Riansh Os: My last hope

Author’s pov
Riddhima sat on the bed alone while hearing the family celebrated, she wished if only she could be a part of it, her and him too. She smiled sadly at their fate, he has to go through the same path as hers. Not that she is denying her fault in all of this. it’s all started 2 months back, because of Kabir.

2 months before

She was shocked to the core when she saw her husband standing in front of the whole family, While announcing his innocence that was proved successfully.
V: now, there’s no case against me, I was innocent and I have proven it in front of the world, And not only this matter, but I also have records about your crimes, Mr.Kabir Raisinghania & Mrs.Anupriya Raisinghania, Goodbye.

D(shocked): What? 

V: Yes dadi, Anupriya, The woman You gave her the daughter-in-law position and I gave her my mother’s place was a killer, a monster who killed my mother and try to kill my sister. And her son is not any less than her, He killed Ragini and trapped me, with a cheater’s help (eying Riddhima) However that cheater will be punished by me, He has another punishment. Angrey had given the police the pieces of evidence against them. And Ragini will give her a statement soon.or the time being, Inspector, Take them out of here.

Dadi was about to faint but Vansh caught her at the right moment, taking her inside her room. They followed him to Dadi’s room.

V:dadi, please, don’t take the stress, please calm down, Now nobody will dare to harm our family again.

I: Who is the cheater Bhai? 

V: He will be punished my way, don’t think about him, soon I am going to expose him as well.

He walked out observing them being taken by the police officers with a mocking look and He gave his wife a look which means “it’s your turn now” and stormed out of there.

She followed him to the room to clear the misunderstanding, He was standing near the window, She runs to him and back hugged him.

R: Vansh, Thank you, I Was so weak and helpless without you, Kabir made me go the(he pushed her hands away off him)

V: How dare you touch me with your filthy hands? The same hands with which you gave the proofs to your boyfriend and made a plan to kill me, You used it to touch him as well? And the many times He was in my mansion, I understood at the end, that my so-called wife was meeting with her lover in her husband’s house. Your turn is coming, Riddhima, The worse thing is that dadi is sick, or else I would have told her today. It’s okay, If it’s not today then tomorrow.

R: No, Vansh 

I(cutting her off): I was sure that he was talking about you, Bhai, You’re right, she tried to give that Kabir your rights, You were always scolding me for her, Now, You see yourself her truth.

V(eying Riddhima dangerously): Do you think I am going to let her go? NAAA, I told her about the extremes, And  I asked her to choose to live a life like a golden rose, yet she chose the other life, Dhoka aur dard, I will make her wish true soon.

Ishaani smiled in satisfaction seeing her Bhai’s hatred toward her, While Riddhima cried.

Days pass

Vansh didn’t even look at her, He was worried about dadi especially that the doctor instructed them to not let anything upset her, She tried many times but in vain.

One night

Vansh went to the police station, He wanted to see his enemy where he belongs.

V: Hello, Kabir, You know, If it wasn’t for your evil nature, you wouldn’t be here.

Kabir didn’t answer him back, he was just staring at him in anger.

V: If only your mom wasn’t so wicked, you would have lived with us, in Vr mansion.

K: I don’t want your charity, I do what I want by myself.

V(laughing): Yeah, That’s why you always take someone else’s help to get to me.

K(smirked): Not anyone, My love, Riddhima, She was so helpful, After all, she loved her Kabir insanely. She even took the bullet not for you, but for me, so that I can be successful.

Hearing his words Vansh’s smile vanished and with all the hatred he feels for him he held his collar from behind bars. Luckily the officers interfered before he banged his head with the metal bars.

He left from there in fury and started drinking continuously till his car hit the wall. He was slightly injured in the head and his phone started ringing.

V: Angrey

Ang: Boss? Are you drank?

V: I need a car here.

Ang: Yes boss.

He disconnected the call and after a while, Angrey came and drove him back to the mansion.

He supported him till his room, And Riddhima, After seeing his state, she ran to help him but he didn’t let her come closer, and walked difficultly while laughing.

R: Vansh, Please let me help you, you are injured.

V(laughing): Look who is here! my wife who cheated on me behind my back.

R: Vansh, no I love you, I didn’t cheat on you.

V(caressing her cheek): Really? Do you think I am going to believe you? I’ll believe he didn’t touch here? (touching her waist), he didn’t lay a finger on those lips (caressing her lips), He didn’t touch you everywhere? 

R(cried): No, I was always just yours.

He lost his right mind in vengeance and intoxicating condition, he took their relationship to the next level.

The morning

Vansh wanted to move but he felt a weight on his chest stopping him, He opened his eyes slowly examining his surroundings, The last thing he remembered is (gritting his teeth) Kabir! He tried to get up and got shocked looking at their state, Both were naked and she was sleeping on him.

V’s pov

What the hell? How that can happen between me and this cheater? I spotted my clothes near the bed and wore them feeling disgusted and angrier than before.

R: Vansh? 

V(looking at her with despise): Don’t utter my name, I hate hearing it from your mouth.

R’s pov

I walked to the washroom with my dress feeling immense pain, & I cleaned myself crying bitterly. Vansh in a vengeance mind made love to me although he hates me. I got ready and went out only to find medicines on the bed.

V: Because it’s my mistake, I think it’s my responsibility; but keep in your pea-mind that I don’t have anything for you except the hatred.

He stepped inside the bathroom to take shower too and then left for work.

After 2 weeks

Author’s pov

Vansh came late at night and found Riddhima vomiting, He acted as if he didn’t care and slept on the couch.

she was used to his coldness toward her so she didn’t feel offended because she tried many times to tell him but he turned deaf ears to her words. She barely made two steps out of the washroom and fell. He widened his eyes and ran to her unwantedly, ANd picked her up in his arms to the bed.

V: What’s wrong with you? Why did you fall?

R: Nothing.

V(annoyed): I don’t want you to die here, Maybe I will be accused of killing you as well.

She felt extremely stunned by his statement, And he realized what he said, but didn’t feel it necessary to back off his words.

R: I didn’t know that we reached this extent. 

She barely managed to say that sentence and covered her head sobbing, He held his hair in frustration. He knows one thing very well, that she wasn’t in an extramarital affair as he imagined. However, It doesn’t change her the truth that she gave proof to Kabir.

Next day

Riddhima was in the hospital and when she came back home, found dadi looking at her with detest, with Ishaani smirking.

D: You were with Kabir? did you fool us from the beginning? 

She lowered her head in shame, as she didn’t have the courage to defend herself.

D: You cheated on Vansh with him?

R’s pov

I don’t believe what they think of me, A whore? Who is sleeping around, But why to blame them when my husband himself thought I have a physical relation with Kabir.

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