I was excited to hear that she said no.
Their mothers: congratulations.
They looked at each other shocked and smacked their faces.
Both: shit! 

And they got married forcefully to each other.

Fb ends

H: I have a plan so that they exclude me from the perfect bahu’s category, Rahul But you’ll have to act along (she got no response) Rahul? (he was already asleep and she laughed) sleepyhead.

The other day

she woke up early and went for her daily jogging, Then returning she found his mom-dad were having breakfast together; She greeted them.

R’s mom: Wake him up, or else he will stay sleeping there for the whole day.

H(chuckled): like seriously? He needs someone to wake him up!

R’s mom: Just when he is here with us, he loves to be pampered. 

H(to herself): cute (to his mom) aunt, I will wake him up.

R’s mom: what did you call me? 

H(confused): aunt 

R’s mom: call me mom, I have always wanted my bahu to call me mom.

H(to herself): So filmy mother in law, but so sweet!

H: Ok mom, I will go now to call Rrahul.

The room

H: Rahul! wake up!

R: mom, wait for more time, I want to sleep, so tired.

H(putting her hands on her hips): Do I look like a mother of tower like you? Get up now!

But he didn’t move, so she played the last card she has, 1 2 3 splaashhh

He jumped from the bed and looked at her holding the glass while laughing.

R(loudly): How dare you splash water on me?? Stay away from me, don’t ever repeat this act again.

She was taken aback by his reaction as she knows that he is a cool guy, he loves pranks.

H(seriously): I am sorry, I was just joking!

R: Keep your sorry with you.

He was so rude that he made her anger reached its peaks.

H: What do you think of yourself? I am apologizing and you are acting so mean!

R(winking at her signaling toward the door): Because I hate this marriage, I hate your behaviors! Our friendship was finished by this unwanted marriage!

H(understanding): So I am not dying to be your friend too, got it!

His parents were near the door shocked after witnessing their argument, They expected them at least to be friendly. But they were fighting like enemies.

R’s mom: I will go and call her parents, we need to find a solution soon!

Noticing that his parents were gone, he smiled at her with a wink.

R(pulling her cheeks): Your expressions were laughable! by the way, Good morning!

H: Good m(she stopped when she felt the cold water on her head) ahhhh so cold

R(giggling): this is my return gift!

H: hahaha very funny!

They went to change, the rest of the day, they passed it out of the house.

He went and met his friend Shambhana Mohanty who was laughing at his condition!

He went and met his friend Shambhana Mohanty who was laughing at his condition!

R: will you stop laughing now? 

Sh: I can’t, They got you both married, because of your serial together, Isn’t it hilarious? 

R: Ok I am going!

Sh(hiding her laughter): No no, carry on!

R: I am so irritated, I don’t want to stay in this marriage.

Sh: Why? I think that she is a wonderful girl, what’s the problem? 

R: Of course, she is, and I like her as my friend, But marriage !! I have never imagined us married for real. 

Sh: I understand, what are you going to do now? 

R: proving to them that they made a big mistake. 

Sh: By fighting? 

R: by any means !!

on the other hand, Helly was with Namish who was making a great effort not to laugh.

on the other hand, Helly was with Namish who was making a great effort not to laugh

H: what kind of friend you are? I am feeling upset ad you are smiling like an idiot! help Karo!

N: he is not a bad guy, I guess.

H: He is my friend but I am not into the whole marriage thing.

The other day

His parents hurried to their room hearing their loud voices, They were arguing.

R’s mom: What happened now? 

H: it’s great

R: it’s silly 

H: you’ll wear it

R: I won’t

H: It’s so cute color.

R: so girly! I won’t wear a pink shirt because it’s so silly choice.

R’s mom: What’s going on here?

R: Mom, She is literally forcing me to wear pink color when I prefer blue. 

R’s mom(trying to convince him): Beta, nowadays, everyone wears these colors. (frowning) By the way, It is your shirt, so you are always wearing it, How does it became suddenly girly?

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